Blood in Rainbow is my most recent electronic dance  music.i made this track with acid studio 7 which is the only software i am using these days to my electronic music mixes.there is no inspiration behind making this track but yes the title does sound kind of wired.Blood in rainbow.yeah there is no blood in rainbow but i kind of associated red color with blood so i came with this title which i think is one think about blood in rainbow,well i never heard about it.

have you ever seen blood in rainbow well i hav’nt.every time when you see rainbow it looks beautiful and its give smile to your face is’nt it ?

it gives smile to me.everytime when i see a rainbow i take pictures coz it looks so who wana see blood in rainbow well if your are not then i would like to see blood in rainbow.

so here is the track which i thought should depicts what i wana reflect a blood in rainbow.kind of wired yeah ?? it is indeed

click on the link below to listen to my track

Blood in Rainbow

Below is the graph of my track Blood in Rainbow which i made using acid studio 7.


dheeraj gautam