Unclear Explosion

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It looked like nuclear explosion from the distance , but I knew this generation is lucky enough to not to see nuclear war anytime soon , we really hope there is peace in this world amidst great unrest. but it did look like a nuclear explosion to me .

Or in my words I labeled it as an unclear explosion.



Its Time

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Time to wake up for those who are still sleeping. Time to stand for those who are still on their seats. Time to speak for those who are still mute. Time to sleep for those who have not slept for ages. Time to run for those who are still walking. Time to search for those who are still watching. Time to take actions for those who are still planning. Time to do something for those who are still not doing anything.

What people will do? have u ever thought about when we will change for good? not many people think about it that’s why most of us are like this. Have you ever imagined how much time we have wasted so far?

i have an experience in human observation. I have studied people with my own narrative. I have seen many people with different attitude and habbits. I have spoken to many people. I have eaten food with many different communities. No one is the same. Everyone is different. Every one has their own way of dealing with things. Everyone has different way of approaching to situations. I have my own methods. I have seen a lot in small life so far.  it has only made me a better human.