” I did everyt…

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” I did everything possible i could to be with you, from miles away i fought for you but you turned blind eye.
” I took decisions to make sure so that you do not wait for me any longer but your heart did not bleed.
” I lived with tears of blood only because i loved you so but you took a step backward.

” I must say how unfortunate woman you are and how stupid you were who did not see the real me.
” I must say how much you will regret your decision because you have no idea what have you lost.

” But even then like a man i am, i stand by you only because i loved you so.

” Never in life i had to regret so much that this distance was more stronger than me.

— Dolce

My ! are you ?

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My day begins with you and it ends with you.

You are my religion and you are my prayer.

You are my destiny and you are my luck ,what i pluck , i know .

I swear to god , i will fight this universe for you , i will move the mountains.

Don’t leave me !


I never stopped trying , i never had , not even now and i never will , even after ………………………. !


I Remember
How Much U Hurt Me
I Say
I Am Fine Alone

But Why Does
My Stupid Heart Miss U
So much…

n Why Do I Need
That Hurt from u To Feel that m still Alive… without u !