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Very few of us have the courage to fight for others.most of us fight for themselves , a
sense of selfishness , pain for others but not for us , greediness , others
should be poor but we should be rich. We should have everything we need but we
don’t care much about others. How hostile this world has become. We don’t want to live but also don’t want to die because we have so many objectives and
so many ambitions that a life of hundred years seem short. We want more and
more and we want more of everything which include our lives. But unfortunately
we don’t have enough time and enough reason for others.

Recently I was going through an article which was about eye donation. How many of us
donate eyes for less fortunate people who can’t see ? Answer is obvious , very
few of us do that. We are about 7 billion people on this planet but very few of
us think about donating our eyes this is because most of us are always tied to
our daily routine and commitments.


Eyes are life and life is vision. If we can’t see we can’t live. Spare a thought about
those who are less fortunate and can’t see . How different is their lives from
us and how they live. It’s so tough.imagine life without eyes and everything
will be dark. Even a thought about it , is scary. Think about those people who
are without eyes. How tough its for them to survive. How difficult its for them
to perform daily task. How tough its for them to socialise with people on
regular basis. It’s tough.

Think about how simple we can make life for them if we contribute our bit. How easy it can be for them to do their regular task if we help them. How happy they can be if we do something to make them happy. We don’t have to buy expensive gifts for them or give them money or get them a job which pay hefty salary they don’t need. It’s of no use to them. What we should do, is
show them that they are strong and they don’t need support from anyone. We
should make them feel strong and make them feel valuable so that they can do
something with their lives instead they see themselves weak and burden to the


Many times people commit suicide when they feel that they are not important to
anyone , not loved by anyone and not valuable to the society they live in.
Sense of shame and insecurity sinks in and they shy away from meeting people ,
they hide in the closet and refrain themselves from any interaction. Some of
them start taking drugs to release there pain and confidence also takes a hit.

When anyone like this goes through pain it’s critical for us to
show our support to them so that they don’t feel isolated. If we isolate them
then it will become an excuse for them to hurt themselves. And as a human on
humanitarian grounds we show our willingness to help them.

Remember,we will not become strong by pulling someone down but by lifting someone up
the ladder.

People who come forward to help less fortunate are TITANS. They think about others
first before they think of themselves.for them others happiness is first and
their own joy is secondary. For them its important that you smile first , you
eat food first and you sleep first before they think about themselves. People
like these are Titans and its as simple as that because there are not many of
them in this world.

So be a

You are time

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You are time 


I often see people complaining or cribbing about time. Time which they don’t have.time which is defined in 24/7 for everyone but even then people have number of things to say about how less time they have for the activities they want to do. They crib about they are busy all day and have very less time for themselves. It’s also understandable and obvious to say that we all live very busy life. In times of technology where every month we have one smartphone launch in the market , where we see one brand new car on the roads and it populates the city but we don’t complain , in times of social activities which takes place on social media such as what’s app, viber, Facebook and MySpace, it’s an irony that we have so many tools available to make our lives simple but even then we find no time for ourselves.

We don’t need rocket science to understand what time is and how important it is for us. We don’t need to be an expert to understand how to make best use of our time. But unfortunately even then most of us fail miserably in this task and waste so much of our time which is so important to us.

The_Time_Traveler_by_xetobyteIf we use our time efficiently we can end up doing number of things in 24/7 schedule. We all want to do but we don’t do it , reason being that we don’t have willingness to do it.

Now let’s understand what is a willpower and why it’s so important. In fact it’s one of the most important aspect of our personality but we don’t pay attention to it. This is something which has us failed in number of ways but we are not ready to work on it. It’s our responsibility to focus on what we think is working against us. If we know what is going wrong and we know how to make it right , we can end up simplifying lot of things and can get tasks done.

In simple words will power is an urge from within to get the job the done. Either good or bad it’s applicable to both tasks.

 You are time. 


When I say you are time it simply means that time is in your control. In your control not in terms of time travel but in terms of time management. Efficient use of time can lead to efficient way of life.

How to help yourself ?

We have so many resources at our disposal to help ourselves and get number of jobs done in a day. We can watch videos from YouTube. There are number of channels and numerous experts to help you with time management. We can use keywords to browse information on Google and we can find number of blogs on time management.

Time business concept.We are in an age where making an excuse that we don’t know anything is itself an excuse to escape from what we can do.

I am not here to tell you the ways to manage your time. Because so much information is available at your desk and we can use the same to make our life better.

So show some willingness and get the  job done with no excuses.




prove it or not – You choose

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prove it or not - You choose

Many times people have asked me if its alright to prove your credibility to someone. i say it depends on the situations and above all it depends on you , what , why and to who you choose to prove your credibility its all on you.

