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What is a complete family ?

I have heard people saying and I too agree to this is that ”A complete family is the family where we have a wife, a husband , a son and a daughter .which makes a complete family . family of four members which live peacefully and happily where we have parents and children’s along with one pet either a dog or a cat  even a horse or any animal. this makes a complete family.

We can say safely that a definition of a complete family is different for everyone , for some its the money which is important than family and for some its a person who is important than money . but there has to be a balance between the two since we can’t live without either one. for emotional support we need family and for financial support to make our life secure we need money. so both are important. we can’t neglect either of the two. take this, try removing any of the two from your life and then see what your life becomes. we got all the money in the world but no one to share it with. or even if its not money , lets talk about happiness or success for which we work all life to get one moment of happiness and if we got no one to share it with, it becomes so difficult to live it with in our hearts. it needs to come out , it need a release ,it has to be shared with people of the family members first or it could be a friend , a best friend . but it need that emotional touch and that personal approach which makes it more worthy. now lets talk about people . we got all the people in the world , family of four or a big joint family but with no proper financial support , with less money in the bank account and kids with no proper or quality education and parents with less paid jobs , life is miserable like this anyway . its a complete family , yes it is ,we got all the people in the world around us but even then it won’t make any difference to anyone if it lacks proper financial support.

family 4      Now lets add an adopted child to this family of four which we call as a complete family , we also have a dog , a cat , husband with good pay checks , wife with good literature background and kids studying in town’s most reputed school and an adopted child who as for now stays at home. kids age group is around 10-15 years. happy family isn’t it ? yes it is indeed. everyone is happy in this family except  one who is adopted. this child has his own reasons to be unhappy. though he has mingled with the family quite well but still he do not like to show his emotions and he do not like to share his tears if any, to anyone. this kid is still looking for his identity , he is looking for the purpose , he is looking for an objective but he can’t find anything to support his argument.

Every morning family of four or lets say five including an adopted child wakes up in the morning with the first rays of the sun. mother father and kids they all get ready for their morning chores , all get ready with the smile on their faces. every day is a new day , every day is a new challenge , every day is a new smile , there is a new story to share new things to do and new emotions to play with. every single day with every single hour, minutes and seconds either makes and breaks something. the family of five, this one here in this post likes it a lot and gets ready to face it with all they can. mom dad goes to work and kids go to school but what about that fifth member of the family what he do all day ? what is his daily routine ? he stays at home , yes ! but what he do at home all day ? how he spend his time ?

Lets talk about this fifth child, an adopted one who stays at home all alone once all the family members leave. this is one of his day which he had invested in his young life and its been a story of his for sometime now and he hopes that it won’t be like this for long.

Just another day in the office .      

familyAdam an adopted child is at the door as he looks on at his mom and dad leaving from the scene for work. now he is on his own for the entire day. his brother and sister have left for school, unfortunately he is not that lucky to go to school , may be his parents never felt importance for his education. maybe they never thought of him growing up and becoming a quality person. but Adam don’t think this way. he is still at the door and looks at the pet dog and cat playing in the lawn , he gets happiness as he sees these two innocent creatures sharing love with each other. he often thinks that why can’t humans be like this ? unfortunately he don’t know an answer to his question and there is no one to answer  any way , so he decides to look for an answer on his own. still at the door Adam sits on the stair and stays there for another five minutes. he calls his dog and cat inside home and now its time for him to feed his pets. this is his daily routine , he is a responsible child , he knows what to do and what his parents expect from him. he want’s to be a quality person to his parents or does he have a fear of being thrown out of the family if he commits a mistake ? I don’t agree with the latter since Adam is a strong child and he has no fear , all he has is respect for family which makes him do things which he want to do.

