The Deal


The Deal

Its a small but very strong word. just like FUCK. now FUCK is the most popular word in the world and is the most used word in the world. we all know what it means but we use it for everything. even when we should not be using it but we use it.

Deal is somewhat less famous and less known word but still good enough to raise eyebrows. we know what it means . The Deal.

I am not afraid of the dark but I am afraid to go in dark places

Dark matter is black all black when you can not see anything not even your hands, all you hear is your deep breath , and you know you are alive or still alive . you walk across the cave full of darkness ,can’t see anything but you do know that there is a way ,way somewhere which leads to someplace or to something. but we do not know , what it is .

Its an unknown , we do not know what’s going to happen next , so we are scared of it. we do not know how to fight and how to tackle with it.

Fear of Unknown.

I decided and made a deal to myself that I will be scared of the dark and scared of the shadows. I made a deal to myself that I will have a fear of unknown coz this way I will be alert. and will take calculative steps . I am willing to take risks and I am willing to go all the way but I am not ready to risk my loved ones lives. I love them and I cant have them pay for the risks I take.

The deal to the shadows which are always with me . its the light which guides my shadows , I made a deal to it that I will not be afraid of you , if you are with me , either you are my enemy or my friend.

Few days ago I came from work in the morning at wee hours around 3 am . after all night work from the other day I was all tired and was ready to sleep. I had a glass of water and went to bed and closed my eyes. I was ready for sound sleep and was ready to go deep in my dreams. I sleep alone in my bed with no one around , in my room there is no space for anyone , its been like this for years now and I think I am not ready for another person in my room or may be I am , or may be I am bit confused.

So here I am in my bed ready to sleep tight . going through the thoughts of the day and suddenly I looked at the wall

I thought I was all alone , but I wasn’t I felt I see someone right next to me on the left hand side of my bed. I felt someone was there or is there . I tried to calculate in my mind how far this entity is. it appeared very close to me , very close , very close, right next to my shoulder. I got up and it also got up with me and then I stood

I was scared but I had the courage to stand , I wanted to counter my fear , I wanted to fight , I knew if I will not fight , I will never come to know if I will win or loose , should I loose but I am not ready to loose without fighting , I was ready .

I was ready to fight. .

I stood straight and looked at it , on the wall instead, I realized it was my shadow. my shadow a friend or foe I do not know but it was something. it was time for me to find out.

why there is no response from my shadow ? when I move it moves , if I am still it also still. it was strange , can I kill it ? I thought but may be I should not. you are my friend or foe or neither of those. but you are with me

I make a deal with you that I will not be afraid of you .

I made a deal .




Tail in The Sky


Few days ago , I captured this image from my roof top . I am an avid photographer and I often use my smart phone to capture whatever I like and worth capturing. I have got lot of images in my collection which I clicked and I appreciate what I have , I often put my skills and imagination to test.

This particular image was during the ongoing monsoon season where in I saw this cloud trail passing over. I knew I liked it and I had to capture it . so ran to my room and got my smart phone to click this one .

For others it just might be a portion of cloud but for me it was something else.

For me it was a “Tail of Godzilla”. I imagined it as a tail of a giant lizard which just passed by and I am looking at it giant tail hovering over in the sky over the buildings. \

It gave me goosebumps .

Think I am crazy ?

I am


Baby have you forgotten your password


Oh my baby , I seems to love you so much . you are so adorable , so lovely , so charming , so beautiful but I never loved you for your body , I loved you for your soul which houses inside that skin.

OH! wait honey !

Have you forgotten your password ?

I know you are better , you know you are good , you know you are far better than me . I am me but you are not . I wait for you to write something , to pen down something , I wait for your words. I wait for your thoughts , I wait for your views. I want to know what’s going on in your mind. I want to know what have you thought about .

I want to know what your eyes see, I want to know how you take actions , I want to know how your body behaves. I want to know that do you feel lovely in your skin, you have a beautiful body baby , a lovely body, I still remember the smell of your skin, the touch of your body, my lips on to yours , my hands on you and yours on me , I cant seem to feel the same way again , Its magical. I loved a woman , and I still love one . and I will always love one .

But I don’t know who I love baby , I don’t who I live with ,

Not enough  love seems to be here in this world anymore , this world has gone crazy and its driving me crazy . I see people cursing each other , I see people killing each other , we cry all the time , we ignore those who need help , we ignore their tears , we hurt lovely adorable animals , we hurt those who are already been hurt enough .

I don’t want to live here anymore honey , I am tired of this world . I am hoping against hope .

But I do believe that there is a better world waiting for me . but I do hope in my world I will have you , I will be waiting for you baby .

But you seems to have forgotten your password honey .

