”But you don’t know about it”


The pain is immense and its unmatched and you don’t know about it.

I have sacrificed so much and took  a pill of hope but you don’t know about it.

I walked alone for you only to see you nowhere but I still kept on trying to see you one more time and you don’t know about it.

You say its all over , I say its not over till its over. I fight on for the best and still believe it will be the best, but you don’t know about it.

You did not turn around to see how much I have bled but I only had shown you my smiling face, how painful its been for me ,you don’t know about it.

The desert is empty and there is so sign of hope , I look at an empty well to find water , there nothing but sand but I hope to find water underneath and hope to survive for one last time as I hope to live again for you ,but you don’t know about it.

Why you turned cold , I asked myself . what really had happened I asked myself . am I right or wrong ? I asked myself. But I don’t seems to get an answer. I asked you so many times ,but you don’t know about it.

You turned cold and showed me cold shoulder ,you thought its all over but it was not for me , it was a beginning for something new , but you don’t know about it.

I walked miles for you , I walked bare foot for you , I did not drink and had no food so that I can save some food for you but you found me selfish and called me insane ,but how much I valued you , you don’t know about it.

Its painful to see this world turn cold shoulder but its even more painful to see you turned cold shoulder. I never expected this from you but you did not see my love for you , I kept on trying and fought hard enough to show how much I loved you , but you don’t know about it.

I love you the way I loved you then , I still care for you the way I cared for you then , you still exist in my heart and stays there like forever , but you don’t know about it.

I know you suffered too but that’s the path you had chosen , I was with you in your support , but confused and asking why ? you did not answer , even then I walked alone without you , but you don’t know about it.

Don’t blame me for what I don’t have , don’t blame me for what I am not , blame me for what I could have done but I couldn’t do , blame me if something I had done wrong to you , I always wanted you to see the real man inside but you choose the outside, you broke my heart but you don’t know about it.

Do you know that I am still with you , every single step , every single breath , every drop of blood is for you . but you don’t know about it.

You fought for me enough , I wish if you had fought a little more for me , today could have been a different story.

This man is still alive and will fight till the end with last droplet , I wish you see a man someday and realize how much he adored you, but you don’t know about it.

12 Roses


A man in love with a woman used to deliver roses to a woman. every single day in the morning he reached her home to deliver one rose as gesture that he loves her. woman on the other hand wasn’t too impressed with this act since she knew that the roses will go bad after few days and it won’t have the same charm anymore. man knew this too. he knew that the red roses which he was delivering will worn down after sometime and will not hold same charm and fragrance. but he was determined not to stop his act and continue with roses every single. after sometime woman too started taking him for granted and he lost his value in her eyes. every morning a red rose was like a news paper delivered to her to which she used not to pay too much attention. man too realized the same that he has lot value and importance in her eyes. he knew that though his act was for love and care but too much of it has made things bad.

His self esteem was hurt and he had to re ignite same level of charm. but he had no clue how to do it. he loved a woman so much. he decided to do an act one last time. he got a bunch of 12 red roses with a note and delivered it to a woman and left. woman kept those 12 roses in a vase ,she found a note with it which has his number to contact and the note reads ”I will wait for you because honestly I don’t want anyone” .

After this day that man never came to her. she waited and waited and waited for him but he never came. woman became restless. she wanted to call him but she was uneasy. life without him had become difficult for her. she had to know where he was ? she had to know how he was ? she wanted answers. the other day she was doing household chores and all of a sudden her eyes got caught on the red roses. all the red roses had worn off except one. she went near to the rose and took it in her hand and she found out that it was a fake rose which really looked like a real red rose. now she had to call him to know why he had put one fake rose in 11 real red roses.

She called him , man picked up the call. she couldn’t say a word ,she kept mum. but the man knew who was on call. he said, ”I know you want to know why I had kept one fake red rose with a bunch of real 11 roses”. she said ”yes” . man replied ” because I knew that those red roses will loose its charm and fragrance after some days but a fake one will stay alive forever , since I never wanted you to forget me I decided to put that one in the group and you will remember me as long as that fake rose is with you. that rose will never die.”

Man disconnected a call after this since he had nothing to say now. woman had gone restless and she wanted him to come to her. she had begin to realize his importance and she felt how foolish she was to let that man go.

Man will return to her, if she wants him to return to her. he is ready for her. but man wants her to know his value and importance.  he took support of that fake rose only to make sure that she know that she is important to him and he realize her value. though he took help of fake thing but with real emotions and real sentiments.

Fake red rose was not fake to her anymore , it had become way important than all those real red roses which had worn off.