Answer these following questions before you choose to prove your credibility to someone.

q1:- Is it important to prove your credibility ?
q2:- Does the situation demands it ?
q3:- Does it gives you internal satisfaction ?
q4:- Does it earns you respect ?
q5:- Is it worthy enough for you to prove it to people ?
q6:- Why have you decided to prove ?

And there are many more . internal conflicts never ends. but proving yourself to someone is like investing time in demanding respect from people. its not worth it. try to be self sufficient and and upgrade yourself everyday. get new skills and do something which contributes to your personality.

Remember , its not what you do , its how you do can make all the difference.

— Dolce

I care

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I care

In the rain when you cry and no one seems to notice
i will notice your tears
In the rain when you get wet and no one seems to make you warm
i will come and give you the warmth of my body
In the rain when you get hurt and no one seems to come for your rescue
i swear to god i will come for you
I love you because i care
Every single word and every single thought you say about me – ”I Care”
i care i really do because i cared you this long with my love,with my emotions and with my life.
you leave me – i will still care for you
i will always do.
i really do care


This Wait Seems Endless………But !

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London ,June ,1899 

It was the summer of 1899, London. i left my home for a job and the day was sunny , the sun was shining and the mood was upbeat.it was a beautiful day and i did not expect anything out of ordinary. i had no car, no cycle and i was not in a habit of using public transport since i had always liked walking alone as ”Great people walk alone”.i never liked following the crowd in the bus and going to the same place where they all are going. i always wanted to make my own path and my own way and reach where no one has reached before. i was happy this way. had no complains from anyone ,had no grudges and had no problems. i was loved by all and i was the one who stood out from the crowd in most of the occasion. so was i a celebrity ? no , I was a normal man just like others but i had one thing different , i used to carry my camera with me all the time no matter where i am going. as i had married to my camera. my camera was my second half. and that day also i was with my camera going to my work was enough for me to cook 2 times meal in a day.

While walking to my work i decided not to take my regular way that day. i don’t know why i had decided that but i guess it was my destiny ,it was in my destiny to take a turn on the left to the west side of London. i did not think about it and just took it casually. as i took left i came across a very narrow lane which was about to take me some where. it was quite narrow with walls of buildings on the left and right. kind of creepy since this passage seems untouched and very often no one used to walk through this lane. there was a fear of some kind, a fear of unknown, don’t know what but it was there. i was scared too but i was excited so i decided to follow the path to look where it leads me to. i started walking , i took left and right and then right and right again and then left again. it seemed like a puzzle to me which i was ready to solve.

After walking about 500 meters i came across a window on top right in front of me and i stopped. probably it was the most amazing site i had ever seen.so i paused where i was for a minute and had no words and my brain had stopped working. what it was ? it was a woman on the window, looking outside. she was there right in front of me. as if she was waiting for someone. was she waiting for me ? i don’t know but i was there and it seemed that she was waiting for someone to come by and this wait all seemed over for her now. i saw a smile appearing on her face. she was looking right at me and she seemed relaxed as if she was trying to say ” I was waiting for you, now you are here ,what you want to do ?” she seemed naughty to me and i was excited at the same time , how to react ? i had no clue.

It was perfect picture for me to take.

I took my camera and clicked one picture of her. she was amazing. she was beautiful , beautiful for me at least , i don’t know about rest of the world. but to me she was one of a kind. after taking her picture i smiled at her and she smiled back at me. i was happy. this all seemed like an achievement to me. and i decided to continue walking and left the zone and came out to the main road. i worked normally that day but she never left my mind , not even for a single moment. i kept on thinking about her, no matter where i was, at work and what i was doing, going through the papers or with friends i kept on thinking about her. why this was happening to me ? it never happened to me before and i don’t think that this will ever happen to me again. it was strange . i was a tough guy never to have this kind of experience but yes i had and the world i was living in had suddenly changed for me.

Yes i was in love. 

On way back to my home i again came across the same road from where i had to take left to go through that passage. is she still there ? is her window open ? is she still waiting for me ? questions came into my mind. but i was too scared to go inside and and to look at her again. what if she is not there , i will be disappointed . i decided not to keep any expectations and decided to go through the crowded road with the world on my way back to home.

I could not sleep that night. she was there in my mind all the time. this wait seems endless to me . i was waiting for the morning to come as quickly as possible because i wanted to go to work and to follow that passage again. i was expecting her to be there. i had no idea if i was wrong or right but i wanted to go , at last, next morning after my morning chores i left my home for work and zoomed to the passage and i stopped. now i was cautious and many things were running in my mind. may be i was ready for this may be not but i wanted to do this. so i decided to have a go.

