The wedding Ring which I never gave you

Yes this is true . remember the day we met in September 2013 . its been four long years . but its still with me . this is what I was carrying in my pocket . I had this hiding in my pocket and I never told you about it in advance . I wanted to give this to you on the day of our meeting after 2 long years . I was kind of foolish who had hopes that you will accept my ring but I think I was right by not giving it to you . it was not the right time and not the right occasion . you were with someone else . you loved another man after me . there was someone else in your life. and I was aware about it .

I don’t know why I purchased this . I don’t know what I was thinking . I think I was confident that you will come to me , was confident that once you will see me you will change , I was positive that once we will meet things will turn good . I think this much how I pride our love and our sacrifices for each other.  the pain and the joy we went through together , the time we had spent with each other from 5000 km distance , every single day did not go by thinking about each other and when we both managed to had time for each other even when we knew there is a time difference . that was incredible . those days were amazing . can’t be forgotten . can’t fade from my memory . at least !

That day , I don’t remember the day but it was September 2013 . and I remember the café we met coz I had some fond memories of that café back in dec 2011 . it’s one of my fav place to visit. and I will visit again soon . I was very nervous that day . I was tensed and I had no idea how you will react to see me . coz I knew you never wanted me to visit you . I knew that you do not love me anymore . had no emotions , had no feelings. but I do not know why I had hopes that things can still change for good . I was with my friend that day , I asked her to drop me to the café. we travelled by train to reach there . I was nervous and tensed , she realized this and said , you be fine . don’t worry .

Once off the train she showed me the path way or street which leads to café. once I was there I knew my destination coz I had visited this place earlier and had good memories but I was still very nervous coz of your unpredictable nature. so I entered I gave my jacket at the counter and asked a woman that I had a friend who is waiting for me here . she pointed out in right hand direction from the stairs , I started coming down but I guess you had already heard my voice and here you were . you were there right in front of me . right there . you came for me and you hugged me . it was the moment when I felt like time stopped . I realized , this is the woman I fought so much for , with people , with government . all for what ? only for my love for her. I had given you my promise that I will fight this world for you . I still live this promise .

You hugged me . that was the warm hug I waited so long for . it was a moment which came after a long wait . all this fight which I fought in last 2 years was to have a moment of hug which did not even last for 5 sec and a meeting which last not more then 2 hours. but I think it was a fight worth fought . I had earned my moment with you . and here I was with you . it was my time . I had earned that time . yes you were unhappy to see me , you were angry . but I guess I had win coz you were there for me without your desires .I had pushed you to come and meet me and I still remember the text you had sent a day before saying that meeting is not a good idea so lets not meet but I being assertive wanted to meet and you had surrendered.

Its not about win or loose its about who honesty and loyalty and I think I scored on this well . coz I was loyal I was honest and trust me on this I am still the same .

I had this ring with me in my pocket which I had for you . I had plans to give it to you . but I knew I will not give it to you coz you will not accept it . I never gave it to you coz I still loved you and wanted to marry you . wanted to have kids and I wanted you to be my wife and mother of my babies , a dream which we had cherished for so long. I wanted to marry you . you were my baby. my love . but there was someone else in your life , some other man better than me I guess . you were also never the best for me . and you never will . no one is perfect . no one ever will. we all compromise somewhere or the other . and we both did, out of emotions , out of love we had for each other.

I had honest time with you that day , listening to you was the only thing I ever wanted. a lot had happened in your life after you left me . your brother got married and I was not invited , its ok . you had a car now a good job and you looked so lovely and charming ,just like good old days . you were still so young and beautiful . I wanted to say I love you , wanted to give that ring to you . but I knew this ring will remain in my pocket. so I kept it very close to my heart. conversation was over . it started formal but spending two hours with you I guess had some emotions in your heart for me so you were little close and then very close . I think it was the strength of my love for you. may be an unseen force. and I am sorry baby you paid for tea that day . I had my credit card with me but if you remember the console did not work and you had to pay cash , it was bad , I was not happy .

So we left holding hands just like old days, and I wondered love is the biggest force in the universe after time . I guess you honored the fact that we had honest and pure love for each other ,irrespective of being from different countries and had different languages and cultures . I think it was amazing .

I dropped you to your car. and I knew this is it , the time has come to part ways , those 2 hour or so were felt like 2 years passed by . I had waited patiently so long for this and it has come to an end. and I remember two hours ago you were not ready to kiss me but two hours later you kissed me . that was the power of love .

That day time had stopped for me and when I said good bye to you and saw your car going far and far from me I knew this day might not come again . but as always a fighter never gives up and fights till the end . and with hopes high I left , walking down the street back to the train station I came from.

Hiding the ring in my pocket which was meant for you and will always be yours.

I will always love you even when you are not young and beautiful , right now I am on a rescue mission , once this is over I will create my moment again , I will come back to you .

