Dheeraj Gautam’s Nightmares is a horror flick shot in London ,United Kingdom in 2009. this short movie got rave reviews from the critics and was applauded for its sound design. its a story about a man who has been haunted by the nightmares of this strange killer who only hunts him when he is asleep. now he is going through this torture and pain of overcoming his fear but also shaping his life into living hell. Does he get rid of his nightmares or he lives forever with it, movies leaves you with a question in your mind for you to make a choice.

This movie was shot in single room and on the street right outside the house. thanks to Leandro and Junior who are friends of dheeraj gautam ,who played their parts near perfection and made this movie a huge success.

screenplay dheeraj gautam
direction dheeraj gautam
sound design dheeraj gautam
editing dheeraj gautam
camera dheeraj gautam

the victim Cladmir Junior
the killer leandro yamakawa

The DVD Killer HD


The DVD Killer is a movie abot a killer who kills his victim with dvd’s. the story follows the killer by throwing dvd’s into his victims house and playing psychological game with him . the narration of the movie runs on the dialogs delivered by the actors of the movies which he has thrown in to kill his victim. its one of the most original movie of the recent times and is not based on any book, comic character, real life event or any personality.

direction dheeraj gautam
screenplay dheeraj gautam
camera dheeraj gautam
sound design dheeraj gautam
video editing dheeraj gautam
music mixing dheeraj gautam


the killer leandro yamakawa
the victim cladmir junior


Mocking Bird

Mocking Bird is an idea about a doll which gets possessed by a ghost.


The idea to create Mocking Bird came from horror movies where in you find doll ,a cute doll adored by a child , mostly by a girl child . and it gets possessed by the evil spirit and creates problem for friends and family. doll is my private possession which was bought when i was a child .


Me and The Night

Once again on the lookout, a mystery, a dark matter , choice, hope , when the world choose to close its eyes I open mine and see what the other’s can’t see. I take one step further and make an effort to find an unexplained , to find a question to get an answer , to make a choice to have that change, to walk towards an unknown only to find something new.

—– Dheeraj Gautam

Paranormal Activity 3

Before we go any further with the run down of Paranormal Activity 3 ,lets understand first what Paranormal Activity really means.

To understand this term lets divide it into two.

Paranormal :- Paranormal is anything which is beyond the scope of science.anything which science can not explain is paranormal.a kind of experience which is tough to understand or something which suggest that this is not right or this should not happen, we can put this in Paranormal.

Activity :- Oh well as the name suggest an Activity ,something which is a do is an Activity.

Paranormal Activity :-  an activity which is not normal and can’t be define ,out of scope of science.

I saw Paranormal Activity 3 recently with my friends about couple of days ago.we were in the office and we decided that since its a festival time lets go out and watch a movie together.going on with the reputation of the previous Paranormal Activity movies we zeroed down to Paranormal Activity after an hour we were at the cinemax to watch this movie.

Oh well what to say about this film but we were kind of disappointed.all of my friends did not like the movie except me.i don’t say that it was a good movie but it was not bad was some kind of average movie.average comparing to rest of the paranormal movies. rating is 6.5 to this movie

which is not bad for any movie ,its an average horror flick.

The Plot

Its very simple ” In 1988, young sisters Katie and Kristi befriend an invisible entity

which resides in their home.”

The story is set in 1988 , a family of four where two little girls live with their so called parents along with an unknown entity which troubles them every now and then with its activities.well , don’t really know what this thing is.but as you watch the movie you can easily figure it out that its a kid which the little girl name katie interacts with.she calls him begins with normal camcorder recording as Dennis ( Christopher Nicholas Smith ) goes around the house recording his stuff.soon he realized that something is not going right in this house.he installs cameras to record at night ,if there is something which is causing problem.he records unusual activities taking place at night and shares it with his friend Randy Rosen ( Dustin Ingram ).Dennis happens to record more activities on camera and decides to share it with his wife Katie ( katie Featherston ). things take deadly turn later and they shifts to their mother home where things take unexpected turn and Dennis and Katie die.

One thing you notice about this movie is that there are chills and it does scares you at times.but as it looks like that the movie is building up to something it ends abruptly.

Why watch this movie ?

Its a horror flick and worth watching for does have its share of scary moments.the setting is nice where you can actually feel the horror and silent surroundings.good acting performance by the two little and sound editing is spot on.good direction by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman.

Why not to watch this movie ?

Its an average horror movie.being this movie screened in india ,most of the scenes been deleted from the original its been an edited movie which is screened in india.its not as good as the ends abruptly leaving question asking about what really happened.





Trailer on youtube is actually different and most of the scenes are not there in the movie.

All in all its an average horror movie with its shares of chill and thrill but still fails to scare you as much as the original did in the first place when it was released in 2007.


                                i give paranormal activity 2.5 out of 5.