I Want An Honest Relationship.No Secrets.No Lies.No Cheating


There was a time when you loved me and you will love me again :- Dheeraj Gautam

Everything in this post are  my own personal thoughts , its not mean to hurt someone’s sentiments and are not related to anyone in person.

But it does reflect My Life,My Passion,My Love,My Conflict,My Strive,My Challenges and everything My Life been this far.Everything.

lonely_1  Love is blind and love can be foolish – our heart does not always love the   right people at the right time.sometimes we hurt the ones that love us the most and sometimes we love the ones that don’t deserve our love at all.

When you love someone you don’t think twice to be with that person. you singled out him or her out of many to spend your life with.or even if its not about life its about spending quality time ,your time is precious so its important that you invest your time with quality person who value you and your time.love can be in different forms but one thing remain common, its love for the person who you love.we can go on and on debating about love but lets say this safely that love can be stupid and love can be foolish. this happens all the time.we don’t always love the right person and at the right time. when we fall in love with someone we don’t think that its a right person or not. we only think about yes i love this person, that’s all what matters to me. many times we hurt the person who love us the most without realizing the true worth of that person.we say this casually ” so what ? i will be in love again , yes i knw ” so what if i leave him / her ? it also happens that we love the ones that don’t deserve our love at all.this happens when you blindly in love with someone and ready to fight against any odds just to be with that person, but he/she fails to realize your true value or your worth.at some point when they loose you that’s when they realize that they have committed a big mistake.


Best Relationships : talk like best friends , play like children , argue like husband and wife , protect each other like brother and sister.

A true relationship does have all these qualities and has all the ingredients to make your life pain and gain.when two people unite together with body and soul they inculcate the qualities of  all different forms of relationships known.they talk like best friends , they go around chatting on different issues and anything to discuss under the sun will do for them.they play like children,the way they played once in their childhood without worrying about this world where they were only with their toys and it was their small world.in best known relationships  they argue like husband wife.husband wife always have issues to deal with.when they decide to spend their entire life with each other , they also prepare themselves for the worst and for the good.true relationship is also like husband and wife who fight on every issue possible but also stay together with each other.brother is always there for his sister. like me , i am always there for my sister anytime she needs me i leave everything for her just to be with her the moment she needs me the most. i make sure that i am with my sister in the time of crysis and joy and she has my protection.being in relationship which is as true as this one and pure as this is only like brother and sister where both do whatever it takes to make each other valued.


I’ve always been afraid of losing the people i love. sometimes i wonder , is there anyone out there afraid to lose me ?

This is so true in my case. and this could be my biggest fear. i got no fears and can fight anything which comes my way but i do have fears of losing people i love and when i do i become very weak.though i am strong in all aspects but it does make me weak and make me give an excuse that “i am only human”. may be its not the right way to deal with the situation or may its the only way to fight the odds to still keep the hopes alive and yet again to live on the excuse that “its not over till its over for me”. i don’t know but i do wonder that if i love someone so much irrespective of what i get is there anyone in this world who afraid to lose me ? is there anyone who loves me more than anything else ? is there anyone who cares for me or think that i am the only one for her ? is there anyone who think of me day and night only want to be with me or can travel miles and miles just to be with me ? is there anyone who has the strength to take any pain only to make me happy and ready to make sacrifise ? is there anyone who feels pain when i am in pain and feels joy when i am happy ? may be the answer is negative or it can positive. i don’t want to make things right or wrong , i want my focus to be on if i am right or wrong. i should not wait for right woman to come into my life i should focus on making myself right. because if i am right i will make my world right and when my world is right ,right people will come into my world.this is how i feel and act on my instincts but i also keep the hopes alive since “its not over till its over”

RelationshipQuote  The ones who love you will never leave you .even if there are hundred reasons to give up , they will find one reason to hold on.

I never left her , i never did. even months after break up if she asks me today if i still loved  her , i will reply with “i never stopped”. may be there are hundred of reasons for her to give up on me i only need one reason to be with her again.

  • Months after they broke up, he asked her if he’s ever crossed her mind …she replied with “you never left it”. she asked him if he still loved her…he replied with “i never stopped”.

I don’t need to say much.


A real man

A Real Man is woman’s best friend. he will never stand her up. and never let her down.he will reassure her when she feels insecure and comfort her after a bad day. he will inspire her to do things she never thought she could do ; to live without fear and forget regret. he will enable her to express her deepest emotions and give into her most intimate desires. he will make sure she always feels as though she’s the most beautiful woman in the room and will enable her to be the most confident , sexy , seductive and invincible.


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