When she grabbed my Butt

It was December 2008.i don’t know the date properly but i think it was friday.time around 10 pm.i was in london walking down the camden town street,going to work.since i was a student back then doing my studies in london so i was working as a part timer in the club.famously known as Electric Ballroom.its one of the most happening place for concerts and dj nights.its located in the middle of the camden town.its quite big from the inside.two floors of dance space.the ground floor has dj ,a stage and a big dance floor.first floor has a dance floor with dj’s den and offcourse bar to go with both the floors.

I boarded the bus from Finsbury park N42SN.camden town is about 5 miles from finsbury park.so travelling in a bus can be fun.i used to travel on  N29 bus which is for the night service.long double deck bus is quite good from inside with lot of space to walk for.best thing about london buses is that they are on time and look beautiful,all red in color.when on the bus i was in this habbit of not to take the seat.i have always gone to my work standing.i don’t know why but one of the reason could be when you take a seat specially at night you mostly encounter drunk man or woman to sit next to you and causes trouble.can be fun sometimes but not all the time.as i have seen myself that people in london are quite open to express themselves.they are like a free bird,open to anything they want,talking to who so ever even if the person is a stranger.they don’t mind at all.this is something which i really like about this city.

So that day i was travelling standing looking outside the window.i was wearing blue jeans ,white t-shirt and black leather jacket.i think i was looking really cool ,though i do look cool most of the time since i got easy going friendly attitude.some where in the middle on my way to camden town three girls boarded the bus.i saw them jumping in but i did not pay any more attention to them and started looking outside the window again.there were not many people in the bus that night.those girls took the seat right next to the gate on the left side. i was standing on the right side of the bus.from the window i was able to see the reflection of the girls from the left side.i saw those girls looking at me. i looked back to them and i smiled.they smirked.those three girls looked alright to me.they were in their teens,one of them wearing track pants,one in jeans and another in midi skirt.this is a kind of common in london so i did not pay any attention to their wardrobe.

I heard those girls giggling at me.i looked again.they were like talking about me.if i am not wrong i heard one of them saying “i need a piece of him” .yes that’s what she said.that time i did not see any guy around so i firmly believe it was for me.it did not bother me at all and what i should be bothering about.being a man it will always make me happy to gain woman attention.in this case these were young girls and i had their full attention.well i thought its gona be over in few minutes since my stop was approaching.i thought may be they will continue travelling in a bus to other destination and this will be all over in a minute.there was nothing for me in it since incidents like these are common in a city like london.people glare at each other they talk but nothing turns serious unless you want it to be.same way there was nothing in it for me unless i wanted something to happen.

Camden town came ,the stop where i had to get off the bus.i got off the bus.it was still a long walk to work.this is what i was doing normally getting off the bus and walking to electric ballroom.it appeared to me like any other night walking to work.few meters of walk and i realized that i was being followed.i heard the giggled again.i recognized the giggling since it was not tough for me to recognize.it was of those three girls.i looked back and i saw those three girls following me.i did not notice and decided to keep on walking without getting disturbed because what would three young girls do any harm to me since i am a man.

But i was wrong.i was wrong that i was safe just because i had three young girls following and will not do anything on a busy camden street,did not make me any vulnerable.i kept on walking and they kept on following me on the street.i realized that they were walking at the faster pace than me probably to reach me as soon as possible.i heard them making comments like ” what an ass bitch ” , “oh yeah baby ” .

To my utter astonishment one of the girls grabbed my Butt.it was not a normal touch down or a grab it was a proper handful of my butt in her hand.it hit my like 400 volts current.i jumped.i was not expecting this from these girls.it was completely unexpected and happened so quick that i did not even get time to react.as she grabbed my butt for about 5 seconds which i think is quite a long time for a butt grab i looked back at the girls.they were laughing.i was stunned and i was speechless i had no idea what to do ,how to react to this situation.i can’t hit them or hurt them.they were just young girls having fun with an unfortunate (or fortunate ) guy.well i did not like this kind of attitude from them.if they had done something else to gain my attention would have been better.but butt grab was something which i never thought will happen to me in london.

Once she grabbed my butt they started giggling hardly while they were still following me i kept on walking.believe me i was scared that night may be for the first time from girls.my heart was pumping hardly i don’t know why but i was indeed scared.i realized that people on the street were watching me being followed by those girls.yes people were indeed looking at us.these three girls kept on passing comments on me while i was still walking to work.i crossed the road since i had to reach electric ballroom.they also crossed the road and continued following me.i felt my butt has been grabbed once again.enough was enough for me.i looked back at the girls.they did not look shaken.they were like having fun with me that night.girls tried walk past me and one of them tried to touch my butt again.i decided to confront and hit one of the girl softly on her shoulder.but they were in fun mood and kept on laughing.may be they wanted to take me somewhere.but i was working that night so they had no chance.unfortunate girls.it was time for me to end this fun for them.i was at the gate of Electric Ballroom.girls realized that this is my destination.so that was it.it was an end of this ordeal.i entered the ballroom and forgot all about it.i never saw those girls again.but this incident left me shaken that night.i spoke to my colleagues about it at work.they told me its normal in london if a group of girls follow you like this and tease you.may be its not the same in india.you will never see girls teasing a guy in india ever.but this does happen in london.

In another incident ,same place at night.camden town i was at work again.this night i was doing double shift.we had one shift which was from 5 pm to 9pm since it was a concert and then we had DJ night as normal.it was friday night.after the first shift i decided to grab a quick meal at McDonalds which was across the street.it was around 10:30 pm.i went inside the mcdonald and ordered a big mc burger.i grabbed mine and sat  on one the table to enjoy it with a canister of coke.while i was eating my mc burger, i looked back because there was a loud noise of talking.i saw three young girls and three young guys on the table eating burgers.i saw them about twice.i gained one of the girls attention and she said “why is he looking at us ” .i ignored it completely.since it was nothing to which i should pay attention.while i was still eating my burger.two of the girls from the group came to me and sat next to me.those girls were cute and looked in their teens.one of the girl asked me ” what’s your name ? i replied to this question of her.i said “my name is rocky ” she said “aah rocky ,nice name “.she giggled.another girl asked me “where are you from ” ? i said ” i am from india came to london as a student and working part time” . she said ” nice meeting you “. and they went back to their table.i got back to bite my burger.once i was done i had to leave for work again offcourse.i went to the door and i saw the same group of girls and guys at the door.one of the girl decided to walk with me.she spoke to me while i walked back to my work.she was a young girl.she said her name is “natasha”.i spoke to her for a while.and as we were about to leave she grabbed my butt.this time when this happened i was calm and did not mind her grabbing my butt.she smiled at me and said it was nice meeting me.she left and i went back to my work.

So butt grabbing happened to me twice in london.first incident was kind of scary because there were three girls  but the second one was little close to my heart.i think i liked her grabbing my butt.she was a cute little girl and sweet to me.for the first time i enjoyed my butt grabbed by someone,a girl who called herself “Natasha”.

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