Dheeraj Gautam’s Nightmares is a horror flick shot in London ,United Kingdom in 2009. this short movie got rave reviews from the critics and was applauded for its sound design. its a story about a man who has been haunted by the nightmares of this strange killer who only hunts him when he is asleep. now he is going through this torture and pain of overcoming his fear but also shaping his life into living hell. Does he get rid of his nightmares or he lives forever with it, movies leaves you with a question in your mind for you to make a choice.

This movie was shot in single room and on the street right outside the house. thanks to Leandro and Junior who are friends of dheeraj gautam ,who played their parts near perfection and made this movie a huge success.

screenplay dheeraj gautam
direction dheeraj gautam
sound design dheeraj gautam
editing dheeraj gautam
camera dheeraj gautam

the victim Cladmir Junior
the killer leandro yamakawa

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