I come alone


Its been five years . yes you read it correct , 5 . its a long time . very long . in a number its only 5 but to me its a long time . in these five years the world has change significantly . I have changed , you have changed. I was supposed to visit you every single year , every single Christmas , every single new year and every single birthdays . every year I think that I will visit you this year . will celebrate your birthday with you. or Christmas with you or new year with you . but every year its a same story. I just cant come by .

I love you and I love your country , your people and your language and your culture , its my second home . I may have left you but I still breathe in the same air . it feels like the same fragrance . the smell of your skin is still there with me .  I can still tell you how the breath of you feels like , I can feel your touch . your kiss and the feeling of me deep in you . making love to you with passion. those French kisses we had , those troubled sessions we had . those fights and confusions and adventure . I miss all that baby . do you ?

its been 5 years since I have last visited you and 8 years when I kissed you last . it was way back in 2011. but it all still feels the same . feels like it was yesterday .

I don’t cry baby , I don’t cry anymore . I am fine but I love you . what I can do . I love you . I just love you . and trust me I will die one day . but yes the love and emotions and the moments we had together will remain.

you are such a lovely woman and I was so lucky . and I was so happy and my family was also so happy , but I don’t know what happened , I forgive you baby . I really do .

I want to kiss you now and I want to hold you in my arms again , I don’t know if this will happen or not but its like a distant dream . you allowed me to kiss you and to make love to you . I touched your body , your skin , your lips and caress your hair and stroked you with passion. the sound of your love can be heard again. coz I want to .

I want to come to you again baby . trust me every single year I want to come to you . give me a chance I will stay with you forever . I will love you trust me , our little baby and a lovely dog and a cat and little sweet home . our small world full of passion and joy and happiness and smile and love . I dream of this world . don’t you baby ?

you do , I know you do . you are no stone ,you are my baby .

every time I see a plane in the sky . I think of you . I think that I am in this plane going to my baby . I am going to visit her , will meet her , will see her again , will hold her hands again and kiss her again. she is so lovely . how can I live my life without you my lady . I just can’t .

I will come to you my girl. I just cant say when , right now . but I will for sure. you can count on me . may be dolce is busy with something important . if dolce is not visiting you then it has to be something important , but nothing is more important to me than you my baby .

I love you so as I come alone .


When Dolce talks to Vita

Oh yeah yeah ! this is my girlfriend and i love her.she is one of a kind,there is no doubt.you know what ? i think she is from Mars,its a secret don’t tell this to anybody but i really feels that she is from mars. she is not from this planet earth. you think its scary to me or you think i am scared that my girlfriend is from another world ? nah nah ! i am not scared infact i am really excited about it.i am so happy that i have found someone who belongs to another world.i can tell you right now ,she will read this blog of mine and she is going to kill me for sure.oh well ! she is not going to kill me but i tell you what , she is one tough nutt to crack man. have you ever got a girl friend who is tough as hell? oh well! here is the real deal, my girlfriend is the real deal and she is the one who is a hard nutt to crack man , i am ain’t joking,oh sorry i am not joking.

I should not go american way since i am pretty good without going into how americans speak english.i love their accent though but not so much their english speaking ability .

So where were we ? yeah, about my girlfriend.

Do you see the pic above? yeah this is how it is when we talk. she is the queen man ,she hits the nail every time i talk to her.i am telling you she is one brainy girl pal.she speaks like anything.you give her one topic and she can go on and on without even looking at the cup of coffee which is getting cold during this process. you know what she watches all these video’s and stuff on you tube,she keeps on discovering new people man ,every single day she is on to something.man she is something.she is my angel for sure but she is pewww (sweating) .

Hey don’t get me wrong pal, i love her the most.she is my darling she is the one i am gona spend my life with,i mean rest of my life,i love her and she loves me too.

But even then you know there is something about her which is mysterious.i guess we are together to solve some kind of mystery.i suspect i am with her to unlock some kind of secret.there is this something about her which makes me go wana spend my time with her. i guess the more i do the deeper it gets and better it becomes.man she is something ,really something.

Hey i am not going over the board or saying something out of a blue,its kind of in my heart pal.

You getting it ? you ain’t ? oh sorry you are not ? its alright when you guys will have a girl friend like i have you will understand me better way.

You know something, i tell you something , its a deep secret ,she has an angel which is with her all the time and protects her from any bad things.oh well this bad thing can be anything  you can think of. her angel goes with her everywhere and stays with her. i have seen it with my own eyes,no i have not seen an angel but i have seen her angel helping her.its with  her every second and never leaves her . i guess she even saw us when we had sex. oh well !

So her angel is there with  her. you know what? one day we were driving a car ,she was driving and i was with her next to the driving seat and things were going bad but things were also turning from bad to good for us. i don’t know how it was happening but it was right there. i am not joking yeah ,this is all truth.mysteriously things were turning in our favour like we were driving quite bad but never bad an accident on any given day. i bet her angel was with her and it was taking care of her and me too at all times.oh well ! i guess my angel was also there and was talking to her angel.must have been very nice i think.

And i guess everytime when my girlfriend talks ,her angel gets along with her in conversation.she becomes more like a saint or kind of lecturer who has all the knowladge in the world and wants to shower you all with her incredible saint kind of thoughts .oh well then i just don’t do anything  i simply listen to her. i love listening to her though , i enjoy this because she talks different.one afternoon we were in the kitchen drinking coffee and there she was going again with her extra ordinary thoughts on the issues around the globe ,talking ,talking and talking and me was listening listening and listening like a loyal boyfriend.once she was done i said,“my girlfriend is so intelligent ,she got brains with beauty,proud of you.muaah muaah muaah muaah . she replied “Nobody likes smart girls dolce”.oh well she kind of right not wrong but its about choices you make ,mine was her and she wins heart ,i am quite happy with it.

You know what after reading all this she is going to lecture me for sure.she can’t stop herself in giving her opinion ,she always has to say something about something.oh well that’s what makes her different from others you know.

Every one has their own charm ,everybody is unique in their own way ,she also got her own charm and uniqueness to deal with.

I don’t really cry like the way i have shown in the pic above but yes sometimes it makes me feel , “oh my here we go again ZZZzzzZZZZzzz”

But anyways i love my girlfriend like all you guys do.she makes me feel special in her company and makes me feel proud of her.

Hey i am not gona open all the secrets out here ,give me a break pal,i am gona keep some in my heart and not gona tell you everything.she is gona be really angry and gona kill me for sure.i don’t want to be a boyfriend who got killed by his girlfriend.

Hey you know she got one star too watching her all the time.

Hey have i just told you another secret ??

Oh my ( time to cry ) :o)