A Hope by Dheeraj Gautam

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p20150130-174306-1You walk with the wind , you lost hope , you loose

you walk against the tide , you don’t loose hope , you win


The only Way

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A window or a Door. this is the only way out for me. In the dark i need to look for hope. i know i am running against time but i should not leave my patience. i know things will change someday for good. time never remains the same, it changes. if i need to survive and yet stay fit , i need to be productive and make use of my time. i look at the door which gives me hope and i know beyond this door lies my destiny. its my only purpose and i should not deviate from my path.because if i will i never have light in my life and i will be engulfed in darkness forever. i must make my way out.

There is a way beyond this door because i have hope.


As the Sun goes down

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Every morning i open my eyes with new vision , with new spirit , with new hope. as the day passes this new vision , spirit and hope dies with the sunset. its a harsh reality of the world or lets say of the people living on this planet earth. i like to keep things simple , without complications, understandable by all and implementable by all. keeping things simple also speaks volume than those which are complicated. what i want to talk about today is also very simple but we ignore it everyday. its the simplicity and the complexity of life, created by us. yet so simple to understand and to implement , its all us , we create it , we ask for simple or complicated , whichever comes first we accept it.

Often people make new year resolutions. with new year’s first day or even a day before midnight , people makes promises to each other, thousands of words being said , letters written, blogs shared, everything possible in the kitty is done but unfortunately what happens after ,  is the true picture. consciously or unconsciously things happen in life or say with people. easy way to give an excuse for not doing what’s been promised. harsh and pity , harsh on us as we have one life and we live everyday not as the popular word ” you live only once ”. my friend you live every day , you only die once. so why not make use of this life where we live everyday ? until we don’t die things will not end. things will come to an end or say life will be over with death, technically speaking that’s when life comes to end. this is when we can make an excuse that ” oh sorry i was dead so i could not keep my promise or i failed to deliver since i was dead and did not live long enough to deliver. sorry oh i am just so sorry.

Why is that ? why this excuse ? oh ! i am only human , you are only human , you or me , we are not superman. yes we are not but we are no less than superman either. just a believe , an action , a step forward , a hope , a new life and a new you. things will change. things have changed before , time never remains the same , it changes, we change with time , why not change for good ?

Sun goes down every evening and it rises another day every morning. let our hope not die as the sun sets. there should be a new dawn with new hope , new life , new you. as the sun goes down you should rise with new energy as you know that tomorrow there is going to be a new day , a new life and a new hope.


Morning Sun

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Morning sun

Every night you dream of something , but you wake up next morning you don’t seem to remember what you had dreamt about. but you do have faint clue of the dream you had last night . may be you went to bed thinking about something , may be there was something in your mind, something related to job , your family , your emotions , your relationships , the car you want the most but you can’t buy it , the place you want to visit but can’t go since you have no leaves or less money , the job you hate the most and the one you love ,you can’t have it  because you are not qualified enough for it. there are millions of reason you can count on when you go to bed thinking about. you think about it all the time , you can’t sleep till late at night and when you close your eyes finally , you dream about it. the next morning you wake only to know that yes you had a dream about what is going around you . but you don’t seem to remember everything. you leave home for morning walk and see the sun , its a new day , new beginning , a new week but you are still living in the same moment you had last night. you don’t seem to get it out of your mind. you start thinking that your day will be just like yesterday , there is nothing new about it today , oh god ! what should I do about it.

If this is how you think when you go through an ordeal …………………………………………………………………………………….

Look at the morning sun.

Morning sun in the morning is not just another sun another day . its a new hope , a new beginning , a new ambition, a new way to look at things and a new attitude. you need to change your attitude and you can’t carry what you had tomorrow in your new today. its a new day and its important that you start afresh and make it count towards whatever you desire. be it anything , let it not go in waste. look at the morning sun ,its your friend. its shining for you all the time ,it gives you its light so that you don’t feel darkness and low or feel like you are trapped somewhere. every time when we see light as we come out of darkness it always gives us a new hope , it motivates us and aspires us and it also instill energy in us to go for the kill , come what may , never loose hope , look at the morning sun.