After 500 meters i reached the same place at the same time and she was there. yes she was there at the window just like yesterday. she was there waiting for me , i knew she was waiting for me and i knew that she had also expected me to come by and because i had seen it in here eyes that she wanted me. i was happy . it seemed like my day had not begun without her , without her my day had gone lost. i thanked god for her being there at the window . that’s the kind of man i had become. i had emotions, i had love, i had become kind , i had soft heart inside a tough guy. it was an amazing change. i smiled at her and she smiled back. i was happy , we both were happy. this time i decided to take one step further, i made a note with my name in it and left it on the street. i was expecting it not to be there the other day. i had no clue where is the entrance to that window but i was happy this way as for now. and then i left.

Other day i followed the same passage to work and the note was not there , it was gone, so she knew my name now.  she was there again at the window looking at me. i waved to her gesturing that i admire her beauty and her being with me at this moment of my life where it all seemed frozen for me as there was no love in my life and she brought love into it.now it was a daily routine for me to go through that passage and not a single day i have found her missing. this continued like for more than a year amazingly and now i was restless to know her. i had know her name , i had to know her in person , i had to know her at any cost. i wanted to touch her and i wanted to kiss her. i wanted to make love to her but i had no idea how. i had no clue. this wait seems endless to me and to her. unfortunately in this fairytale story i never found her taking an effort to reach me and i was doing all the running. why should a man do all the work ? , sometimes its woman responsibility too. i had comfort my heart saying may be she was testing me. i had also decided since  i was a tough nut and i will not break down.

And then world war happened . the world was divided into two and there was a war . all seemed over for both of us. there were bodies , pain, crying all over the place, there was fire, flood, drought as people were hungry and all seemed lost at that moment. it was painful to see all that happening around me as i was about to begin my new life. i could not go to her passage ever again after the world war since everything in London was destroyed, i had no idea how to go to her since all i saw soldiers with automatic weapons all over the place. i was worried about her. was she alive or not ? is she dead ? is she still there ? i had no idea and i wanted to find out. i wanted to go to her but i could not. there were new rules and regulations after the world war which had divided the world completely. people had changed now, their mindset had changed, they had become different. they were more aggressive now and were itching to hurt others. there was no kindness , there was no love and there were no emotions. everything was over as this world had become cruel.

I never wanted to live in this kind of world and worried about her i had gone into depression since i could not reach her. i had fallen sick and due to my long illness i died. i still remember that when i was on my death bed i had picture of her in my mind. i had no body around me in my last moment as i was alone and she was the only one for me but i was at peace and i closed my eyes for one last time for forever.


London , June 2009 

It was a beautiful summer day and i was getting ready to got to my college, i left my home in the morning like any other day. i like to walk so like any other day since my college was not far away from my place i had decided to walk. i had money for a car , for a cycle and for public transport but i had always enjoyed walking. may be it was a kind of morning exercise for me in the morning as it had always made me feel fresh on my way to college.

I came across a road from where i had to take left , this fateful day i had decided to take left i don’t know why , but i took left turn. i came across a passage on my way to left and yes i stopped , it seemed to me as time had frozen ,don’t know why . everything seemed stopped. it was a passage and it felt like i had walked this passage before. i had no idea why it was happening to me like this but it seemed familiar to me, have i been here before ? what is this place ? why this place seems to be so strange to me? do i know someone here ? thousands of questions came to my mind. i decided to walk and since exploration was the only way to find those answers. i turned left  and the right and then right again and left again. i came across a window on top right in front of me . it was there as i looked at the window i saw a woman who was there but she was painted as if she was waiting for someone for long. her eyes looked so alive as if she was there since ages for someone and her eyes were never been closed since then. she was very much alive. she was there at the window for someone and yes today her wait seemed over. everything from 1899 events came right in front of my eyes like a movie. that woman had never forgotten me, she was there waiting for me every day and every night . she was there for me hoping that some day i will come by again and will look at her and will smile at her. and this wait will seem over for her.

It was time for me to take my camera out of my bag to take my picture , yes i was still carrying my camera with me like before it was always with me. i clicked her and she got printed in my memory. i was happy and i was smiling , i came to her again. after more than 100 years i was there and she was still waiting for me and even today i want to know her name. i guess i will never know her name now but i don’t need to know her name. she is good enough to be without a name , she has got her own identity which does not need a name and recognition. She had been honest to me and committed to me and i had been the same to her.

This wait may have seemed endless but it had come to an end. it ended,  after more than 120 years. i was happy and she was happy to see each other again.