Leave her alone .. Plz

In simple words :- leave her alone .

Is it too tough for you to understand ? or you get pleasure in pulling someone’s leg ?

I guess its both. this is why this poor girl’s mistake live on television from International film festival in Goa doing rounds on social media.

Click on the link given below :-


This anchor was there to cover International Film Festival in Goa where top notch film fraternities paid their visit. of course she had to interview them as part of an anchor profile. she was doing it but unfortunately job did not go well. when you see the video you will realize it is indeed stupid and she is gasping for air and is out of confidence, she is clueless and nervous and have no idea what to say. she appears not professional.

But that’s about it. it should have been stopped there and then but that’s not all. not enough for a country where people are mad about social media and they get pleasure in pulling someone’s leg because they know that they themselves are not equipped enough with the skills and knowledge and is the best way to bring someone down. they seek an opportunity and go for it. this is what they did again and again and again.

The video has been shared by thousands of people on Facebook , Twitter , You Tube and Whats app and its also been in the news. people have been mercilessly tagged her stupid , dumb and gave her number of names because of the blunders she made during a live event.

For the video click below :-

In a country where almost everything is far fetched and enjoys larger than life image ,where everything gets glorified and gets blown out of proportions , where actors in Bollywood industry called as actors ( they are merely eye candies with no acting talents ) , country with biggest film production where we produce more than 1000 movies in a year and none goes for Oscars, in a country where everyone wants to be famous and want to have millions in their pockets and no one wishes to join an army and serve the country ………………………………

The list is endless.

Its a sorry picture of how people can behave in social media and they wait for events like this to happen where they can pull someone’s leg and bring them down. people get pleasure with number of likes and number of views on the video they shared or an article they wrote or the video they shared on their You Tube channel. they ignore the fact that it can hurt someone really bad.

Poor girl is under acute distress now and going through lot of pain. she was not ready for this and the negative attention she got from this event has made matter worse for her and she has become almost suicidal.

My heart goes to this girl and i have absolutely no mercy for people who enjoyed her gaffes and laughed at her. put yourself in her shoes and try to commit same mistakes and then i will ask you. i will ask you how it feels to be in the center of attention where everyone runs after you for bad.

Leave her alone , is my only request.

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