Morning sun 2

I took these photographs today in the morning when I had returned from the exercise. its one of the way start your day and keep your self fit and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. I went on my roof top to enjoy the fresh air from the east, birds chirping , blue sky and drinking tea in the morning had filled me with lot of energy , I was ready to go , I was ready to start my day with new found motivation , with new aspiration to make my day count and make my life valuable , I am human and not just any other human , I am a kind of human who has raw steel determination and ruthless courage to go all the way and to go for the kill. a never say die spirit ,not give up come what may. I am not alone in this world who want to get killed while he still fights till the end. I am not the only one blessed and special or god gifted talent , there are plenty like me and better than me . I admire them , I aspire to be one of them, they are some who motivates me , they are some who encourages me but even then I should not count myself out of the race or count myself second to anyone because I am not. I am human and sun is my friend , it motivates me every time I look at it just like the way I see the moon at night which also is my friend and motivates me and helps me find my way in the darkness. its always there for me.

Make Sun and Moon your best friend.  they will always be there for you , you will find them on top of you making you shine be it night or day .

When they shine , you shine too . so when you both shine together ,its aura is unmatchable. you are unique and you are a new hope to yourself. give this new found hope to yourself as a gift and use to make you life a better and this world a better place to live .

Shadow behind me

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I am in a room, locked from inside.its a small room, with not much in it.it has one sofa ,a television set but its not working,i don’t see anything in the room i should describe about in detail.all i see is the dark room.i am here right now,looking all around.walls are kind of worn off,looks like not been maintained for a long time.i don’t know what to do .i can’t think properly.my eyes,my eyes ! have i been sleeping till now ? i am asking myself but i don’t seem to get any answer because i have no idea how i got into this room.its amazing,i don’t even remember anything.seriously i don’t.can you help ? i need your help,hey i am asking you i need your help ! yeah no answer.i guess it was obvious not to get any answer.but why i am even saying this,may be i am just talking to myself,there is no one in the room only me oh yes i was indeed talking to myself.oh god what is this place,who got me here ? these question are killing me ,but i don’t seem to get any answer from anywhere.let me scream ,let me shout my heart out ,let me check if any one can hear me outside.

But wait i think its not a good idea,i should preserve my energy.i don’t how long i will have to stay here in this room,i don’t see any doors in it either.what’s the way out ? no windows no doors.hey wait there is something its a door,yes its a door.door but locked from inside ,i can see the lock hanging but where are the keys,where are the keys to unlock the door? i don’t see any keys around , I can’t see properly since its dark but still there is some glow in the room which let me scan. but I can’t figure out where this glow is coming from, its amazing, I am alone in this room but I don’t have sense of fear, its more like a puzzle to me than anything else. it looks like I need to solve a puzzle to go out of this room but I don’t seem to find keys and clues to solve this puzzle. may be I should walk around the room and at the corners to find some clues and to go out of this dark room ,which is certainly not a place for me.

I seems to find out a corner of the room , there should be three more like this. let me scan this area first, I will take one challenge at a time. let me go little more deep into the corner to check what I find here. hey I seems to find something , its a light and a lighter which I can use for my purpose. who put it here ? some one must have done it on purpose. is there anyone playing games with me ? looks like one. but why ? oh god! is this the kind of thing I saw in SAW movies ? no I don’t want that kind of thing. its not for me, certainly not for me, I don’t want to go through the kind of pain we saw in the film SAW. no certainly not. but let me light this light which I can use , its a blessing to me from some one.

Ok now , light is on and it works with oil , oil seems to be left in it on purpose also. now I can see better , my eyes can see better in the dark now. it looks like I can look in the corners better. I can scan this place and can find things in the dark corners. this seems to be solving purpose for me. let me walk around the room and let me get the feel of this place. this place has become a part of me now, I need to change this place and I will change myself , or is it ? am I thinking right ? or may be I should change myself and I will change the place around me which is dark . but I don’t have any hopes here since all I see is dark and this light don’t seem to be working forever , it will run out of oil soon and it will be dark again, that’s forever.

There is a television set in the room , let me go and check it out. its not working but may be I can make it work and see what happens. ok , its an old set , kind of 1970’s model but it should be working, this set is not here for nothing , it must have some relevance. it should have some importance. let me hit it and see if it works, I hit it once , twice and thrice but hey its not working. may be I am out of luck but its not for me , but may be I should try for one last time and see if it works, should I be this optimistic and hope to check if it works or not, it takes a very little effort to become successful and that’s defines a difference between a looser and a winner. may be I should define one for me now. let me hit it once again. hey ! amazingly it has started working , I see the television screen in power and its on now , its working indeed, after I was not a looser. but what am I supposed to do now ? should I wait for something to happen and till than I should watch shows on television ? should I not take any efforts to move out of this room and become relaxed and leave everything on my fate and just enjoy the television shows as I got one now to pass my time ? I don’t think its a good idea. but I should work with television a little to check what I can with it. oh well, it seems its not working since there is no connection so I can’t watch any shows. but guess what , the room is lit due to the power in the television , now I can see things more clearly and properly due to the light in the room from television, now I can understand the importance of television in the room. it was not there for me to watch the shows but to have more light in the room.