Adam gets food for his dog and a cat food for cat. two eats their food in peace,  again Adam decides to watch them closely. he thinks how much food is important for us human as much as it is important for animals. we all work for food, all our lives and we can’t live without food. for our body to function properly its important that our body get what it needs , an energy from food. if there is no food , a person or an animal will die. some live to eat and some eat to live, its an attitude which is different but the food remains the same which has only one reason on this planet , to go into the stomach of hungry and deliver energy. food sees no difference between an animal or human, rich or poor  , all it sees a hunger. hunger invites food and food invites hungry. Adam thinks like this every day as he feeds his pets. now its his time also to eat his breakfast, he gets cereals and sandwiches for himself . he heard from somewhere that love becomes more if you share it with other’s. his young brain and heart decides to do something which he always wanted to do , sharing his food with his pets. he takes his food and sits on the floor with his pet. now at this moment humans and animals makes no difference to him , what’s similar here is that both are hungry and both want to eat food. Adam sits right next to the dog and gives a slice of his sandwich. it makes no difference to dog what he eats . he eats Adam’s sandwich as Adam looks at him while he eats his sandwich. he indeed feels more love in the air as animal and human share meal together. Adam also gives cereals with milk to cat. he shares his food with his animals and indeed his animals loves him for this. his pets,  a dog and cat loves him more than other four family members.


Its time for Adam to go to his room . this is what he do everyday . he goes to his room and sits right next to the door overlooking his brother and sister’s room which is right next to each other. only Adam’s room is at little distance from his brother and sister’s . he always ask this question to himself , why this difference ? would not it be possible to get a room right next to his brother and sister ? why this discrimination ? why this distance ? he has questions in his mind but he has no answer unfortunately. he knows how his brother and sister’s room looks like from the inside but in reality his room is bigger than his siblings room , it may be at distance from them but its big, bigger than both the rooms. is it a signal that Adam is destined for big things in life ? he himself don’t know about it , he can only guess.

After spending some time at his room’s door he goes to the dinning hall where he sees piano. he play piano for another 30 minutes,  but he don’t know how to play it professionally but he does play it and with confidence. he may play it wrong with all the tunes going crazy making another form of music. but he wants to learn and he is ready to make mistakes and ready to step up. he has no skills in playing piano but he do want to try no matter how it sounds, it may sound funny when he play piano but his creation may become the most melodious sound he ever heard. so he takes a deep breadth and goes to piano and touches the keys , it makes a sound , he touches yet again and it makes another sound. now he starts playing with the keys as piano generates music as per the movements of his fingers. he enjoys all that and he gets lost in the music for another hour. as he play the music his dog and cat also comes to him and sits next to him. Adam feels like a performer on stage playing for millions of people . this is how he was feeling but he enjoys it even more when he has his best friends around him , his cat and a dog.

Its time for him to move on and he examines the portraits on the wall of the drawing room , a big hall with television and couches and a fish aquarium . it looks lovely . he sees the portraits and he sees his brother sister with mom and dad , but he fails to find himself on the portraits. this is something he regrets , he feels like he is still not a part of the family even being with the family since he was a baby. he feels like he is not important enough for them since they did not feature him in these portraits. why ? he asks himself but unfortunately he has no answers. this is something he wants to ask his parents but he is too scared so he skips. he sits on one of the couches and examines the size of the drawing room . he feels royal and this time he feels how lucky he is to be a part of this family , not every child is this world is  lucky to be with the wealthy family. he can easily make up how much his mom and dad must be earning . he feels like forgiving his parents for not having him in those portraits and providing him with good life. he is happy indeed but he does have confusion . is this happiness short lived or is it going to be forever story for him ? he has no answers.

Lovely_illustration_of_Happy_family_on_sofa_wallcoo_com       He does not have much to do. he decides to go to his room to sleep till evening. he wants to dream . he wants to dream good. he wants to dream something which he always wanted. he don’t know yet what he always wanted . he has accepted his life as what it is right now, but he has no clue about how his life is going to be in future. so he want to dream and let his dream flow and wants to run his imagination without limits. he wants to fly in the sky since this  is the only place where he can fly high without rules , without fear , without someone’s disturbance and without any expectations. he just want to fly high. he closes his eyes and goes deep in sleep and he want to sleep till his mom and dad returns again in the evening and may bring some surprises or may be not but their presence will make him happy. so he don’t want to wait for them with open eyes and want these remaining hours to go pass quickly . dreaming is the most effective way to do it.

