Another new year , and !


Yes this is yet another new year and this is 2018 , 2017 gone and now its time for 2018 . we know what we did in 2017 and what we did not do in 2017 , what we could not achieve in 2017 we will try for it in 2018 , same old resolutions which we planned in 2015 and tried to execute in 2016 but could not complete it and tried again 2017 with rush but half way down we lost steam and again its another new year and another resolution and another target to achieve and yet another dud .

Its the story with millions of us , we all are very encouraged in the beginning and as the year passes we start losing interest and hope and everything seems the same again as it was last year, reality of life is harsh but what’s even more harsh is our approach to our resolutions .

The best way to deal with this is make no resolution . and keep things simple . coz if its not simple then its complicated . take one day at a time and it will all fall in place . if we set one big target to achieve , its will always look big until we drop it down to small  ones and try to reach our goal one step at a time . its always simple to break your aim in small and approach it one at a time and of course set realistic targets . not like I will fly to the moon .

I have seen many people even in my friend circle , or office , co workers or relatives , being over weight is a very common issue to most of us . every year we set up a target to loose weight or to get in shape or to make muscles . in my office I have found many men or women who always talk about how to get into shape or what to eat what not to eat , what is right or what is wrong for body . they have the knowledge and they what needs to be done but unfortunately they are one with weight gain issues or they look like just about any common man or woman over weight . so what’s the point of this conversation coz its not taking you anywhere . you are just sitting on your asses and doing nothing but blabbering and it makes no different . having knowledge and doing nothing with it is more dangerous than having no knowledge at all .

so get out leave the comfort of your home and get the job done .

That’s the only way to do it .

Have a good year .


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