Dogs don’t need MONEY


Every day I look out of my window and see the sun ,every night I go to my roof top and I see the moon , common in both :- they shine brightly. they are right up there in the sky with peace and calm , they have nothing to worry about and they  enjoy the space they get in the huge sky with other family members of the galaxies. they shine so brightly and they love humans to shine in their light.

Ever wondered what sun and moon don’t need to shine so brightly ? …………………………….They don’t need money.Dog with money

But we humans do need money to shine brightly , money is the essence of life for us, without money we can’t survive, yes money is that important. but why we give so much importance to money ? its because money is everything to us humans. I spoke about looking out of the window and seeing sun or the moon but I did not mention about humans who I see running all the time from one pole to another to make money and to make life more and more comfortable since money lets us buy things which makes our life easy. so much so for money , it buys everything.

But even then there is something which money can’t buy …………………………….its happiness and love .

I love dogs or say I am an animal lover , I love animals for their unconditional love and this is exceptional in dogs, humans been living with dogs for ages now and this animal has become a part of life for us humans. we see dogs everywhere , in the homes as pets or with military doing duties or with people in need for emotional touch in hospitals. dogs play all these roles efficiently . I love this animal I really do . I love dogs for their unconditional love.

Ever wondered where this unconditional love come from in dogs ?

One of my dear friend asked me this question a while ago about dogs , we were discussing about animals and their unconditional love which they show to us humans and humans being the most intelligent species on planet earth but even so hostile and aggressive.

She asked me ,why animals specially dogs have this unconditional love for humans and we humans being so intelligent don’t show the same to them ?

dog-and-human              I knew the answer , for some reason  I had an idea why its like this , I knew what to say and how to describe but it was a good question. we do feel it all the time in our life about dogs and the other animals but we as humans can ‘t feel and neither do the same to animals.

want to know how humans treat animals :- watch Farm to Fridge on

So I gave her my response and its my own theory and this is how I feel about it . so kindly do not laugh at it .

Human is the most intelligent species on this planet and the most superior one. it beats any given species on this planet any given day. this is because humans have brains which is the most intelligent and sophisticated among the rest living on this planet . we are also blessed with best body type to live under any circumstances , under any conditions, or we can get our body protected by various means since we are so intelligent that our brain lets us think and make things which are suitable for us. this is all due to the brain and its sophisticated working type in tandem with body.

Now when it comes to animals unlike humans their brains are not so intelligent or sophisticated to work with technology or material to make their life comfortable though nature has given them their own way dealing with things but its still not at par with when it comes to human.

As shall we were talking about money , what dog has to do with money ? we give food to dog he will eat but if we give money to eat he will not eat or say he don’t know how to make use of money to his benefit.

imagesCA2HRP30Lets do the same to human . we give food to human , he will eat and if I give money to human he will still eat ,what ? not the money but human knows how to make use of this money to eat food. a human will go and buy the food and will eat it , unlike dogs who do not know how to make use of this money to buy food.

What’s the difference ? the difference is the brain .

Its the brain which makes dogs love so unconditional its because dogs do  not see options for themselves, dogs only see one thing which is service. dogs only want to serve those who he gets love from. like if I feed a dog with food ,dog will always be loyal to me and will always be with me irrespective of me feeding food to dog or not ,but once dog shows its love to me ,he will always be there. since dog only see love which he gets from us humans and do not see anything or any other option to make choice for himself. on the other hand since humans have the most intelligent brain, we have created options for ourselves and we can make choices. we know if there is something which is not good for us or we not getting happiness from , we can always move to another thing to get happiness, but dogs are not like that , they only see love and no other options which we humans can see ,for us there are multiple ways to get love ,we humans feel that we can even buy love and happiness with money . but dogs don’t know how to make use of this money so they have no choices to make no options to choose from .they only want love which they get from us and show their love to us also and its always unconditional .will always be unconditional.

Dogs don’t want Money but we humans do , we can’t do without money and now there is a wrong notion about money that it let us buy anything we want even love and happiness. a guy with penny can still be happiest of all since he has nothing to loose and a guy with millions can not still be happy since he has so much to loose.

lets show our conditional love to not only animals but also to humans and  to each other because we know that we can always have love for love which does not require money to buy and we can always have happiness for happiness which does not need options to choose from.