Its alright , I hope you will unlock the door.

Unlock the door baby.

When wait seems to get over


I have been waiting all this while to see you . to see you for once. to see you for one time , at least after all these  years , I will see you . a hope , a dream which I had during my child hood but seems not to get over , my wait , I wait , waiting and I hope I will wait any longer because I know you will show , some day , you will come , you will show me the way , you will show me the light , you will show me the way to live , you will show me how to be happy , how to dream , how to live , how to appreciate things I have .

I had heard a lot about you , a lot, I got interested in you when I was as little as 15 years old , now I am 35. I still remember the day when I first saw “The x Files” . it soon became my fav television series , never a day I missed a single episode. I got excited , I wanted  answers , I wanted to know the truth , I wanted to know was it for real , I wanted to see the truth behind all this happenings around the world.

I always knew there is something , I always knew about you , I had always believed in you , I just had to see you for once.

OH! do you really exist for real . all these pictures on the internet are for real . are you here on this planet earth I live , are you there in outer space ?

NASA is no stupid , astronauts are not stupid who got your sightings hiding for long in their hearts only to give away everything right before their last breath . because they knew this world had to know the truth , they could not live with this lie and could not more participated in this lie which has sealed your identity .

Its funny and strange that we know you are there , there are number of evidence that you are here and there but for some reason there is not enough to say that you are here .

I don’t know what to say , but should I say that I have seen you for once, or should I say that you came to me for once to show your identity .

I don’t know , I am confused.

help me !

when time stops


There is a window right next to my room . I remember the first time I saw you walking by right next to my home , I was drinking morning coffee and was enjoying morning sun shine .

my daily routine ? yes it was.

I was ignorant not to have seen you all this while , I  was amazing and happy and when I saw you for the first time it was like a breath of fresh air in my life and was something new because I knew I will be awesome after this. I saw you everyday but I never spoke to you . you saw me I saw you and every single day . me at the window and you down on the streets , at the same time. no communication but we both knew there is some contact between you and me. the way we both looked at each other it was like two strangers but yet together .

you knew that I wanted to talk and you wanted the same but for some reason we let it go. may be we thought some day we will. some day , the day will come when we both will sit together and will have tea and biscuits and we chit chat for hours and will know each other better .

I bought a new wall clock for you , not to gift you but to put it on my wall , my time for you was different , different from this world , I wanted it to be my own . I started maintaining my schedule

I got it only to show that yes my time and your was important. I respected your time and you respected mine. I started setting up time on the wall clock by your schedule it was certainly different from rest of this world . it was silly of me doing so but in  a world where every one busy trying to make themselves smart , I think it was not a bad idea to be silly for a while . I outsmart in this department. I was happy and I was awesome.

And one day , you did not show up . one day everything changed.

I don’t know why

I don’t know why I felt like this. every thing was ok , this world was moving but it seemed like my world had stopped , I had seen you for so long , I guess I had become addicted to you and got habit of seeing you . now everything seemed different , everything looked abnormal , everything looked out of my reach , it was so for being away from you . yet I felt your presence on the street , that you are there.

I looked at the wall clock , it had stopped too . I realized time had not stopped for me but it had stopped for you . time had taught me never stop for anyone , keep on moving . one will come and will go but you should not wait for someone and keep on moving . don’t wait . its unhealthy.

your time to pass by my window was over. may be you had gone somewhere else . and it was someone else time to look at you . may be your and my time was gone . I don’t know but our time had stopped and so as the wall clock which I bought for you had also stopped.

I was fine with you and without you and I am fine without you.



Eyes on the wall


When I go to my bed after a long day at work, all I think about is my breadth. This is the only time when I can listen to my breadth. Breathe in and breathe out.this is the only time when I realise that I am actually a living human being, with Soul, flesh and blood. A living man with emotions, feelings and love.  A human who think and can act accordingly.

For  the rest of the day I am machine in and out. Working on deadlines. Meeting targets. Working in shifts with no specific time to return home.working to my seniors expectations. Working  on my loved on expectations. Just like a machine which works non stop without a pause, we all work day and out like this. Not knowing what’s happening right now, today and what’s going to happen tomorrow. Its a cycle without a pedal where we don’t know how,when and where to apply breaks.

My room or your room,  it’s one place where we find peace and can stay away from this crazy world of chaos. Hide away from everyone and in our own world where it’s only us and no one else.

Imagine, one day you are all alone in the room and suddenly you have this feeling of being watched by someone.  Not a person but some unknown invisible identity. You can’t see,you can’t touch it,you can’t smell it but you can feel it. Its a creepy feeling and you know when it’s creepy, it is creepy.

