Zeitgeist : Risk your life

Zeitgeist Zeitgeist Zeitgeist

What is Zeitgeist ? i don’t know.i have no idea what it is and i don’t wana know. coz it does not concern to me at all. it does not affect my life in any way.i am least bothered about what this word actually means.i am least bothered about what it talks about.since it does not make any sense to me and it does not have any impact my on my life. it has no influence on me.i don’t know if  its a latin,french,german or an arabic.its not hindi offcourse neither its is in english. i don’t wana know. i just don’t.

Man,  this how most of the people will react to this word which is so famous “Zeitgeist”.

We Humans are so busy with our daily routine that we don’t have time for anything else.we don’t do anything out of the box.we follow the same routine which we do every day and are very lazy to do something new.

Just sit back , relax and think for a minute about what exactly we are doing ? are we making any difference to the world ? are we doing anything which would influence others ? are we doing anything of sorts which would make us feel like we are worthy ?

No we don’t. its a very simple answer that we are not doing anything of that sort.

Question here arises ,what to do which would make a difference to the mankind ?

Art of taking risk

Risk certainly is one of the most famous word.its also one of the most dicey process to get involve into.every one can not master the art of taking risk.those who do they may get desired results or they may not.most of us are scared of taking risk that’s why we prefer to live an easy life without risk where everything runs smoothly like its an ice cream cone and a monkey licks it.see how easy it is for a monkey to lick an ice cream cone.try this for once.get an ice cream cone and give it to a monkey ,even a monkey will do it right.a monkey will licks the cone just like the way humans do.see how simple it is and how easy it is for a monkey.that’s exactly the kind of life we would like to live , risk free.

So we were talking about the Art of risk taking.no one knows for sure and can’t master the art of  taking risk.this is because when we take risk we relate it with our luck, though we forget that we make our own luck and when the process of luck is in our own hands, risk should also be in our own hands.the risk we take is in our control if we thought about it perfectly and took actions.well if we don’t then blame your stars or your luck for not getting the desired results.

Zeitgeist :- means the spirit of times or the spirit of age , very interesting.

Zeitgeist (German pronunciation: [ˈtsaɪtɡaɪst] ( listen)) is “the spirit of the times” or “the spirit of the age.” [1] Zeitgeist is the general culturalintellectual,ethicalspiritual, and/or political climate within a nation or even specific groups, along with the general ambiancemorals, sociocultural direction, and mood associated with an era.

The term is a loanword from German Zeit – “time” (cognate with English “tide” and “time”) and Geist – “spirit” (cognate with English “ghost”).

The concept of Zeitgeist goes back to Johann Gottfried Herder and other German Romanticists, such as Cornelius Jagdmann, but is best known in relation to Hegel‘s philosophy of history. In 1769 Herder wrote a critique of the work Genius seculi by the philologist Christian Adolph Klotz and introduced the word Zeitgeist into German as a translation of genius seculi (Latingenius – “guardian spirit” and saeculi – “of the age”).

source :- wikipedia

Peter Joseph :-                                                                                       

Here is the man who used this word  ( which is  now famous all across the globe ) , for the mankind.he made films under this name and a kind of revolution started.many people got influenced by his films, me too.so far i have only seen one of his films ,which i saw on youtube and it is on 9/11 attack on twin towers.most certainly this is the best 9/11 movie i have ever seen.i saw this movie like few weeks ago and i was stumped by it.so far i have seen many 9/11 attacks movies on Discovery, NGC or News or something like that.but this one hits me to the hilt.its very well made movie.

Why i found this movie the best :- because the way it approaches to people.well produced ,well scripted with video editing and sound design every seems to fall in place and offcourse it gives you the insight or behind the wall cases which were responsible for 9/11 attacks.

See its not at all easy to make a movie like this.

Here the question pops up :- is film making a risk taking business which may cost you your own life ?

Most certainly, yes it is. film making is a risky business in every sense.when you start producing a movie you don’t know how its gona turn out to be.you do your best with all that money to make it the best movie of the year,you script those screenplays and make a team of the best people in your crew.but this can’t guarantee your success.its not until your movie gets screen on multiplexes and theaters and get its first reviews.

Thats when you come to know for the first time if you gona get paid for all the hard work you put in producing this movie.

Like wise making of Zeitgeist has been risky too.this is one of those films which may put Peter Joseph life at risk.he made about 5 films and these are not for commercial purposes, these movies are for the  public awareness.when he made these films he did not intend to make money out of it though he gained huge popularity because he picked up controversial subjects and which were in interest for man kind.millions of people got influenced by his films and started a Zeitgeist Revolution.films like these does help people.but it also has this risk factor involved in it.like i said before, can risk your life. think about this there is a group of people or a govt which does not want you to know the truth.in comes a movie which talk about controversies and the truth behind the scenes ,govt notices it and takes action to curb this thing.don’t your think its going to put your life at stake ? it will offcourse.

But should we stop making movies like these just because we have this fear of loosing our life ? should we stop making people aware of the truth ? i guess not. see life is full of risk,its a risk business anyways.risk is every where its about how smartly you counter that risk.dumb fools falls but smart and thought full process in risk taking business does give you the result ,it may take time but we get what we want to have.

My girl friend told me about this guy” Peter Joesph” , i had no idea about who he is.she encouraged me to watch his novies and read about him.i did. i got influenced by his movie and his attitude which is kind of care free and fearless.

Oh well !! this is the kind of attitude we need in every stage of life.life is also like  film making.but here we don’t use lights, action, camera here we deal with real people.life is just another risky movie.play it smartly and shine.

Zeitgeist is a risk which is working well for the man kind ,make something like this and work for humans who has already crossed the red line mark in almost everything.

Lets hope more Zeitgeist will come from us and more and more people will get its influence.

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