I saw the MIST


When everything looks so simple and easy , smile on the face and feels like nothing is going to get wrong, when life is bed of roses and things go smoothly as planned , why you still see the mist ?

I saw the mist amidst all , when life was smooth and simple , when it was tough and unbearable , when people left me all alone and new ones came in to join my force. I still saw the mist.

When I loved someone dearly and she left me , when I hated someone badly and they joined me, when I saw love in those who I thought were far off and when I saw no love, hate and ignorance in those who I loved so much and when they took no attention of me , I saw the mist.

Now I do not care what I see , a mist or no mist but what I do know its a tough life and no easy way , what I have learned that I have to live my life each day.

Yet I see the MIST.


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