Crazy Fantasy

When you wake up in the morning and go about doing your business you must have given this thought,what a life? either the answer is positive or negative it does come in your mind once in a do you take your life is completely your choice.are you surviving or are you living ? its your much have you achieved in your life ,how much you have gained,what else is left to gain,how much you can still do ,how much you can still give in your life to others,how much you think you can contribute to this world,how much you really think you can changed this world into,how much you have to sweat hard to gain that much needed promotion,your relationships,you career,your children,health issues,insurance gosh ,oh boy ! its just so much is’nt it ?

yes it you really have time to answer all these questions ? do really have time to sit for about 5 min and think about all this ?do you have time to relax your mind and focus on the answers to all these questions ? or may b you can think of one solution.well you will probably say yeah no time no time no time.

So why are even here in this world when we can’t answer these questions.we are really living our lives or just existing ? we are on this planet.lets answer all these questions.if really want to live at peace lets answer these questions.if we can’t ,well i guess we will back on saying the same thing ,oh i have no time.which is just such a big lie.lie to ourselves and lie to this world also.

Time has come to get some things right.this is the time ,this is the right time,it my time.yeah now we are pumped up ,indeed yeah.but for how long.getting motivated is not difficult ,staying motivated is.most of the people stay motivated for as long as two days.after this they return to their roots which is existing in this when we talk about how to live our life or how to go about doing our business what it is which makes all the difference.

Its an attitude.attitude makes all the this is the time to get the right attitude and get it done in a correct way and put it in correct if things are going wrong or even your luck is going bad,u are at the wrong place at the wrong time,you were late and someone else got that promotion which you were dreaming about the day you got this met an accident when you were getting ready to meet your girl friend and were about to marry on the same day but you found yourself in the you were really so unlucky.or may be if u can just stop blaming your luck and change your attitude.makes sense to me.

I think if ,if you wana get rid of all this you can just go to your room ,lock your doors,drop your curtains,turn off your lights and go to your bed and fantasize.yes its the best option or you can say only solution to do what u cant do in real life.this is one of the tools which will helps you to get rid of all the pain which you get with this world in real life.when u fantasize about something it gives you the feel of reality in your lets you achieve your dreams within dreams,it also allows you to become genius just like any other genius who were born in this world and changed this world with their wisdom and when you take part in fantasy you can make your own dreams ,create your own world,make your own good fortune,make your own homes,you can buy all that u cant buy in real life,you can even marry all those untouched celebrities,you can have all what u have ever dream about.yes its not impossible.its something which is in your reach.its right here in your mind.its visible to your eyes they way into your mind.eyes are gateway to your mind.what you see through your eyes you projects it in your mind and when you projects it in your mind you can even do modification and even alter the entire can even create something out of this world which does not even exist or may be it will take place in the near future but its not here yet.

So is it a hard deal ? no its not.something which is with you all the time,which is your strength in your can make use of this tool at its fullest.i make use of it and has been benefited with go your room,drop those curtains,close that door,turn off those lights and start fantasizing.dream on.


dheeraj gautam

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