Your Love was a LIE ?

Emotional Sad Love shayari for X girlfriend in hindi

I don’t know why but your love was a lie.

I cherish the memories deep in my heart. I still have those pics and videos and I see your pics or ours or I see those videos we created out of no where . when we deeply in love. those moments we shared together , those times when we cooked together. those days we lived together. we drove around and we saw a movie in Russian . I remember how we went to this cinema hall somewhere in the city center and I knew that it will be dubbed in Russian but I was ok with it coz language was a never a border to me.

To me love sees no boundaries . just like music knows no language . I never came to you seeing I will be dating an international woman or a woman from another country who is a commoner in her country but to me she is nothing less than a star. you have always been a star to me . you were my baby . my motivation my angel and my source of course .my ambition my pain my joy , my anguish and my everything . you were everything to me . I loved you , I loved a woman , a human.

I have not forgotten anything but sadly you have . out of sight out of mind. oh baby what have you done . why did you do this ? it still haunts me . I still wonder and I still think why ? what was my fault ? was my fault that I loved you and my fault is that I still love you . I loved you so much , and honestly I still love you so much from the bottom of my heart . you were never gone for me . you are always near to me , always close to my heart . close to me on the bed side. as close to me as I breathe air to live . and your love is a source of power which still drives me . you are my strength and you are my everything , my soul , my body .

Do you still remember anything baby ? do you ? or am I just another guy who came into your life ,lived with you shortly , gave you amount of time to enjoy and disappeared ? was my love a lie or fake to you ? was my love inadequate ? or I was physically unattractive baby ? tell me ?

May be I was not good enough for you . yes I know that you were taller to me . I know I was not a big guy you always wanted. I had not six pack abs or huge biceps or broad chest and I was not fair looking , yes I don’t have tons of money. but baby I had love for you and I had strength to fight for you with this world . and trust i can still fight and i am still fighting .I had desires and dreams for you and for our family . I always wanted a family . a small happy family , our small world , where you me and our two little children , one boy one girl to make a complete family and yes not to forget a cat and a dog to add. a car to drive around , to play a small play ground . I had planned all this . I created a world for us and was ready to build it but you destroyed it . seriously baby you destroyed our world.

If you think our love was a one time accident then you are wrong . that’s what you called it , an accident . it was not an accident baby . there are no accident , whatever happens in this universe happens for a reason . you also parted ways with me for a reason. and those reason were your own , not mine. you left me and I never did . I still love you the way I did 5 years ago . all those memories still fresh in my mind like yesterday , and a small flat where we lived became my fav . I still admire that small living room and a bed we slept together and that little kitchen where we cooked together . a small washroom for warm water to shower. a warm lamp right next to the couch and your small fish in the bowl. all that I still miss . I still remember all those moments . I love all and I missed all.

I love you honey , I really do , you made video for me on my birthday and you said that you will support me in whatever I do but unfortunately it was only words and when I decided to stand up for you , I am still keeping with it . I am still with you . I am still your supporter , still I think of you . even today I ask you how you doing ? even today I am your well wisher. even today my love for is still alive and trust me on this when I say that my love for you is here to stay . I have not forgotten you . you are still alive in my heart and in my mind . you are out of sight but not out of mind.

Have you forgotten the amount of time we invested on skype which helped us in building our relationship. have you forgotten that you used to wait for me for long ours and I used to wait for you and we used to run from the road to our living room coz we knew that someone is waiting for us on the other side of the computer . we both used to worry about each other . we used to shared pics and images and share videos , a dress new you purchased. you wanted to show me on cam how you looked in that new dress. you wanted to see my eyes behind my glasses and you and me we both used to think about each other even when we were away . those times we shared on skype when we knew that we are both 1000’s miles apart but love was blossoming . during that time we build our world and we build the foundation of our world  . we strengthen our emotions feelings for each other . it was lovely baby . we badly wanted to meet each other , badly wanted to kiss , wanted to make love , wanted to share those thoughts and those emotions. we were in love baby .

Don’t think I am not willing to come to you . I know you don’t love me anymore and you have no emotions . now here are two different people with two different approaches towards love . I still want to come to you , want to see you in blood and flesh . want to love you , want to kiss you , want to hold your hands. want to be with you . coz I love you . don’t think that I never tried. god know how many times I tried but it’s just so difficult to come to your country baby . what should I do ? tell me ? these people don’t understand love .

