You are not a DoorMat


You reach your office every morning like any other day , you have prepared for the presentation the other night and want to give your best shot. you are excited and nervous at the same time. now you want to prove yourself that you are exceptional and second to none. today is your day ,you believe. its your time , you feel from the bottom of your heart. you know you will win , you know you will smile and will have the last laugh. you enter the drawing room ,you see tons of people at the round table. you reach the front and stands right next to the screen ,introduced yourself and starts your presentation. you give half an hour of presentation and feels you have done good enough. you look at people around the round table in admiration and hoping that you will get nice and warm feedback for what you have presented. instead what you get is negative response and not so encouraging feedback. you feel bad and of course not so motivated. but you accept that may be you were not good enough and you were not up to the mark and what others are saying is right about you . you accept your failure and think that you are inadequate and not competent enough . you feel like putting down by others and leaving you in suspense. you feel like doing what others have to say about you . you feel like following them. you feel weak from inside and misunderstood by others and thinks that there is nothing right you ever do .

Have you just succumb to pressure ?

Do you think you have some sort of psychological problem ?

Do you think you are not invited and not acceptable in the society ?

Do you think you are not strong enough to fight with the society you live in ?

If this is how you think , then let me tell you that you are strong beyond measures, your strength is unlimited and you can fight with anyone if you are willing to.

Take pride in yourself . why do you let others to make choices for you. why do you let them decide what you want and how your life should be. be honest with yourself and cherish your accomplishments ,no matter how small they are , it belongs to you.

Get into shape. yes this is important for you , get back to the gym which you had left long ago. it will give you huge confidence , a huge supplement to life. its important that your body and mind feels good so that you in person feels good about yourself.

Write a blog.  pen down your emotions. write your thoughts not for others but for you to read, its ok to share it with the world and its alright to get feedbacks on what you write . its your word and you know how to write and what to write , others can only read and respond to it but they can’t change the meaning of it since you know what’s behind those words.

Get busy with little pleasures. do what pleasures you. listen to music, watch movies, draw something ,write and read. do gardening . small things like these can give you true pleasure and you will feel good.

Love yourself first and then others. you are most important to yourself . people see you and make notions as what and how you present yourself to them . always be good to yourself and never feel like you are inadequate , incompetent or incapable.

You are strong beyond measures and you stay strong forever like this and believe me people will love you for that.