Two planets discovered sharing one orbit

Strange things happens in this universe.the deeper you go in it ,more dark it becomes.take this two planets are found sharing the same orbit by kepler telescope.unlike anything like this seen before has now emerged again from the deep space.they don’t collide to each other since the other is about 60 degrees above the the chances are they will never collide to each other.these planets are the part of the planetary system which is known as KOI-730.they circle their sun like parent star just our sun for 9.8 days with an exactly same orbital distance.

This discovery put a question mark on how moon was formed.Accourding to Richard Gott and Edward Belbruno of princeton university our moon was formed 50 million years after the birth of our solar system with the collision of mars like body and earth.This discovery suggest that two planets can’t collide with each other because they maintain the same orbital distance which prevents the if mars like planet and earth were on the same orbit they might not have collided after all as it has been thought so far.

But experts don’t deny that the collision is still possible.but these two planets will not collide any sooner.atleast for 2.22 million years.


dheeraj gautam


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