Honey I love you . I really do . if you think its a lie than you are wrong . plz don’t create joke out of me and of my emotions for you . I am not causing you any problems . I am just shocked. I have forgiven you baby and  I really have . but I am with you in your thick and thin. even when you are happy and when you are in pain , or you with someone or alone , you will find me with you always .

coz my love for you was not a lie , it never will .

I Love You.



Baby have you forgotten your password


Oh my baby , I seems to love you so much . you are so adorable , so lovely , so charming , so beautiful but I never loved you for your body , I loved you for your soul which houses inside that skin.

OH! wait honey !

Have you forgotten your password ?

I know you are better , you know you are good , you know you are far better than me . I am me but you are not . I wait for you to write something , to pen down something , I wait for your words. I wait for your thoughts , I wait for your views. I want to know what’s going on in your mind. I want to know what have you thought about .

I want to know what your eyes see, I want to know how you take actions , I want to know how your body behaves. I want to know that do you feel lovely in your skin, you have a beautiful body baby , a lovely body, I still remember the smell of your skin, the touch of your body, my lips on to yours , my hands on you and yours on me , I cant seem to feel the same way again , Its magical. I loved a woman , and I still love one . and I will always love one .

But I don’t know who I love baby , I don’t who I live with ,

Not enough  love seems to be here in this world anymore , this world has gone crazy and its driving me crazy . I see people cursing each other , I see people killing each other , we cry all the time , we ignore those who need help , we ignore their tears , we hurt lovely adorable animals , we hurt those who are already been hurt enough .

I don’t want to live here anymore honey , I am tired of this world . I am hoping against hope .

But I do believe that there is a better world waiting for me . but I do hope in my world I will have you , I will be waiting for you baby .

But you seems to have forgotten your password honey .

Its alright , I hope you will unlock the door.

Unlock the door baby.



Very few of us have the courage to fight for others.most of us fight for themselves , a
sense of selfishness , pain for others but not for us , greediness , others
should be poor but we should be rich. We should have everything we need but we
don’t care much about others. How hostile this world has become. We don’t want to live but also don’t want to die because we have so many objectives and
so many ambitions that a life of hundred years seem short. We want more and
more and we want more of everything which include our lives. But unfortunately
we don’t have enough time and enough reason for others.

Recently I was going through an article which was about eye donation. How many of us
donate eyes for less fortunate people who can’t see ? Answer is obvious , very
few of us do that. We are about 7 billion people on this planet but very few of
us think about donating our eyes this is because most of us are always tied to
our daily routine and commitments.


Eyes are life and life is vision. If we can’t see we can’t live. Spare a thought about
those who are less fortunate and can’t see . How different is their lives from
us and how they live. It’s so tough.imagine life without eyes and everything
will be dark. Even a thought about it , is scary. Think about those people who
are without eyes. How tough its for them to survive. How difficult its for them
to perform daily task. How tough its for them to socialise with people on
regular basis. It’s tough.

Think about how simple we can make life for them if we contribute our bit. How easy it can be for them to do their regular task if we help them. How happy they can be if we do something to make them happy. We don’t have to buy expensive gifts for them or give them money or get them a job which pay hefty salary they don’t need. It’s of no use to them. What we should do, is
show them that they are strong and they don’t need support from anyone. We
should make them feel strong and make them feel valuable so that they can do
something with their lives instead they see themselves weak and burden to the


Many times people commit suicide when they feel that they are not important to
anyone , not loved by anyone and not valuable to the society they live in.
Sense of shame and insecurity sinks in and they shy away from meeting people ,
they hide in the closet and refrain themselves from any interaction. Some of
them start taking drugs to release there pain and confidence also takes a hit.

When anyone like this goes through pain it’s critical for us to
show our support to them so that they don’t feel isolated. If we isolate them
then it will become an excuse for them to hurt themselves. And as a human on
humanitarian grounds we show our willingness to help them.

Remember,we will not become strong by pulling someone down but by lifting someone up
the ladder.

People who come forward to help less fortunate are TITANS. They think about others
first before they think of themselves.for them others happiness is first and
their own joy is secondary. For them its important that you smile first , you
eat food first and you sleep first before they think about themselves. People
like these are Titans and its as simple as that because there are not many of
them in this world.

