A Pray(er) by Dheeraj Gautam

p20150130-192821When you hold your hands together , palm to palm , energy collides and creates a universe.



Don’t say you love me !

Every night i walk up to my window to see the star which we used to see together,do u remember this honey ? remember the time ,when we used to go to the window holding hands and looked at the shining star which seemed to make a contact with us.that shining star was like making an image in our mind and heart, of love we shared together.this shining star was a connection between you and me.it was the source of an energy between you and me.shining so brightly in the night sky ,it looked like its saying to us ,don’t worry you two i am here for you.no matter how far you are from each other i will still be making connection between you two.

Even today i reach out to my window and look at this star ,its still there shining brightly as it used to be.it never lost its shine and charm.its still there at the top in the night sky ,shining so brightly.if i want to take a good look at it ,I go to my terrace.this is where it looks at its best in the open night sky.i still feel the connection honey ,do you feel the same ? everytime i look at it ,it makes me think of you .every time i look at this shining brightly star which is there for us , it makes a connection between you and me.this is what it’s there for.it makes a connection between you and me even from this distance.it says to me when i look at it , it says that your baby is just fine.your baby is full of love and she is getting love from you in the form of an energy.this energy can be reach anywhere you want it to be.its the energy transformation between two souls and i am doing it for you,you need not to worry about it.just look at me and think about the woman you love and your message will be delivered.

I feel so good after all this because i know i don’t need to worry about my baby since our star is there for us ,its taking care of us.two young souls in love would not ask for anything more than this beautiful gesture from heavenly body.universe is with us honey.trust your instincts and have no doubts in your mind ,when there is a doubt it blocks you from what you want to do.have faith and show full trust in your man.your man has been honest to you ,has shown faith in you,has loved you as what you are ,supported you in all respects,stood by you at all times either with you or away.trust your man honey.trust him that he can take care of you,trust him for what he stands for.trust him for what he do today and how its going to be tomorrow.

Any man’s biggest strength is his woman , he can have everything in life and still he will not be happy if his woman is not him,he will be incomplete without her.one woman completes his man ,man feels like one complete and true identity when he has his woman with him.some one who stands by his side ,gives him support, is there when he feels down and depress,helps him when he need her the most,gives him her shoulder when he need to rest his head.man need woman to fight with this world.this world is one beautiful place and once hell of a place.what form it takes for man and her woman depends completely on them.couples in love stays together often come across all the obstacles to be together.no language ,no boundaries,no culture differences,no distances means nothing to them.this all becomes irrelevant to them when they only see each other but nothing else.

I am your man honey and you are my woman then why there are doubts ,lets not get these issues ,doubts ,problems come between us.its not healthy neither its doing any good to us.its there and its creating problems between you and me.when your man is by your side you need not to worry about anything my love.your man stood by you this long and will always be like this for the rest of his life.he never looked at any other woman when you are around with him or when you are in his mind and in his heart.he got himself committed to you completely.many time he got questioned by people that if i am sure about what i am doing and what i want out of this relationship.i had no doubt in my mind and i knew what i wanted.i always said my baby is with me at all times and i don’t feel need for any other woman in my life.i can’t make my baby cry and want to see her upset.I don’t want to cheat on my baby and yes i am committed to her and i am taken and not available.sorry !

Sorry ?? why sorry ? i never said sorry to anyone on this and why i should ,is there anything wrong i am doing to people for which i should say sorry . no its not required , i am brave to be in this kind of relationship and being this loyal and faithful only makes me proud.i am proud of my relationship and i have always valued my woman’s presence in my life and always admired her for what she stands for.i love her so much.to me boundaries ,language and culture has no meaning when i am with her.this is the woman i love and she is the one i want to spend rest of my life with.

I say i love you because i want to make you feel that i love you, i love you to me are not just three magical words which man and woman always wants to hear ,its an energy which gives hope , peace,love ,affection and admiration to people who are in love.every day is a beautiful day and every day brings new hope and every day becomes even more to admire for if some one some where listen to these three magical words i love you.if i am telling you that i love you ,i am doing the energy formation which takes place in the universe and gives my woman a new hope , a new life which she desires for.she can feel it in heart that her man loves her even after all this problems and issues, he is still with her and stands by her.gives her a kiss which wind takes to her.gives a love bite which my soul take it to you and leaves it on your cheeks,give you a warm hug which earth takes to you and plants it on your body and makes you feel warm when you need one.

Where are you my baby ,without you my life is so incomplete.your man is strong but he is not that strong that he will live without you.a man can get everything in life, he can have fame,money,a good job, all the luxuries in life but if he has no woman and no family ,all this be of no use.he is still poor and makes no gain.love is the greatest gift from god to us humans.this is something which never gets over no matter how much you spend it.love is something which always gets more and more and more and more,the more you spend it the more you gain it.showering your love on someone you love is not wrong.

This world is hard place to live and at the same time this world is beautiful place to live,depends how you make it for yourself.i decided to love a woman beyond boundaries ,to me country ,language ,culture ,cast did not matter , all i saw a human ,just another one and happened to be a woman i loved the most so far.i am not ready to give up on my baby because i know that she will come to me,she needs me ,she loves me so how i can leave her behind.i want to hold your hands honey and want go on the trip of this life.i want to have a family of beautiful kids,a home ,one happy big family ,an eventful life and for all this we need each other support.