I talk to myself most of the time, when I am alone or isolated from rest of the world, I only talk ton myself. Because I know there is no one to share but you know you can share it yourself.  Its a good feeling when you try to communicate to yourself. And trust me,  your soul does respond to you.

But in the recent times it’s not my soul which has been communicating with me. Its someone else.someone who I dont know.  Someone who is not human.  Some unknown force. But I know something is there in the room with me. But who?

This question kept me on my feet for number of days. But one day at the least expected time and circumstances it showed.

And that’s when I saw “eyes in the wall”.

Electronic harassment


One of my co worker , who live in my locality  shared a concern with me and his concern is something we all are not aware of . we  do not really know about it and we don’t talk about it because we don’t know about it . many people even if they come to know , will call him mad or stupid and this is why he do not share his concern with them and he keep it to himself. but yesterday he shared this with me.

he was talking about Electronic Harassment , an act which involves radio frequencies to control one’s mind and emotions. he said that it’s been happening with him for the past 3 years and now he is on the verge of committing suicide. it was worried scenario because he looked quite depressed and out of sorts because he don’t know what to do about it. he had gone to police in the past but police is not able to help him because there is no evidence. police had investigated the matter and spoke to few people who were the suspects but lack of any concrete evidence had let them flee.

But he said it’s still happening with him and he is trying to get rid of this on his own. but he do not know what to do and how. he concern was genuine and i believed him because i have seen him many times at work place and spoke to him and he always looked out of sorts and little disturbed and sometimes even abnormal. his thinking process has taken the hit and he is not able to perform his normal day today duties with ease because this radio interference is always with him. even at work he is not able to perform properly only because of this reason.

First of all we must understand what is  Electronic harassment.

From Wikipedia

Electronic harassment is the purported use of electromagnetic waves to harass a victim. Psychologists have identified evidence of auditory hallucinations, delusional disorders[1] or other mental illnesses in online communities supporting those who claim to be targeted.[2] Individuals suffering from auditory hallucinations, delusional disorders[1] or other mental illness have claimed that government agents make use of electric fields, microwaves (such as the microwave auditory effect) and radar totransmit sounds and thoughts into their heads, referring to technology that they say can achieve this as “voice to skull” or “V2K” after an obsolete military designation.

Other sources

If someone uses any electronic device to aid them in invading your person or property for the purpose of gathering information illegally, or for the purpose of causing harm, this is Electronic Harassment.

There is truck loads of information available on the internet which will tell you what is Electronic  Harassment and how to detect it and prevent it . i do not have to fill my blog space to tell you what it is. you will also find Youtube videos about it. what i am here to tell you is that this thing is for real and it happens and it’s happening.

There are people in this world who are the victims of this procedure which is illegal and it can be operational with govt aid , secret services and other bodies which are into surveillance. we can also convert home equipments into a weapon to operate on human mind.

Images below can explain you this.


In the image above its easily demonstrated how one can use home bound equipment to control another person.

Now take a look at the this image 


This image explains how it can be used as a deadly weapon.

When he explains me all this , i could not stop myself from going on to the internet and study this subject. i was not surprised because there are govt cover ups and secret bodies which operates behind the closed doors and common man do not even come to know about it. there are many examples of this process in USA and no wonder if this also happens in UK , China , Russia. you are under the scanner and you will not even come to know about it . A strong nation like India is not doing the same ,its hard to believe. so i trusted him and believed on his claims given his circumstances and the way i have seen him , it was not hard for me to deny that he can indeed be a victim.

He also mentioned that he is always connected and he is always hears different voices , sounds and wired noises into his ears. people who are doing this to him can be anyone . they can be local criminals , powerful people with govt influence, secret operative bodies or even a guy next door. but one must have an access to equipments which can pull of this kind of operation because you do need modifications and you do need sophisticated machines to control ones mind. he claimed that these people know about my passwords , my bank account information, my family back ground , my relatives names and all personal information and they play around with it.

My next question to him was why he ? he is just like any other regular Joe in the market and what could be the purpose of doing this on him . he himself do not know the answer . but what he does know that it has affected his life drastically. it has changed the way he think , do his work , his mood swings dramatically , he sometimes can not think what is correct and what is wrong , it has changed the way he does his daily chores and so on.

He asked for my help only because i understood his situation and believed him , i too had done my homework on this before i said yes to him . but i do not know how to help him in this case. how to catch hold of these culprits who are doing this to him and what kind of pleasure they get by doing this to someone is not understood.

Going deep into this can cause life threatening scenario and an intelligent move is required.

Anyway , my objective is to let you folks know who so ever come across this article that this thing indeed happens and its here for real .

Stay alert and stay safe.