Road to Success

When i was a little kid and was in school ,i used to be loner.though i was naughty and and always liked to mingle with people.but it was still in me that most of the time i used to sit alone with my pencil and paper.what i used to do with my pencil and a sheet of paper,just making some sketches and nothing can say oh ! wasting your time.yeah certainly to the most of the people.they will think this way.but to me it was a practice to develop my mind into something.i don’t know what.but at the tender age of 8 or 9 what a kid would be thinking about developing his mind into ? not very exciting.yeah indeed, but yes i did’nt continue with this practice anymore.i left it in the middle after few years but it did train me to think differently and think out of the box.

Imagine what i was thinking ? the key is that i was’nt thinking anything.i just went with the flow of my mind and i pictured it on paper.Thoughts ,imaginations,visions anything which used to come in my mind i just portrayed it on paper.well those days i had no ambition,no targets,no dreams to pursue,no milestone to achieve ,so i had no pressure at all.i let my thoughts flow.with no obstacles in my thought process, what i achieved was nothing something out of this world.but it had indeed developed my mind so much that today i can think out of the box.

I grew up little older,i passed high school.saw the world,gained experience with life,got knowladge with events happenning around me.saw the news,movies,got hang to new age music.saw people getting promotions,making truck loads of money,scaling great heights in life.when i saw all this  i found myself very small and dwarf.i saw school kids of my age glued to their text books and i was out on the streets. i guess i had known by then that my best teacher is life which will teach me what a school teacher can’t teach me.

But why i am talking all this ? whats the point ? are u really interested in knowing how my life tough or easy it was,how naughty i was in those days. are u interested ? no you are not.but the thing is ,like anyone else my life has been a journey.its been like this from the day i was born and till now.its been a roller coaster ride.a journey which i have been sailing through the seas,emotions,observing others.just like the way my life has been a journey,your life is also a journey.









There are more than 100 billion people in this world.but do you really think all of them are happy or have what they were looking for or dreamed  about? probably not.take this.we got everything in this world.we got money,property,water,food,shelter.everything you need to make our life one happy life.ok this is quite obvious.but what’s the point ?what i want to  convey?well if we got everything on this planet then why is that most of the people don’t have it? why all this wealth has eluded many of them ? the answer is simple.its an change your attitude you will change the world.attitude to have all that which you want in life will allow you to gain most of what you have ever wanted.success or failure the choice is your’s and it will be decided by your you got an attitude to change your life today ? yes you do have an attitude all you need one single step forward and rest will follow.

If you are looking for something which should pump you up instantly.there is a movie which you can came in 2006 title The Secret.its a film about law of attraction which works for everyone.its working for me and its working for you too.its not a secret anymore and it never was.just people did not know about since people know the secret ,its not a secret anymore.its out to the world.there have been number of great people who were born with nothing but they made full use of law of attraction to gain heights in did they make it possible ? with the secret,coz they knew the secret and they knew how to apply it to their lives. they got most of what they ever wanted when they applied the secret efficiently.but it was not only think its so easy to apply the secret in your life.well it is.its easy for those who have got the right attitude,a correct state of mind,a vision,firm mindset.for the rest, its out of reach.this film is easily available in the market and you can even download it from the internet.i downloaded this movie from the torrent website.offcourse its when u see this movie ,you will all be charged up and ready to go ,will be ready to conquer this world.yeah now u are all charged up ,got your spirit sky high ,now u can do whatever you wana do.yes u are now but what about tomorrow ? take this, most of the people stay motivated for only two days maximum after this they loose steam as they go about doing their regular business.see getting motivated is not tough but staying motivated is.again everything comes down to an attitude.change your attitude you will change this world and you will start attracting things in your life.everything which you have ever wanted will come to of attraction will work for you.

Ok so now you have the key to have  the secret at your can make use of it when you want it,how you want it,what do  you want from it.its your’s but take this.are you the only one in this world.or say in this race ?yeah life has become a race.we have made it a race only because we are always in pursuit of something.we are always in hunt for somehting,running after something.there is no stopping rest no peace in mind since life has become a race track and we are the runners.we are not alone.think we are alone is the biggest mistake.think we will reach easily where we want to be is a mistake.there are thousands in the line already waiting for their turn.they are ready to hunt you and kill you.they are ready to drag you down and ready to split you apart because they don’t want you to win the take rest today the next one in the line will step up the stop by to take a breath ,to recharge yourself ,next one will speed up and will win the will stay don’t want to be a looser,you don’t want to be a victim of politics or corruption.there is only one way ,don’t stop just don’t stop.there is no time to rest but yes you do have time to just re think and recharge yourself for the race.have patience ,things will take time but they will happen if you have faith in yourself.the law of attraction is working all the time and it will work for you even better just have faith.

see i am not a saint or an inspirational speaker or someone who will motivate you to pump up in your life.i am just an ordinary guy who is trying to gain extra ordinary heights in life.which i firmly believe i can.all this is to help you in some way.its your choice entirely what you can derive from this article.its not a very detailed  or something out of which you can gain lot of knowladge.but its an effort to help myself and help others.i got motivated with small things ,this is a small article should be enough to make you motivated.just don’t loose faith in yourself,have firm believe ,be are the master of your destiny,you are solely responsible for the creation of your make your own luck.remember Winners don’t do different things,they do things differently.


dheeraj gautam

One thought on “Road to Success

  1. I’ve known the secret long time before I watched “The Secret”, but I still realized it much better after watching the film, it’s powerful, it will change your life, guaranteed (until you are a piece of log. lol).
    And it has always worked for me, sometimes even so surprisingly. When you get exactly what you wanted to get. It’s like you order it from some place and it gets delivered )))
    Amazing, great mystery of life. If miracles exists, then, yes, this is a miracle.

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