Second Chance

second chancee

We ignore the fact sometimes that everyone deserves a second chance. you can not win or you can not be winner every time in the first go. it takes sweat , hours, days , months and sometimes years to become winner. but we do not realize this often that you can’t be winner or can not do justice to your potential unless you are provided with second chance. people who are talented and skilled and those who made big in their lives in respective professions have always got multiple chances and multiple options. they had choices to pick from , they had opportunities , they were provided with chances over and over again, they accepted their failures but they stood against the tide and became a winner.

Its not rocket science.

But we make it rocket science as we see and make comparison with successful people. when we see them scaling heights and think why not me, we become inferior and think we are not capable. we wish if we had given second chance. but its all in an attitude towards life.

Yes we all deserve second chance, because we know that we all have this universal excuse ” I am only human ”.

Give me a second chance, give him a chance he / she deserves.



” You die once…

” You die once and you live every day but still one should think twice before an action. life gives you ample opportunities to learn from your mistakes , so learn and then act and try to make less or no mistakes. its a short life and its a long life to live , its all in an attitude and how you perceive your life.”


Give me a place to stand and I will move the World


Got a gun in my hand but not to shoot anyone but to target something. to aim at something I need to focus and let my thoughts leave my brain, my brain should not be busy when I make my aim and decide to target what I am aiming at . my eyes should have focus and don’t have to get disturbed by things around. I am aiming and I want to achieve it , I want to conquer it come what may , I have to win it at any cost , its mine and only mine and no one can stop me from achieving it. it has to be me , a winner. there are plenty like me around but I need not to be nervous and think I am second to someone. I am second to none and I am not inferior. I accept what god has given me but  god don’t decide my destiny . its ok to have the kind of body I have but I can always make it better and better and better. its ok to have a height of an ordinary but I can always make my personality better and better and better. let me aim what I am targeting at ,let me aim what I want , let me aim what I want to achieve .

I say these words all the time ” I am the man , I am strong”, ” I am the man , I am strong” . its important for me , it gives me motivation and encourages me to go deadly for my own good. but its needs an action. I take all the pain for an action to deliver results . I take all the pain to stay hungry and thirsty to get what I want. after all it takes a little to decide who is a winner and who is a loser. let me aim what I am aiming at , I got a gun in my hand and I have to aim the target which is there right in front my eyes and I have to win it. I am sweating , I am hungry and I am thirsty but this little fraction of a second will decide my destiny , I only have to give a little , just  a little and then it will be all over.


Give me a place to stand and I will move the World.

You better give me my place or I will find one for myself. you better give me what I deserve or I will give you an offer you can’t refuse. an offer ”you give me motivation and I will give you results” .

Let me ask something to myself

When I am procrastinating and not feeling like doing anything or not being motivated enough to perform a task ,its because the task itself is unpleasant and uncomfortable to me . for instance if I say that I need to clean the house but I don’t enjoy cleaning , I will not do it , its because I am not motivated enough to clean the house as I don’t enjoy cleaning. and on the other hand If I will have some guests visiting me , I have to clean my house. so here is the motivation to me that guests are visiting my house and i should clean it even though i don’t enjoy cleaning but its important for me since this is the only motivation i have which is good enough for me to do what i don’t like to do. i need to know what i am doing and why i am doing.


Break Your Goal Down into Smaller Pieces

Its important to have big goals but its even important to break your goal into smaller pieces. its very easy to get intimidated by big goals ,aspirations and desires. but if you start breaking your goals into small sections it will be easy for you target and achieve your goals. like if i have a blog where i want to have 1000 visit a month , this is something seemingly impossible . but if i draft one post in my blog and start with it few days a week it will some day take me to over 1000 hits on my blog. when i started my blog i started casually only to pen down my thoughts on it and with slow and steady efforts and motivation today i have over 29,000 hits on my blog. its feels great to have numbers , big numbers but every number or every counting begins with number one .so the first step needs to be taken .

Celebrate Your Success

Its easy to look down at yourself if you have not achieved your goal . in the process of achieving big we always forget to appreciate the small steps we took and the small goals we have achieved. its important to know that small building blocks are always a foundation to something big. only a tip of an iceberg is visible in an ocean but under water its more than that. so lets not count those small efforts out and lets celebrate all we have sacrificed to gain big. lets start celebrating our small success which came in a way to get big and start rewarding ourselves , lets make ourselves feel important. can you train your dog without rewarding him for small things he do ? no you can’t . so lets celebrate success and start rewarding ourselves.

Imagine Having Already Achieved It

Imagine and visualize ,  how good would you feel when you have reached your goal ? think about it. think like you have already achieved your goal, think like a winner, think like you have reached your target and the feeling you have is out of this world, what would you do when you have reached the place where you always wanted to be ? you might feel proud , relived, happy , satisfied, secure or emotional. focus on that feeling and keep reminding yourself on how would you feel and how its going to be . that feeling should keep you motivated for a constant action towards your goal.


Get Inspired

Read stories, watch movies, listen to successful people and follow them , study them , how they have achieved what you want to achieve. get inspiration from daily successful quotes said by great yet modest people. like i want to win an Oscar , i have an Oscar image in my room and i look at it every single day as it keeps on reminding me that i want Oscars and someday i will reach it. small things may sound very small but makes a big difference between talking and doing. imagine yourself in place of successful people , imagine how big their heart was ,some of your biggest heroes had biggest hearts in the world and how badly they wanted to achieve what they have achieved. let them inspire you to achieve your goal , let them inspire you to go for the kill.

Get Help and Support When You’re Feeling Unmotivated

You can’t be motivated all the time and you can’t be 100% motivated all the time , its ok to be demotivated at times , we are only humans , who have emotions and emotions can shake. but in times of demotivation get help from your friends and family members. we are social animal and we live in a society where we can’t escape people. so use them to your own good. seek motivation from them . if you don’t want to get help from others talk to yourself and motivate yourself. motivation comes and go . so its ok to be not motivated all the time. you can’t be and you can’t have people all the time to motivate you. motivation has to come from inside, so let it out and motivate you.

Believe me you got the will you can move the mountains. there are amazing and tons of successful stories around the globe where people have fought against all odds to get what an ordinary human can’t . everyone is an ordinary in one way but what make them extraordinary is an effort to become extra in the group of ordinary. so lets go for this extra which makes you special.

Feel motivated , feel energetic …………………………..its you who can make the difference.

Don’t let anyone give you your place, you better take it ,you take your stand and find your place ,trust me you will move this world .