You know me .


Your Love was a LIE ?

Emotional Sad Love shayari for X girlfriend in hindi

I don’t know why but your love was a lie.

I cherish the memories deep in my heart. I still have those pics and videos and I see your pics or ours or I see those videos we created out of no where . when we deeply in love. those moments we shared together , those times when we cooked together. those days we lived together. we drove around and we saw a movie in Russian . I remember how we went to this cinema hall somewhere in the city center and I knew that it will be dubbed in Russian but I was ok with it coz language was a never a border to me.

To me love sees no boundaries . just like music knows no language . I never came to you seeing I will be dating an international woman or a woman from another country who is a commoner in her country but to me she is nothing less than a star. you have always been a star to me . you were my baby . my motivation my angel and my source of course .my ambition my pain my joy , my anguish and my everything . you were everything to me . I loved you , I loved a woman , a human.

I have not forgotten anything but sadly you have . out of sight out of mind. oh baby what have you done . why did you do this ? it still haunts me . I still wonder and I still think why ? what was my fault ? was my fault that I loved you and my fault is that I still love you . I loved you so much , and honestly I still love you so much from the bottom of my heart . you were never gone for me . you are always near to me , always close to my heart . close to me on the bed side. as close to me as I breathe air to live . and your love is a source of power which still drives me . you are my strength and you are my everything , my soul , my body .

Do you still remember anything baby ? do you ? or am I just another guy who came into your life ,lived with you shortly , gave you amount of time to enjoy and disappeared ? was my love a lie or fake to you ? was my love inadequate ? or I was physically unattractive baby ? tell me ?

May be I was not good enough for you . yes I know that you were taller to me . I know I was not a big guy you always wanted. I had not six pack abs or huge biceps or broad chest and I was not fair looking , yes I don’t have tons of money. but baby I had love for you and I had strength to fight for you with this world . and trust i can still fight and i am still fighting .I had desires and dreams for you and for our family . I always wanted a family . a small happy family , our small world , where you me and our two little children , one boy one girl to make a complete family and yes not to forget a cat and a dog to add. a car to drive around , to play a small play ground . I had planned all this . I created a world for us and was ready to build it but you destroyed it . seriously baby you destroyed our world.

If you think our love was a one time accident then you are wrong . that’s what you called it , an accident . it was not an accident baby . there are no accident , whatever happens in this universe happens for a reason . you also parted ways with me for a reason. and those reason were your own , not mine. you left me and I never did . I still love you the way I did 5 years ago . all those memories still fresh in my mind like yesterday , and a small flat where we lived became my fav . I still admire that small living room and a bed we slept together and that little kitchen where we cooked together . a small washroom for warm water to shower. a warm lamp right next to the couch and your small fish in the bowl. all that I still miss . I still remember all those moments . I love all and I missed all.

I love you honey , I really do , you made video for me on my birthday and you said that you will support me in whatever I do but unfortunately it was only words and when I decided to stand up for you , I am still keeping with it . I am still with you . I am still your supporter , still I think of you . even today I ask you how you doing ? even today I am your well wisher. even today my love for is still alive and trust me on this when I say that my love for you is here to stay . I have not forgotten you . you are still alive in my heart and in my mind . you are out of sight but not out of mind.

Have you forgotten the amount of time we invested on skype which helped us in building our relationship. have you forgotten that you used to wait for me for long ours and I used to wait for you and we used to run from the road to our living room coz we knew that someone is waiting for us on the other side of the computer . we both used to worry about each other . we used to shared pics and images and share videos , a dress new you purchased. you wanted to show me on cam how you looked in that new dress. you wanted to see my eyes behind my glasses and you and me we both used to think about each other even when we were away . those times we shared on skype when we knew that we are both 1000’s miles apart but love was blossoming . during that time we build our world and we build the foundation of our world  . we strengthen our emotions feelings for each other . it was lovely baby . we badly wanted to meet each other , badly wanted to kiss , wanted to make love , wanted to share those thoughts and those emotions. we were in love baby .

Don’t think I am not willing to come to you . I know you don’t love me anymore and you have no emotions . now here are two different people with two different approaches towards love . I still want to come to you , want to see you in blood and flesh . want to love you , want to kiss you , want to hold your hands. want to be with you . coz I love you . don’t think that I never tried. god know how many times I tried but it’s just so difficult to come to your country baby . what should I do ? tell me ? these people don’t understand love .

Honey I love you . I really do . if you think its a lie than you are wrong . plz don’t create joke out of me and of my emotions for you . I am not causing you any problems . I am just shocked. I have forgiven you baby and  I really have . but I am with you in your thick and thin. even when you are happy and when you are in pain , or you with someone or alone , you will find me with you always .

coz my love for you was not a lie , it never will .

I Love You.