Victims Of CUPID

I am young,good looking,strong physically and even more mentally.i don’t give up easily under any given circumstances.i fight till my last breath.when all the chips are down and everything looks out of reach ,when you feel like you are all alone ,when it seems the world will come to an end and only you will survive,when you find no one around you to talk to and when every single day seems like a last day of your life,its the time when you stand up for yourself.not to show it to anyone else  but to show it yourself that what you are your own biggest competitor and nobody is.

Should you be super human or you are from distant planet or from hollow earth  to exibit all these qualities ? no you don’t have to be superhuman to show what you are,you only become human with little extra effort which makes a difference from loosing to winning.

I am human too just like any other here on this planet earth,i am like you too.i breathe,walk,eat,laugh,cry,smile and show all kinds of emotions which a human should.i feel pain when i get hurt,i feel happy when something goes fine,i feel upset when something hurts me and heart gets broken when i feel pain in love.

SOMETIMES LOVE IS PAIN its very true that love has never been easy.whoever so thought that its easy to do love ,is day dreaming.ask someone who does love only for the sake of doing love and someone who do love because he/she is in will see the is the biggest strength in this world and it has no match ,if you have love in your life nothing else would matter and if you have no love in your life it don’t matter whatelse you have.

I am very fortunate to be in love with someone who is indeed very special to me and someone indeed, the only woman i love the most so never comes easy ,it has more pain than gain and you sacrifise more in love than you ever get and love is the only thing where you feel happy and satisfied when you give it more more and more and it never ends ,you never run out of love,never.

Those who say they can buy love ,i say they are can never ever buy love with money ,you can buy this rest of the world but love,never.

How does it feel when you love someone so much ,you give your everything and you give your life to are in love right? ,so now its your responsibility to save your do anything possible for the person you love the most ,no matter what happen to you ,you being honest ,being loyal,being caring for your partner,there is no power in this world that can even stop you from making your love go new heights.

I come from the land where love is life.

I  still remember when i fought with this world for my baby ,who i love so much.i kept on fighting fighting and fighting,i only saw her not this world.i never cared about what’s this world doing around me i only cared about my baby that this world should not cause any harm to her while i am still alive.

Yes alive – there came a time when i fought with death also to be alive because i still wanted to be with  my baby.i would rather die in my baby arms than baby arms give me peace like no gives me pleasure like no other.where there is love there is pain and i would rather takes this pain then not being in love.

I remember the day when my friend got admitted in the hospital.i also got the news and rushed to the hospital.there he was on the hospital bed ,lying in peace in silence ,he said nothing ,his eyes were closed,had oxygen mask on and was under ventilators.i had no idea what really happened to him.for the next three days he did not open his eyes and we all got worried ,his heart was still beating and he was breathing through his oxygen mask.he looked alright to me.i was informed that he had an heart attack and is lucky to be alive,doctor said he may not able to cope with another heart attack.

On the fourth day he opened his eyes, the afternoon when he was ready to talk i asked him what’s wrong with you mate ? you have been never like this ,what happened to you ?

He closed his eyes again and opened in the evening ,he saw me the place where i was when i asked him a question in the afternoon.he knew that i am not going to leave without my answer.he looked into my eyes and said i had a choice to choose between pain and love ,i choose pain and gave my love to my baby.

Later i thought he is nothing but a victim of cupid and so as the person he love the most.but he did nothing wrong.this is something very few people do today in this world where it takes only a minute to get a crush on someone ,an hour to like someone and a day to love someone but it takes a lifetime to forget someone.

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