Tail in The Sky


Few days ago , I captured this image from my roof top . I am an avid photographer and I often use my smart phone to capture whatever I like and worth capturing. I have got lot of images in my collection which I clicked and I appreciate what I have , I often put my skills and imagination to test.

This particular image was during the ongoing monsoon season where in I saw this cloud trail passing over. I knew I liked it and I had to capture it . so ran to my room and got my smart phone to click this one .

For others it just might be a portion of cloud but for me it was something else.

For me it was a “Tail of Godzilla”. I imagined it as a tail of a giant lizard which just passed by and I am looking at it giant tail hovering over in the sky over the buildings. \

It gave me goosebumps .

Think I am crazy ?

I am


The Reflection


Into the water from above.

This is what i thought when i looked myself into the water.i tried to recognize me but it was little too dark to see.i was little confused because i had no idea who i was looking at.i really thought it was me but was it really me or someone else ?

I had no idea.i guess i trusted skies and water to show me the real me.man who looks at the mirror and see a same image over and over it was a kind surprise.

I knew it was me and i knew its my reflection but i was scared.scared of the truth but i also knew that i was looking into the water from above.


Through the glass


When i was a child i had a dream , a dream to touch the sky , a dream to fly high. after 33 years now never got a chance to touch the sky but yes indeed i flew high. how ? in an airplane. every time when i am at the window seat i like to look at the clouds dreaming if i could fly like superman and touch those clouds with my own hands. but i am human not super human who can do what we can not do. so i reach the top of skyscrapers and try to touch the glass , it gives me feeling like i can fly yet land on surface safely.


Sky Grid

Sky Grid

”Its a beautiful world. you don’t have to go out to look for beauty here , instead , if you are beautiful beauty will come to you.”


When sun shines through the clouds its amazing to see it beauty , some of it i captured in my camera. where i could not stop myself when this happened right on top of my head , i knew i had to click it and i did. its amazing how nature showcases its beauty for us to make a memory imprints out of it.