Now I can scan through the room in a better way and I can see that I have gained more confidence , I guess this is the power I wanted. a source of light which has given me more confidence , now I feel better and I know I have more strength than before. but what I should do now with this newly found strength ? should  I go through the door and see if I can open it ? may be I should do what I think is my priority . I see the door is locked from inside but I don’t have keys yet and at this place I don’t see keys anywhere. may be I should try my physical strength to open this door. but wait , what now ? the television set is switched off all of a sudden  and there is no light , everything back to where it was a while ago. its dark again and I do see the light which I had left in the corner. I can see it shining but why this now ? why and how the television set got switched off. it was working just fine. was it only there to instill confidence and strength in me ? which I have now . was it switched on only to give me hope in these hope less conditions ? I guess so , but I can feel I am more confident and strong than before when I was in the darkness.

Let me go and lift that light which I can use now . I have the light in my hand and I should go to the door to open it as soon as possible. its a wired place and its not for me I need to go out any cost. but wait it looks like there is someone inside with me in this room , and the something is behind me , I did not see anyone with me in this room , so this something is ? I have no idea and I did not feel any presence of some entity here. may be I should turn around and check if there is really some one here, but I don’t see anyone around. wait , it seems that something move as I move and changes its position and its big in size, I turn left ,it turn left , I turn right ,it turn right. is this thing playing games with me ? why ? sorry I am not interested in playing games right now, but thins don’t seem to leave me . its right behind me and do not allow me to see it.

Oh ! now I figured out , its my shadow , or may be I should say its me . its me indeed , my entity ,it my shadow, right behind me and I should not forget that it stayed with me from the beginning only I failed to realize it that it was with me at all time. in the dark or in the light it was with me . its my shadow to make feel that I was not alone in this room , my physical body had company , I was scared for no reason , I should not be scared when I know that there is someone with me to help me .

You know what , I was trying to find the key to open the door. my shadow was the key , now I know , I had to find my shadow to open the door, and now I have found my shadow , my entity , the door is open and now I can go outside to my world and yes not alone but with my shadow. no matter what leaves me in this world but my shadow my entity will never leave me, its always with me all the time in  my world or other world. its my shadow.

Don’t say you love me !

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Every night i walk up to my window to see the star which we used to see together,do u remember this honey ? remember the time ,when we used to go to the window holding hands and looked at the shining star which seemed to make a contact with us.that shining star was like making an image in our mind and heart, of love we shared together.this shining star was a connection between you and me.it was the source of an energy between you and me.shining so brightly in the night sky ,it looked like its saying to us ,don’t worry you two i am here for you.no matter how far you are from each other i will still be making connection between you two.

Even today i reach out to my window and look at this star ,its still there shining brightly as it used to be.it never lost its shine and charm.its still there at the top in the night sky ,shining so brightly.if i want to take a good look at it ,I go to my terrace.this is where it looks at its best in the open night sky.i still feel the connection honey ,do you feel the same ? everytime i look at it ,it makes me think of you .every time i look at this shining brightly star which is there for us , it makes a connection between you and me.this is what it’s there for.it makes a connection between you and me even from this distance.it says to me when i look at it , it says that your baby is just fine.your baby is full of love and she is getting love from you in the form of an energy.this energy can be reach anywhere you want it to be.its the energy transformation between two souls and i am doing it for you,you need not to worry about it.just look at me and think about the woman you love and your message will be delivered.

I feel so good after all this because i know i don’t need to worry about my baby since our star is there for us ,its taking care of us.two young souls in love would not ask for anything more than this beautiful gesture from heavenly body.universe is with us honey.trust your instincts and have no doubts in your mind ,when there is a doubt it blocks you from what you want to do.have faith and show full trust in your man.your man has been honest to you ,has shown faith in you,has loved you as what you are ,supported you in all respects,stood by you at all times either with you or away.trust your man honey.trust him that he can take care of you,trust him for what he stands for.trust him for what he do today and how its going to be tomorrow.

