About Me

Writer, Director, Producer, Sound Designer, Music Mixer, Video Editor, Photographer, Dancer, Blogger , Currently working with International Travel and Tourism Firm.

Dheeraj Gautam was born on 25th jan 1981,delhi India. His sunsign is aquarious.at the age of five dheeraj gautam showed an exceptional ability in freestyle break dancing. when he turned little younger he was influenced by the King Of Pop Michael Jackson. jackson had a great impact on his life.he adore his music and as a great human being and calls michael jackson his inspiration.

Dheeraj is a natural born dancer with no official training in dancing.He has always been facinated by the world of movies and music and his dream is to win oscars.

He did his masters in film and video production from london United Kingdom.his technical skills gives him an edge in video editing,sound design and electronic music composition.he made three short films in london which were applauded by people.his music has been listen by thousands and again he scores here.

He is also an avid photographer.

Dheeraj Gautam is gifted with vivid imagination and out of the box ideas and is always keen to portray it on screen with a difference.

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for Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/dheerajgautam007/


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