Don’t you want this all baby ? ask a question to yourself now ,would you be able to live without me,sure you leave me tonight and say i will find another man but would you be able to lie to yourself that you did not love me and our union was just for fun and enjoyment ?would you lie to your star which you will still find outside your window shining brightly asking you that hey you left a man who loved you so much,who stood by your side at all times,yes he took time but still he came for you because he never allowed you to cry anymore,you left him ,why did you do that ? what would you do then honey?

Don’t punish yourself baby , your man don’t want to see you in pain.your man don’t want to see you cry or depress.remember the days when you used to cry when i was away from you and did not show up for few days and you thought something may have gone wrong with him ? do u remember the days when you used to wait for me for hour’s and hour’s only to see me smile ?how can you forget the wedding song we decided on to dance ? how can you forget the promises we made for our kids and for ourselves ?

Honey i never changed a bit ever since we had met, why have you changed my love ?

Remember this always honey , your man has stood by you at all times and he still there with you.your man loves you and he ready to give his all to protect you ,to take care of you.

Don’t you need a man like this in your life honey ?

I need you in my life baby ,i need you by my side. this world won’t matter to us once we feel like we were in love before.

Don’t say you love me ,you have said it enough and showed it enough ,its time to live your love.

Heaven or Hell :- What is Real ?

Me and you ,we are the only two to have existed in this world,the day species have started breathing air on this planet its you and me who have existed.we have come along together generations after generations,we have been together since dinosaurs walked this earth,neanderthals hunted for mammoth,homosapiens used fire to cook food.you and me together saw both world wars one and two,we saw hitler’s regime,we saw great inventions taking place,we saw planes and rockets going into the sky,we saw human stepping on to the moon for the first time in 1969.we saw nostradamus predictions coming true.we saw all this together, we saw so much , we have been together for so long.yet we are not.we belong to each other yet we have no right to help,speak up ,wisdom or right to make love to each other.

Confused what i am talking about? i am not confused.why are u ?its very simple.its you and me.when u were born ,ever since u have opened your eyes ,what have you been looking at? do you remember? well u do ,i remember and i knw what i have been looking at.i have been looking at you and myself.ever since i woke up into this world.i have watched this world through my eyes and i have watched you.its an ongoing process which will only end with my death.same goes to you.you have been watching yourself and me through your eyes.you have been observing me and yourself since then.i only see two people in this world you and me likewise you also see only two people in this world me and yourself.understood? well its not that difficult to understand what i am talking about.put little bit of pressure on your mind you will know what i am hinting to.

There is one question which hunts and bothers both of us.and its not a million dollar question.i don’t know if it only exist in stories or sci fiction novels.many stories have been written and many films been made already on this subject.

The question is :- is there a heaven or earth? does it really exist ?is it here on this earth or some where in outer space ?nobody knows to be exact.but there have been many theories about it.many interesting encounters where people have claimed that they have been to heaven and returned.some of them even talk about meeting god and fairies.which seems to be only existed in stories.but they claim its real.who knows what’s the truth behind these claims but there are people who met an accident and they lived to share their stories to the world.

People who have shared their stories they have one thing in common.they never decided where to go.is it the heaven or hell they want to go? its not their choice to make.its not their right and its not in their hands.they never made any choices about where to visit.bad things happened to them or say they met a life threatening accident.for few minutes they were thought to be dead or say they were dead.they felt an out of the body experience and then their soul left the body.they saw their soul leaving their body.they are floating in an air and they can see everything from above.they have been to heaven or for some its hell and they returned to their body.later they shared it with the world.they never made a choice and it was never their decision to make where to go.so its like it was their destiny to go hell or to heaven.so bad that we can not make choice to visit heaven or hell.we can not decide in advance where to visit after an accident in case we die.if we had a choice everyone would have chosen to go to heaven is’nt it ? yes indeed !

The day we take our first step all we learn is how to do good deeds.no harm to others.be nice to everyone ,make people happy around you,help others,smile,be happy,be wise,be kind.everything which is nice we learn through our lives.no one ever in this world teaches you how to be bad when you grow up with time.no one ever teaches you how to kill some one when u grow up with time,no one ever teaches you how to rob people as you grow with time or in a nutshell no one teaches you to become a monster in human.but unfortunately as we grow up we encounter this hostile world which teaches us everything we need to become a monster.our deeds decide where we will be after our death.if there is life after life,its heaven or hell which we will have as an option and it will be decided by our deeds.two doors which are open and waiting for us to enter.both are inviting us with open arms.but its not our choice.its not in our hands.either we do good deeds or bad we can still land up in heaven or hell.we are too young to make this choice.

Very interesting story about a boy who met an accident and lived to tell a story.he said he is been to heaven and met god with fairies.his story is interesting.it does put light on the question of an existence of heaven or hell.

click on the link below to know about the story of Kevin Malarkey.

‘The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven’ by Kevin Malarkey & Alex Malarkey

There is also a theory of hell which talks about the sound from hell.its indeed very creepy to listen to and disturbing.

click on the link below to listen to the sound of hell

well i can not say anything about heaven or hell.its not my choice to make anyways.but what i will do in my entire life will have an influence on heaven on hell.


dheeraj gautam