Any man’s biggest strength is his woman , he can have everything in life and still he will not be happy if his woman is not him,he will be incomplete without her.one woman completes his man ,man feels like one complete and true identity when he has his woman with him.some one who stands by his side ,gives him support, is there when he feels down and depress,helps him when he need her the most,gives him her shoulder when he need to rest his head.man need woman to fight with this world.this world is one beautiful place and once hell of a place.what form it takes for man and her woman depends completely on them.couples in love stays together often come across all the obstacles to be together.no language ,no boundaries,no culture differences,no distances means nothing to them.this all becomes irrelevant to them when they only see each other but nothing else.

I am your man honey and you are my woman then why there are doubts ,lets not get these issues ,doubts ,problems come between us.its not healthy neither its doing any good to us.its there and its creating problems between you and me.when your man is by your side you need not to worry about anything my love.your man stood by you this long and will always be like this for the rest of his life.he never looked at any other woman when you are around with him or when you are in his mind and in his heart.he got himself committed to you completely.many time he got questioned by people that if i am sure about what i am doing and what i want out of this relationship.i had no doubt in my mind and i knew what i wanted.i always said my baby is with me at all times and i don’t feel need for any other woman in my life.i can’t make my baby cry and want to see her upset.I don’t want to cheat on my baby and yes i am committed to her and i am taken and not available.sorry !

Sorry ?? why sorry ? i never said sorry to anyone on this and why i should ,is there anything wrong i am doing to people for which i should say sorry . no its not required , i am brave to be in this kind of relationship and being this loyal and faithful only makes me proud.i am proud of my relationship and i have always valued my woman’s presence in my life and always admired her for what she stands for.i love her so much.to me boundaries ,language and culture has no meaning when i am with her.this is the woman i love and she is the one i want to spend rest of my life with.

I say i love you because i want to make you feel that i love you, i love you to me are not just three magical words which man and woman always wants to hear ,its an energy which gives hope , peace,love ,affection and admiration to people who are in love.every day is a beautiful day and every day brings new hope and every day becomes even more to admire for if some one some where listen to these three magical words i love you.if i am telling you that i love you ,i am doing the energy formation which takes place in the universe and gives my woman a new hope , a new life which she desires for.she can feel it in heart that her man loves her even after all this problems and issues, he is still with her and stands by her.gives her a kiss which wind takes to her.gives a love bite which my soul take it to you and leaves it on your cheeks,give you a warm hug which earth takes to you and plants it on your body and makes you feel warm when you need one.

Where are you my baby ,without you my life is so incomplete.your man is strong but he is not that strong that he will live without you.a man can get everything in life, he can have fame,money,a good job, all the luxuries in life but if he has no woman and no family ,all this be of no use.he is still poor and makes no gain.love is the greatest gift from god to us humans.this is something which never gets over no matter how much you spend it.love is something which always gets more and more and more and more,the more you spend it the more you gain it.showering your love on someone you love is not wrong.

This world is hard place to live and at the same time this world is beautiful place to live,depends how you make it for yourself.i decided to love a woman beyond boundaries ,to me country ,language ,culture ,cast did not matter , all i saw a human ,just another one and happened to be a woman i loved the most so far.i am not ready to give up on my baby because i know that she will come to me,she needs me ,she loves me so how i can leave her behind.i want to hold your hands honey and want go on the trip of this life.i want to have a family of beautiful kids,a home ,one happy big family ,an eventful life and for all this we need each other support.

Don’t you want this all baby ? ask a question to yourself now ,would you be able to live without me,sure you leave me tonight and say i will find another man but would you be able to lie to yourself that you did not love me and our union was just for fun and enjoyment ?would you lie to your star which you will still find outside your window shining brightly asking you that hey you left a man who loved you so much,who stood by your side at all times,yes he took time but still he came for you because he never allowed you to cry anymore,you left him ,why did you do that ? what would you do then honey?

Don’t punish yourself baby , your man don’t want to see you in pain.your man don’t want to see you cry or depress.remember the days when you used to cry when i was away from you and did not show up for few days and you thought something may have gone wrong with him ? do u remember the days when you used to wait for me for hour’s and hour’s only to see me smile ?how can you forget the wedding song we decided on to dance ? how can you forget the promises we made for our kids and for ourselves ?

Honey i never changed a bit ever since we had met, why have you changed my love ?

Remember this always honey , your man has stood by you at all times and he still there with you.your man loves you and he ready to give his all to protect you ,to take care of you.

Don’t you need a man like this in your life honey ?

I need you in my life baby ,i need you by my side. this world won’t matter to us once we feel like we were in love before.

Don’t say you love me ,you have said it enough and showed it enough ,its time to live your love.