Last Day

20th Dec 2012

Time :- 11 pm

I woke up early today even before i see the sun rises from the east.i saw  the sun from my window since it open to the east.its bone chilling winter season here in delhi and i am here with my mom,dad and my small happy family of four.last night when i went to bed thinking that i should have sound sleep just like any other night.but i was wrong it was’nt i could have slept when i knew that today is the last day for humanity on this planet which we call earth.its almost unimaginable and unthinkable that this is about to happen.this is actually happenning.this time ,this day and the moment which i am living right now is the last day on this earth.had it been last day for me only  i could have taken it a little seriously but its a last day for this planet ,the entire actually i can relax ,i can take a breather because i know i am not going to die alone.i am not the only one who is living these last hour’s alone.i am not the only one who will not see the sun tomorrow.

i can relax yes i can indeed but i don’t know what to do now in these last minutes.i had absolutely no idea what to do i know that this planet is going to end when a clock ticks 12 am 21st dec 2012.i am sure about this.and i am prepared for this and so as everyone else.this was in the news for the past 5 years and now the time is here.the end is here.we are living it with every breath we are taking and we are getting closer and closer to it with every second.

I had no idea  how to begin my day.i don’t know what to think of now.

These were the question i had in my mind

Should i go about doing my business normally like any other day?

Should i call my friends for one last time ?

Should i go to the temple or church and pray to god ?

Should i go and visit my loved one whom i have not met in past one year?

Should i watch my favourite films for one last time ?

Should i sing my favourite song for one last time ?

Should i cook food and feed the poor and animals on the streets ?

Should i go into the woods and enjoy this beautiful nature for one last time ?

Should i just stay with my family the entire day ?

What about sex ? yes sex .who to do sex with ? for one last time when i know i will die tomorrow.

Hey hang on a second.looks like i am forgetting something.yes i have .oh yes i have forgotten one person.

My Girlfriend :- AH !! she is not here with me.she is not by my side.i am missing her so much this mind says stay with your family but my heart says go and grab your girlfriend.make love to her for one last time for the entire day.hold her hands and keep her close to your heart all day.wipe off her tears and bring smile to her face for one last time.gosh i want to do all this.but she is so far away.she is not here with me.can’t fly to her in the last hour’s because i will not reach her.not enough time.she must be with her family too.just got her message in the morning .she says she loves me.i replied her back i love you too baby.

I just wana tell her that i love you so much.and i can’t live without you have given me one of the happiest moments and i had great time with you.thank you so much for your care ,love ,affection and kindness that you stayed with me till now.we were destined to be together and we are still with each other in this dark hour.not physically though but i know she is with me and i am with her at all times.

40 minutes to go before this clock reaches 12 am 21st dec 2012.

All the memories of me and my girlfriend which we have spent together are running like a motion picture in my mind.i still remember everything.everything we did together is still crystal clear.i still remember the day we met for the first time.our first kiss,first time we had sex.we went out for shopping,dinner,music,movies,going to the clubs. AH !! i still remember everything.our family planning,buying a new home,our first christmas together,celebrating new year,family reunion,dinner with mom and dad everything is still so alive in my mind.

All this for what ? when we knew that this is going to end like this.

Another 20 minutes to go before clock reaches 12 am 21 dec 2012.

I wana take this time to say thank you to some people who have been with me and supported me all my life till today.

I wana say thank you to my family,my friends and my colleagues who supported me officially and unofficially.thank you to my ex girlfriend’s who loved me so much only to get separated from me.nothing against you all.thank you and lots of love to my friends in london,united states,brazil,colombia,russia,ukraine,belarus,indonesia,turkey and netherlands.i love you all and so fortunate to have you in my life and so touched with your support.

More people hated me than who loved me ever since i was born.but nothing against anyone .we are living the same moment all across the world.

10 minutes to go before clock reaches 12 am 21 dec 2012

Its already has already started.i can see it through my window.the sky has gone completely red like a volcanic eruption is about to happen from above.electricity has gone .we have no lights and my laptop is running on battery.we have no network connection.satellites orbiting our earth seems to have destroyed now,there is no television,no radio,no internet.cell phones are not working either.i don’t see anyone from my is almost sound nothing.its just so quite.i have never seen this kind of silence ever since i was born.everyone seems to be with their family and loved one in these last minutes.the entire city is engulfed in darkness like light has never existed on this planet.i don’t see anything as far as my vision goes.its completely dark.i can hear the sound like thunder storm gaining strength like its coming near to the surface from above and about to crash on us.i still don’t see anything falling from the sky but the sound and red – yellow color is gaining.its about to fall on us.

5 minutes to go before clock reaches 12 am 21 dec 2012.

I can see my mom ,dad and sister together in this room.we are together and ready to live these last hour’s.its silence completely and no body is saying anything.i wish if i could send one last text to my girl friend.but damn there is no cell phone connection anymore.but i know she is thinking of me like the way i am thinking of her.i love her.

2 minutes to go before clock reaches 12 am 21 dec 2012.

Last two minutes and i am almost done.just wana say that we have lived our time on this earth as human,time for new begning,a new phase of life.not everything will be over but those who will survive will stand up again and life will move on.

There was life before human walks this planet ,there will be life after 12 am 21st dec 2012.

Dheeraj Gautam signing off for one last time.

Its 12 am 21st dec 2012.

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