So be a

I feel pity for you


I still remember the day when i saw your face for the first time and it was like a guiding light. i always see the sun shining in the sky but it was amazing to see you on earth like a sun shining for me.i still remember the day when i first touched you and kissed you and it was the moment we both waited for so long and so impatiently. we wanted to be together but god had different plans for us , it kept us waiting waiting and waiting or may be we both kept ourselves waiting for each other. we hoped that this wait would be over soon and we will be together holding each other arms and looking deep into each other eyes. i remember you said once you will never leave me and you loved me more than anything else on this planet . i still remember you said once i am the most important man in your life and you can not live without me. i remember everything and i can still recall all this like it was yesterday.

But i feel so sorry for those who love and they find later in a day that one of them is not honest and will part ways leaving you behind in tears and with heart aches. i feel sorry for those who think love is a blissful feeling but they don’t know that one of them is not going to stay for long and will move out of your life and will ask you to move on.


Have you moved on ? have you forgotten everything which you loved about and cared about and kept your past under the warps and felt like nothing had happened? have YOU moved on thinking that i wished i had never loved you so much because i had to bear so much pain ? have you moved on thinking that everything will be fine and its ok to leave someone who loved you so much in pain ?

My response is , that i moved on but only with your love. yes i cried and yes i wanted you back , i begged , i pleaded, i did everything possible i can to have that love again because its only your love i lived for. but unfortunately your cold and stoned heart did not melt. i knew your pain was immense but my pain was not less either , the problem is that you never tried to get back to me and i took every possible step to get back to you. now i think it was my mistake , not to love you but to take a step towards you was a mistake.


I wish i had not loved you so much but trust me no man will ever again love you so much as much as i loved you. i had lot of pain accepting it but i accepted it that may be my love was not enough for you , may be i was not good enough for you, may be i fell short in expectations but i was still GOOD enough to be with you through out your life. i was still be good enough to protect you and to feed you and to raise our kids. but you had different plans.

I moved on and i came across number of women right after our breakup but i never told you only because i was committed to you and never wanted to tell you that there is someone else who is trying to take your place. i cried for you only because i saw my honest love fading and i saw you getting cold and cold and stoned. i had sleepless night but i was still alive , i had wet eyes but i had heart beating , i skipped food but i was still strong and had plans to see you and i did , i was so happy to see you again only because this is what i ever wanted. but i left again.


Oh baby ! what a mistake you made and i feel pity for you , you left me and it was your loss and i want to tell you how badly you have suffered and will suffer, you will realize your mistake and you will regret your decision. you left me but i patched my life and heart and took everything in my stride but while all this i had also hide number of things from you. things which i never wanted you to know while my love for you was still alive. it’s one of the biggest mistake in life you have ever committed and you will pay the price for it. i don’t want you to suffer but you will suffer. i am not angry and i am not upset with you but i only want you to realize that what you have done to yourself. 

Yes you moved on too, yes you have another man in your life or may be number of men but it’s not me and i am not them. you were so lucky to have me in your life but i never considered myself unlucky too. i was blessed to have your love but unfortunately you never found my love blissful to you.

it’s ok ! i forgive you for what you have done because you have gone through enough punishment already but there is more to come , but i want you to know that all this while i loved you and i still love you , it’s only my love which can make you escape from the pain you never wanted to bear.

Morning sunlight

Oh! Morning sunlight
Why you are so bright?
You give me hope , peace
And dreams for the night.

I see birds fly and I don’t deny
A gift for an eye , I don’t apply
To my dreams which I keep tight
Oh! Morning sunlight
Why you are so bright?

Androids or Apple ,windows or blackberry ,
It’s not my cake coz I see on top
No cherry,
Past or present , my dreams are there to fly,
Oh! Morning sunlight
Why you are so bright?

Let’s close our eyes together
Let’s feel each other’s heart beat ,
Let’s come closer and hold each other’s hand,
There was an apple which once fell
From the tree.

I dream of you and you dream of me
But we don’t look and keep our lips tight,
Oh! Morning sunlight
Why you are so bright?

–Dolce ( written by Dheeraj Gautam )

Look into my eyes


1000 years ago when I saw a dream –
The color was blue and water upstream.

I had smile on my face and no tears no cry –
Sorrow and pain were not my friends no matter how hard I try.

Dreams of angels and tons of ambitions –
Oh baby! What have you done I never knew your terms and conditions.

I accepted the truth because I loved you so much –
But I had no idea , the dream I saw 1000 years ago will be such.

Miracles will happen someday but no kisses no goodbyes –
I forget pain and sorrow when you look into my eyes.

Dolce (written by dheeraj gautam)