Small Small thingy

Hey what man, what ? things like these are quite common these days you know . i am quite often get caught up with this kind of thingy.when things like this dont work right for me , I GO CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

Hey i tell you what, if you are reading my post coz you thought that i write quite well and you gona lend me a job as a god damn content writer. i say GO FUCK URSELF HOMIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE .

Oh well !!

So where were we ?

You know something ? i love writing and i don’t think much while writing.when i write i just write and i speak my mind ,you like it or dont’ i don’t care .

I never asked you to read my post or something .i am doing it for myself not for you ,so don’t go crazy over me when i do something like this .i am human and its my will is under my control.

So you know i was going crazy over my laptop.i love my laptop though ,i bought it in london. its such a nice looking laptop black in color and it works awesome i got windows 7 in it and its cool , i am happy with it.

Hey the problem is that god damn Sony Vegas 11 Pro is not working on this one. i don’t know why homie.i think it has got some kind of error  in many complications with the softwares you know.

I tell you something , this software, i downloaded from the torrents website and cracked it.

What were you thinking ? i am gona buy a software which gona cost me 500 $ are  crazy nigga ?

This is ain’t happening.

Oh well ! hey if you don’t like my post stop reading it , i am not forceing you to get your eyes on it .got it . you better mind it homie.

So we were talking.

You know small small things like these may make you go crazy .i love everything which i got with me like my stuff you know .my laptop,games,movies,music, my comics,bags ,shoes ,clothes and stuff and yeah not to forget my god damn girlfriend.oopsyy !!!  🙂

So you know when something goes wrong with any of these things i go crazy , it becomes very tough for me to even breathe when things don’t go right.oh well, people say its under your control , its in your hands, you control ur destiny , i say shit pal.

you can’t control everything ,sometimes you need to let go things and flow.

Don’t try to control everything , you can’t master it so let’s not do this.

So you know what i ain’t got nothing much to say about it .

The thing is , i am gona get my laptop format completely and gona get it windows 7 install again and gona get sony vegas again , i hope it will start working again.

Till then i can just chill pal