He wakes up with the sound of a car parking in the parking area. he also hears his dog bark. he soon realizes that his parents are home now. he goes to the wash room washes his face. he know that his brother and sister are already home and are in their bedrooms. Adam reaches the door first with the dog. he smiles at his parents as he gets a kiss from them on his cheeks. he is happy he know that a kiss from someone who care is incredible enough to instill energy in body. does he have any expectation from his parents this evening ? he do not wish to. but yes there is a surprise waiting for him . his parents have decided to go out for a dinner . he is happy again and soon his brother and sister also joins him. they all want to go out and eat something good. they all want to go for dinner and have good time. all of them are ready . its a great time for a family. the entire family soon reaches a five star restaurant in town where they want to eat some good quality food. Adam has the widest smile of his face. but soon doubts and confusion engulfs him. he thinks that he is not a part of the family , he feels lonely and isolated. he remembers that there is no place for him in the portraits and  he do not go to school. he do not deserve quality education since its not important for him ,this is how his parents think of him, he think, this is how he feels. may be true may be not but its his thinking. soon all the family members reaches the waiter who greets them with smile and welcomes them. mom and dad asks for a table and they want it for five people. Adam is surprised since he never expected this to happen , a table for five not for four . he felt he is not a part of the family then how its table for five. but yes he heard it right ,its a table for five people not four. now he realizes that he is important too, he is a part of the family  and his mom and dad loves him equally as much they love their own kids. Adam’s eyes are wet and he wants to cry but he know that these tears have value and he want to keep them for his mom and dad since he know that a day will come when he will shed tears for his mom and dad. he remembers sharing food with is dog and cat and he know sharing food together with his family members will make him and his mom dad and sister brother love each other even more. he don’t wish to miss the moment , he wants to be a part of this one complete family where he loves and his parents love him equally as much as they love their own children. now he understands the value of being valuable for some one . the entire family get a table for five and as they sit and wait for the food , Adam looks at his parents and he sees his parents smiling at him , he know that his parents love him and he wait eagerly for the day when he will become a quality man to pay for the bill and make his parents proud. he is a part of one complete family , happy family and he is here at the table for five.

Trance music for my grand ma

My grand ma is very sweet.she gives me breakfast in the morning.washes my clothes,water the plants,clean the house,cooks lunch and dinner for me.she is still so active just like any other the age of 75 she is no less than any other woman who is about 30 years of age.i don’t know from where she gets all this energy.she is on her toes all the time.always active and always busy doing something.i have seen her working during afternoon,the time when most of the old age people go to bed to take a nap in the lazy afternoon.she has her own private room where she stays every afternoon and stays there till evening.offcourse she prepares my lunch before she goes inside.she has her very own private room with something  and i don’t invade her privacy.i never tried to think that what she does inside that room.but i still run my mind to think what’s really goes inside.what i feel may be she just have some private time with her memories.she want to have some quiet time with her old times.memories which run through her mind when she is at peace.when she  is away from the this chaotic life and tries to relax and tries to keep it simple.yes i really feel she makes her memories comes alive which i think is completely this age when some one who is 75 don’t really want to be a part of this insane chaotic world.if i was of her age i could have done the same own private space where i live with my memories.

i was a little baby when she took care of me along with my parents belongs to working class so it was my grand ma who took care of me most of the was obvious that I got close to my grand ma.she gives me energy since she herself is full of grand ma is like any other grand ma.she is short in height but don’t use walking stick.she used to be gorgeous in her young days,how I knw this ,oh well I have seen her pics.very old pics from 1947 sometime from  the freedom and white pics are still good enough to show how beautiful my grand ma used to she don’t look beautiful but she is a charmer.she still looks so cute and charm everyone with her talking.she has so much to share with everyone.she never runs out of ideas.she always has something in her mind all the time.i take advices or suggestions from her sometimes,though i don’t really implement those in real life since the time she was in and today’s is the ideas that may have worked in her time may not work in our time.but still she she is always open to give suggestions and advices and i really love it.

