you are not happy

I love her so much but i have been very selfish.i love her from the bottom of my heart but i have been very irresponsible,i love her so much that i keep on thinking about her but even then  i don’t take actions.

She know that how much i love her. she know i don’t even think of any other woman but her. she know that i am going to be with her only,i am one woman man, which makes her happy but even then why she is unhappy ?

The problem is with me or with all those men who are like this.any woman is man’s biggest strength then why do man fail to realize its importance.

Universe decided our fate already that we are destined to be together.but are we really ? if things go like this probably we will never be together.i am in love with her but she is so far ,even then our love is still alive.still has a spark which can ignite it to the new happy to have you with me happy to be a part of my life.but why i make u upset all the time ? may be i am not worthy for you ,may be i am not good enough for your love,may be i am not strong enough to fight against all odds to get you.but this is not true.a true lover is the one who fights for his love.who kicks this world to be with his only love ,a woman he loves all this time to be with her to enjoy this moment.

I am your true lover honey. i just wana be with you, i can’t even think of any other woman but you.ever since i met you its only you in my mind and in my heart.i have always said that you brought love in my life again.there was a time when i was alone and lonely after my break up with my then girl friend who i thought will marry.but i guess universe had something else to offer.its no coincidence or luck that we got each was here since the beginning.every step i took in my life was slowly and slowly taking me to you.every thing i did ,every step i took was it to lead towards you.its still ongoing and it will never end.its a journey which not only me and but you too will have to complete.we will go together on this journey.

Men does take actions which makes their women can’t live with women can’t live without them either.i can’t do without you either honey.i just can’t.i know what’s killing you from the inside and i also know its the same which is also killing me from within.i wish if i could tell you what i wanted to tell you but this is not the time , this is the time to let you know,when the time is right you will know.

Every men when takes some action ,he takes it for a reason.he takes with a purpose.some of the actions he takes may get failed some he wins.some of his actions makes his woman happy some depends what”s the ratio of his actions which makes her happy or unhappy.if the actions he takes which makes his woman happy is more than those which makes her unhappy ,its still alright ,a woman can live with it.what about when a man takes actions which makes his woman mostly unhappy.there is a problem.there is a problem indeed.either with  a man or with his actions.

I don’t want to tell my woman that what i am or what i can do since at the end of the day it all comes down the actions you take.have i took any actions which had made my lady happy. i guess no.god is watching and he will punish me when the time is right.i am already getting punished by god.but i will not let my girl getting punished by me. i will not let any pain,sorrow come near her.i will fight really hard to make her happy to give her what she deserve,The best.

Baby you are mine and i am your’s.i wana give you the best in life.i want to give you the most out of life.but i am also human.i guess i should think that i am a super human so that i come down on to the level of humans.

I am not your dream man honey .perfect human don’t exist on this planet , they just don’t.but may be i will be strong enough to be with you as someone who loves you perfectly.i am only your’s and you are mine.i love you the way i loved you ages ago.i will love you forever the way i loved you this far. we have been together for so long now ,there is no room for error or doubt that how deep is our love for each other.but we both are humans ,the day one of us patience run out ,its going to end of our love story.both of us will suffer deeply.both of us will cry together both of us will go deep into the darkness.

Your man is strong baby , your man is with you always.but you are not happy.

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