Fly with laptops

I always had this dream of becoming a fighter pilot.i wanted to join army but as i grew up things changed for me,time had something else in store for took a giant leap in technology,people came and went but i think remained alive in my heart.i wanted to be a fighter pilot.

so what now, should i go to the pilot training course or should i join army ? what to do.well i had no idea what to do.i kept on making visuals of me flying an airplane .not only airplane but also a helicopter.i have always been fascinated by flying.i always wanted to fly like a bird but yes since we are humans we dont have that humans went through the circle of development we lost that power of flying and developed our brains which makes us the strongest species on earth.but yes what human cant do has always fascinated them.flying is one of it.we made planes ,rockets ,gliders and all to fly in an air but still we cant fly on our own.we also have jet packs now but i guess they are limited in numbers and its not available for commercial purpose or open to public.if they were people would have made full use of it.just imagine sale of jet packs in the market ,they would probably be one of the most and fastest selling product of all will see flying people with jet packs in the air.

just imagine we have flying people in the air along with airplane ,guess we will not need air tickets anymore and we will travel with jetpacks.just get our jetpacks charged or fueled to travel across the globe.its gona be so much fun indeed.i hope this thought will come true soon in near future.but as for now in the present how to fly an airplane? is it necessary to go to flying school and learn it by paying thousands of dollars.

well the answer is its not required ,not really coz you can learn it from home ,on your very own laptops and personal computer.well i learnt it.i was so happy and excited.what i am talking about? i am talking about The flight simulators programmes available in the market.which you can buy from any software retail store or games store.i got few of those and i tried my hand on it.and let me tell you this it was quite satisfying.these games simulators are very descriptive,well designed and very has everything you need to fly an airplane or a helicopter.these games are professional simulators which are designed to teach and learn to become a professional pilot.when you talk about these simulators as the professional one you can understand they would require a high end laptop or pc.yes they will need good memory to play at its best.its not tough to get a system to play these you can get one easily.

so since i learned how to fly a plane and a helicopter you can do it too.just get one edition of good simulator and game on.


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