I have a lovely girl friend who i call Jaan.its a hindi word which means life and she is indeed my life.i love her so much and she loves me too.she is one of the best thing ever happened to me.she is brilliant.a proper beauty with brains is perfect saying for her.funny thing is every time when we talk i don’t forget to mention my grand when we talk about politics,hobbies or some stuff which requires discussions i always mention “oh gosh even my grand ma can do this and you can’t “.its always so lovely to say like this because it does annoy my girl friend.if my girl friend says she is having  tough time dealing with her laptop i will say “gosh jaan even my grand ma knows how use a laptop ” and she probably says “oh yes you have super grand ma “.my baby is just so cute and charmer which make me love her more more and more.

My grand ma is no old school or is she really ? you know i have seen people of age between 60-80 years.they have tough time adopting themselves in todays modern times.they feel little laid back and neglected.which is not surprising to me.those were old times when people of my grand ma age were born and grown up. now things have changed rapidly and dramatically.the entire world has changed and may be old people are finding it little tough to get used to this sudden change in the way of life.those times life was simple and real your job earn money and raise your family.but today things are like you have to beat the other in a race of has become a today’s time everyone is trying to pull each other legs.things are not easy and its stress all around ,all of different kind.may be my grand ma feels the same.may be she feels like staying in the low light in these rapidly changing times.but what would a 75 years old woman would do in todays time ? can she really keep up with the pace of this world ?

I spoke to my grand ma couple of days back.i spoke to her about how she feel these days ? is she really happy ? is she living her life or she is simply surviving ? i asked her hell lot of questions.well i was hoping for some quiet obvious answers like she saying to me that she is doing alright,having fun and enjoying raising me,taking care of me.but my grand ma has always believed in actions.she has always been a woman of actions more than words.and that day she decided to answer all my questions.what i was about to encounter ,believe me nothing prepared me for it and to my utter astonishment i could not breathe because it hit me was something out of this world.something i never imagined.

The day when i asked my grand ma all those sorts of questions ,she decided to show me something.something she was hiding from me so far.remember the room i was taking grand ma’s private space,she decided to take me heart was pumping harder and i was breathing heavily.i had no idea what i am going to see inside this room.i had always thought about this room of my grand ma.i had all different kind of questions and thoughts about this room in my mind.may be this was the right time for me to get my my grand ma took me inside the room.light was down and it was all eyes were scanning the room even in the grand ma turned the lights on.what i saw in the light took me by surprise.really i was not ready for all this.

Here is the list of what i saw in my grand ma’s room

1 :- an apple laptop .

2 :- DJ headset.

3 :- 15 inch lcd screen.

4 :- Blue ray dvd player.

5 : – A box full of movies including international films,hollywood,bollywood and spanish cinema in fact all different kind of cinema was there in this section

6 :- A section of music with latest and old school music including music from Tiesto,Chicane,Michael jackson,MadonaSnoop dog etc.

7 :- Rock n Roll magazines,fashion,latest technology,gadgets magazines.

Oh well what i am looking a,t a room from 21st century ? i was speechless.i could not believe my grand ma realized it .she said ” son i am not really an old school “.she smiled at me and i smiled back.but i could ‘not say a word.i took my own time in getting my breathe back.once i was done easing out i said my first word in that room. God ! ,grand ma what is all this ? i started scanning every corner of that room because that room had everything i ever hoped for.what a young man should have in his room this room had it all.i was full of  excitement and was like a child with his favourite toys.i asked my grand ma who gave all this to you ? my grand ma says it was my dad.i was not surprised to this answer from my grand was my dad who bought all this to my grand grand ma was keeping up with today’s era.she was trying to keep pace with today’s fast paced running grand was watching all latest and old movies on her blue ray dvd player.she was listening to all different kind of music including trance and electronic dance music.i asked her what kind of music she listen to most ? she said Trance it was trance music which was her favourite.i was surprised to her choice of music but that’s what it was.Trance music.

My grand ma had everything in this room she need to say easily that yes she is a part of 21st century and not old grand ma was indeed keeping pace with today’s time.she never felt neglected because she was on her toes all the time.she was really doing it then simply dreaming about it.she took action to turn the tide into her favour.she was really living a life of her choice.that’s what she wanted and that’s what she got.she is my grand ma who is not an old school but very much a part of this life ,my life. me saying to my ever beloved girl friend that yes even my grand ma can do this was finally justified.