Money more for Law



Just came across the news that Supreme Court of India has sent a proposal few days ago to Indian Govt for salary hikes , seriously ?

I mean what kind of horse shit is this ?

More and high paid salary for already rich Indian judges , why ?

Indian judges are amongst the best paid law enforcement workers and in my city when I go through the high court I only see luxury cars parked outside the court . funny part is that the Govt has even nodded the pay hike and it will be on route from tomorrow. why pay money to those who already have more money in their pocket ?

These guys make tons of money from court hearings , the cases they fight and not to forget the middle man who works to get the job done of ever so worried and concern person who goes to the court for help.

Why not increase salary of those who need it the most ? why not fill their pockets and make their life meaningful  ?

Why pay those more who already have money in their pockets from all other means ?

This is utter nonsense.

Currently judges get 50,000 rupees per month no matter what level he/she belongs to . Chief Justice of India is the highest paid law worker in judicial system with the salary of 90,000 rupees per month  and not to forget the cars and Govt homes they get as perks and incentives . now what Govt has said yes to is 2,25,000 rupees per month for every judge per month and chief justice of India even more than this .

This is utter nonsense and I do not buy this shit.