A Pray(er) by Dheeraj Gautam

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p20150130-192821When you hold your hands together , palm to palm , energy collides and creates a universe.



Its Time

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Time to wake up for those who are still sleeping. Time to stand for those who are still on their seats. Time to speak for those who are still mute. Time to sleep for those who have not slept for ages. Time to run for those who are still walking. Time to search for those who are still watching. Time to take actions for those who are still planning. Time to do something for those who are still not doing anything.

What people will do? have u ever thought about when we will change for good? not many people think about it that’s why most of us are like this. Have you ever imagined how much time we have wasted so far?

i have an experience in human observation. I have studied people with my own narrative. I have seen many people with different attitude and habbits. I have spoken to many people. I have eaten food with many different communities. No one is the same. Everyone is different. Every one has their own way of dealing with things. Everyone has different way of approaching to situations. I have my own methods. I have seen a lot in small life so far.  it has only made me a better human.


Small Small thingy

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Hey what man, what ? things like these are quite common these days you know . i am quite often get caught up with this kind of thingy.when things like this dont work right for me , I GO CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

Hey i tell you what, if you are reading my post coz you thought that i write quite well and you gona lend me a job as a god damn content writer. i say GO FUCK URSELF HOMIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE .

Oh well !!

So where were we ?

You know something ? i love writing and i don’t think much while writing.when i write i just write and i speak my mind ,you like it or dont’ i don’t care .

I never asked you to read my post or something .i am doing it for myself not for you ,so don’t go crazy over me when i do something like this .i am human and its my will.my will is under my control.

So you know i was going crazy over my laptop.i love my laptop though ,i bought it in london. its such a nice looking laptop black in color and it works awesome i got windows 7 in it and its cool , i am happy with it.

Hey the problem is that god damn Sony Vegas 11 Pro is not working on this one. i don’t know why homie.i think it has got some kind of error  in it.so many complications with the softwares you know.

I tell you something , this software, i downloaded from the torrents website and cracked it.

What were you thinking ? i am gona buy a software which gona cost me 500 $ are  crazy nigga ?

This is ain’t happening.

Oh well ! hey if you don’t like my post stop reading it , i am not forceing you to get your eyes on it .got it . you better mind it homie.

So we were talking.

You know small small things like these may make you go crazy .i love everything which i got with me like my stuff you know .my laptop,games,movies,music, my comics,bags ,shoes ,clothes and stuff and yeah not to forget my god damn girlfriend.oopsyy !!!  🙂

So you know when something goes wrong with any of these things i go crazy , it becomes very tough for me to even breathe when things don’t go right.oh well, people say its under your control , its in your hands, you control ur destiny , i say shit pal.

you can’t control everything ,sometimes you need to let go things and flow.

Don’t try to control everything , you can’t master it so let’s not do this.

So you know what i ain’t got nothing much to say about it .

The thing is , i am gona get my laptop format completely and gona get it windows 7 install again and gona get sony vegas again , i hope it will start working again.

Till then i can just chill pal