As the Sun goes down


Every morning i open my eyes with new vision , with new spirit , with new hope. as the day passes this new vision , spirit and hope dies with the sunset. its a harsh reality of the world or lets say of the people living on this planet earth. i like to keep things simple , without complications, understandable by all and implementable by all. keeping things simple also speaks volume than those which are complicated. what i want to talk about today is also very simple but we ignore it everyday. its the simplicity and the complexity of life, created by us. yet so simple to understand and to implement , its all us , we create it , we ask for simple or complicated , whichever comes first we accept it.

Often people make new year resolutions. with new year’s first day or even a day before midnight , people makes promises to each other, thousands of words being said , letters written, blogs shared, everything possible in the kitty is done but unfortunately what happens after ,  is the true picture. consciously or unconsciously things happen in life or say with people. easy way to give an excuse for not doing what’s been promised. harsh and pity , harsh on us as we have one life and we live everyday not as the popular word ” you live only once ”. my friend you live every day , you only die once. so why not make use of this life where we live everyday ? until we don’t die things will not end. things will come to an end or say life will be over with death, technically speaking that’s when life comes to end. this is when we can make an excuse that ” oh sorry i was dead so i could not keep my promise or i failed to deliver since i was dead and did not live long enough to deliver. sorry oh i am just so sorry.

Why is that ? why this excuse ? oh ! i am only human , you are only human , you or me , we are not superman. yes we are not but we are no less than superman either. just a believe , an action , a step forward , a hope , a new life and a new you. things will change. things have changed before , time never remains the same , it changes, we change with time , why not change for good ?

Sun goes down every evening and it rises another day every morning. let our hope not die as the sun sets. there should be a new dawn with new hope , new life , new you. as the sun goes down you should rise with new energy as you know that tomorrow there is going to be a new day , a new life and a new hope.


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