Its going to be my year


New year 2015 is here.

We all understand how important a new year can be for us. we all wait for new year to come and we all hope that everything will begin afresh and everything will be fine in new year. we make new resolutions , new promises and new ideas take birth in our minds and we hope that everything will go as planned.but sometimes no matter how much we try ,things do not go as planned.we again feel deeply irritated and succumb to pain and sorrow and starts believing that this year is no different from past years. every year its a same story,every year i go through the same kind of shit and this year is no different, we feel less motivated and so as our actions and so the results.

It takes very less effort for someone to become motivated. to pull out something which others don’t small step and there you go, you can get whatever you want , all it takes a small effort from you.we all read number of motivational books, we follow self development articles, we watch video’s and discuss about number of things to improve our lives but even then most of us fail in improving our lives.

We all want to have good life, we all dream about good body , we all look at those celebrities with lean , fit and gym body and we all want to have that kind of physique. we all want to have millions in our pockets , we want to travel across the globe, we want to buy that expensive car and want to go for lunch or dinner at expensive five star restaurant, we want to do our bit by helping the community but this also demands money and those who are with less money are not able to do so.

So our efforts become less fruitful and we pass our days dreaming and by doing regular job and then we crib about our lives that how miserable it is or has become.

Its time for change.its time to stand up and take that one step which we have been ignoring so far. one small step forward can lead us to somewhere no one has gone before. we do  not have to be extraordinary and its not even required , all we need is self motivation and should have an urge to do something and to become something which we have been dreaming all this long.we must promise to ourselves that this year i will do what i have been thinking of doing all this long. i will do what i always wanted to do, this year is going to be my best year, this year i will help myself and will help others in becoming good human, i will help others to become kind.

This year we should all look forward to make this year as ours.

We must all say together that this year is going to be my year.