Only Friend


Courage is a biggest asset one can have. confidence is also important but mere confident about something and doing nothing about it , is futile.

Look around you , you will see confident people , lots of confidence in them but when it comes to actions they give up. its because they don’t have courage in them to put confidence with action , lack of balancing an act to get fruitful result keeps them at bay from what they want.

Walk alone at night , without any friend , only you and your shadow but nobody else. try this every single night .

Or do you have courage to do it ?

Sleep less and take one step forward to go out in the dark and experience what others prefer to ignore. believe me its  beautiful.  

Is it one step forward to being courageous ? yes it is .

When all the chips are down and you feel low, when you feel like all alone in the world , when you think you are the only one who is being targeted, when you feel upset and  useless, when you think you can’t do anything to make things right and you have no body to love and no one to call as friend. ………………………………………………………………………….then my dear friend you walk alone !

Do walk alone because great people walk alone .

How would you find your own space in this over populated world ? space is there you only need to find yours.

I walked one night all alone on the deserted road with no one in sight, I walked alone along with my shadow when every body chose to sleep I walked all alone like a king , I walked on the shadows of the trees and the darkness was looking at me in awe. asking me ‘ Who is this human ? , got so much courage to battle with me ? indeed it was a battle , though I was alone but I felt like someone in company , yes , there was something which gave me courage enough to fight which I always wanted to avoid. a battle I always thought will remain unconquered.

Fight into darkness and me once had this feeling of unmatchable , I felt like unbeatable. who was with me ?

It was my moon . it was right there with me all the time , every second, every minute , every hour. it was with me. looking right at me and taking care of me and saying that don’t be afraid son I am with you all the time in this moment of darkness when  you walk alone , I am with you. don’t be afraid . I give you all the confidence you need, I give you all the courage you need, look at me once and you will feel strong and a sense to fight with unmatchable aura. just walk on and never stop , no matter how tough the path is , just walk on.

A journey of thousands miles begins with one small single step . you take that one step and you will take another and another and another and believe me by the time you will realize how many steps you took , you will reach your destiny .

Your strength is unmatchable . you are strong beyond imagination. you control your destiny and you make your own luck.

What is behind you and what’s ahead of you is no match to what is in you. you use this to its full capability , believe me there is no one to stop you.

Do what you have been ignoring all this long . do what you have been always wanted to do . do what you have been always scared to do . don’t be in the shell. think out of the box and open your horizon , believe me this world is huge and small ,scary and lovely , violent and full of love , its in the attitude . you change your attitude trust me you will change this world. but don’t go out to change this world . it will never happen. start change from you . change will take place around you .

You create your own universe, your own world, your own colony, your own kingdom. you are the king and queen of your destiny.

Why leave it on others and why others decide what you want and what you don’t want ?

Its your life , you decide what you want to do , its your choice and your dreams ,your desires and your path of action.

The only friend you have is the one who is always there for you . who always keep an eye on you and watches you from distance , yes from distance and its always there.

Try to make moon your friend and believe the strength and courage it gives along with confidence is unmatched and it works . it works for me ,it will work for you too.

Don’t take the strength of moon for granted , its very strong , stronger than any human on this planet , its only modest and don’t show off. we should appreciate the shine it gives to our planet and it looks just so beautiful , it makes me feel beautiful.

Try once , it will make you feel beautiful as the most beautiful human on this planet. it watches you all the time.

————Dheeraj Gautam