Strength or Weakness is a State of Mind


Got discharged from the hospital recently , from the damn hospital. a place i don’t like. a place where i don’t belong.was in the hospital and no one knows about it except a few.because i was not ready to tell anyone that i was weak and i was in the hospital to get treatment and to get my body back again. my state of mind is strong and was strong when i was there but my body was weak and not strong enough to carry strong mind.i tried , i tried really hard to get over this weak body but body is a body , i am human , no matter how strong i feel from inside if my body is not ready , i am not ready either.

I am glad that i only spend a day in the hospital and it was enough for me to get my spirits back again. in high spirits as ever a always. never a moment i have let bad things around for long. always have got rid of them quickly. very important for me not to get effected by bad things which violates the rules of my system and poison me from inside. very important for me to fight this world which is hostile at the same time lovely, its a tricky place to live in. you need to be smart and you need to be strong. the moment you show weakness you are gone, bad will over power you.

When i was in the hospital , all is saw was misery pain and sorrow, crying people, people in pain. this is the kind of environment i have always avoided. i never wanted to be a part of this but i had become such that i had to get admitted to the was tough for me to stay positive when i really thought that my life is almost over now, when i thought that my days are numbered. but something in me kept me going, something in me encouraged to stay alive because i had to live, i had to live for myself and for those i love. i am not alone in this world i have people connected to me , i die they get affected too. i can’t let anyone pay for my weakness, i can’t let anyone pay for my sorry. i can’t do that , i just can’t , i had to live and i had to open my eyes. i did open my eyes. i was alive and i was ready for the challenge again and i was ready for it head on. i was ready to tell tough that i am tough enough for you. you tough no more than me, no way.

I was back and i was ready to walk again , i walked out of hospital , went to the gym and once again i was all by myself fighting the way i have fought this far.

My state of mind was positive strong and tough at the same time it was kind humble and down to earth. i was not feeling weakness anymore though my body was but my state of mind helped me to come out of this illusion that this world is only for you. this world is not for you , you have to fight it out to make it your own.


I am Strong

I am Strong

i got no food in the kitchen,my refrigerator is empty.
i survive on water
but believe me i can walk miles.
because i am strong

i am short in height and women don’t like me.
they want tall men.
for them tall men are the symbol of strength
and short men a signature of weakness.
but i don’t blame anyone.
i don’t blame you and don’t know who.
since its not going to solve any purpose.
i can still walk straight like any tall man.
i can do everything a tall would do.
i can be as strong as any tall men.
i am secondary to none.
because i am strong.

i have no millions in my pockets.
i have no flashy cars and huge bungalows.
but i have one smart mind and two strong hands.
believe me tomorrow i can make
millions and billions and trillions
because i am strong.

don’t count me out.
its a biggest mistake you would ever do.
you going regret tones.
believe me don’t mes with me.
i am wrong guy to throw a challenge to.
i may not win all the time
but believe me when i say this
”i will die trying and die fighting”
because i am strong