Baby i am sorry I Hurt You


When dreams don’t seem like a dream anymore and reality seems different , that’s when you ask me if i do exist or i do come across your mind. life seems different when challenges are stiff and resolution seem out of reach, i stay strong but i don’t know why not you. will you stay strong throughout ? you are strong beyond measures but unfortunately you always failed to realize it . i wish if you had strength to fight but why its only me ? why only me to fight and why only me have no light so that i could see in the dark to see the path to somewhere. i saw you fighting when i was with you , i saw you strong when i was with you , i saw you overcoming obstacles when i was with you, why there is a difference now ? why there is a change ? why there is no tomorrow for you ,why there is only today ? something needs to be done but i don’t know what , something is incomplete but  i don’t know what , something is left undone but i don’t know what.

Sorry baby i hurt you but i don’t want to , but i am sorry , only if you can forgive me for my love for you , because i am in love with you and incomplete without you. i can still live without you ,i have lived without you since our separation but i still feel your absence all the time. i am left with a blank space in my life which needs to be filled and i only see your name , but i don’t know why , i know you and i understand you but its a kind of wound which i want to heal not to hurt it anymore. you know my intentions how they are ,how its going to be and how were they when i was with you , but sorry honey i have always loved you and i hurt you , i know i do and i realize it but tell me baby how i would do without you ?


I have drink my tears many times only in hiding , people see me as a strong guy but i go weak down my knees when its about you, i go weak from my heart and mind when its about you. i feel emotionally weak when its about you. i have very strong psyche which is no match to anyone but even then this IRON MAN does have a heart which beats for someone ,someone it cares and love , someone it bleeds for. this is how it has been ever since i have fallen in love, seems like love is only once for me , it loves you beyond measures which you don’t like but i hope you understand me that how precious its been for me and hard to forget and hard to neglect, hard to leave it alone and hard to ignore.

I wish if i had stayed for long with you , you could have become more stronger , i wish only if i had time enough to spend with you , the mistake i made was drastic , i don’t know why i did it , i never wanted to leave you , but i had to leave you so that i return again to you , if i had not i could have stopped my way to you forever. it was important for me to go but i left my love behind with you , i left my memories with you but i am sorry baby i do hurt you. i do i know but if i don’t hurt you i will not have love for you , you hurt those who you care and love ,pain is the only way to gain , but let me take your pain and let me destroy myself so that i can make a foundation strong for you , so that you can build something new on it , something strong on it ,so that you can have new life and new dream to live on it.


Let me be your pacifier honey , let me be a kind soul for you , let me be your saviour , let me be the one who can fight for you, let me be your strength , let me be your dream and let me be your something. i have your pictures which i see every hour only to realize that she don’t love me anymore but i do ,is there anything wrong i am doing and something i don’t understand ? have i become stone which don’t understand emotions and have i become unresponsive to pain ? i don’t know but may be my toughness is too much for you but i had to be like this only because i want to see you grow , i want to see you shine and i want to see you fine.

But i am sorry baby i hurt you , i really do , i don’t want to but  i do.

Let me die tonight to end all this pain , let me see you gain , my soul needs no permission needs no boundaries. it can reach you without any trouble ,since this universe is all mine but i only need to end my life for you. i may not be able to touch you , i may not be able to hug you and kiss you but i will always be around you , for you , with you , you may not realize my presence but i am with you all the time in your mind , in your memories , in your eyes , in your heart and in your dreams , am i not baby ? tell me .

I am sorry baby i hurt you , you have every right to hurt me back .

But  i am sorry baby I Love You.