Matter of Few inches


Big things comes in small packages.

Big things have small beginnings.

Small men with big hearts.

”some of the famous proverbs”

Scenario one :- A beautiful couple , smiling faces , in love with each other , holds hands together , can’t take their eyes off each other. seems like a perfect match. the only difference is that a guy is little short than a woman. but still they are happy . they are in love , love is a beautiful feeling. love is something each one of us want more than anything in life. yet its the most deprived emotion. a couple with height difference still lives with everything. they are together for a long time now , don’t care about what this world has to say. they don’t care about the society , its people. they are just into each other . they don’t live their lives for themselves but they live for each other. height is height , some bones grow some don’t . its alright to be shorter for a man from a woman and its also alright for a woman to be taller from a man. yes every woman wants her man to be taller than her and stronger than her . but its always good to ignore what the appearance has to say than what the man really is. what he is from inside speaks volumes about him , not how short he is. couple in love who don’t care about the height difference is happy. they go out together holding hands for shopping. they socialize with people and take pride in each other being together in spite of height difference. they enjoy time together and their company and always be together come what may , it don’t matter to them who is tall and who is short. they care for each other and sets an example that they are together come what may.

shortmen        Here its important to note that man and woman both have no problems with height difference. they see a person and value each other. they understand that what a man and woman has given into each other and the time they have spent till now is important and its someone’s life which has gone by and the time gone can’t be return. so they value each other ‘s time , they feel proud of each other and feel important and feel like there is someone who cares for them and loves them and want to be with them.

Scenario two :- A beautiful couple , smiling faces , in love with each other, don’t holds hands together , they can’t take their eyes off each other but don’t feel comfortable. man is shorter than woman but still they are together. they are into each other but they don’t socialize and go out like a couple . they feel bad since woman is taller to man , man feels guilty that why he is shorter to woman , woman feels the same and it ruins everything. they wish if someone was shorter and someone was taller. but its not to be , its different for them since their mindset is a home to insecurities. they feel ashamed of each other and think they should never be together. since man is short he feels inadequate , woman wants to feel weak but she thinks that she is stronger to her man since he is shorter to her. they don’t go out together and don’t see friends since they think that they will make fun of them since there is a height difference.

Here its important to not that both man and woman feels uncomfortable due to height difference.

So what’s with the height ?

Height has always played an important role in mating. woman has always wanted her man to be taller and stronger to her. she has always desired for a man who is physically strong , macho , handsome and stands out of the crowd. a man who has the ability to stop the show. who has the ability to turn the tide , confident man has always been a dream for a woman , An alpha man.

So does it mean that a short man has no chance to stand ?

Its all in the attitude. a short man can not be short if he stands for himself and shows that he is more than just being short. its a different story all together for a man who is short not only from other man but also from woman. there is absolutely no reason why a small man think he is small and why he should not think that he is big in many ways.

imagesEver loved a woman who is taller to you ?

You love someone , you stay with her at all times. you want to make her happy , make her happy with your other traits. you got so much into you than just being a short man. its only a matter of few inches. only few inches from how tall she is from you and how short you are from her. stay confident and stay optimistic at all times. take pride in what you are and what you have achieved. its not easy to love a woman who is taller to you since you lack basic thing which is height and this is what she will see first but if you have traits which will make her overlook your short height , you are in the game.

Confidence is the key . high spirits and never say die attitude. love your woman , she needs you. she wants you . even if she leaves you or say ten things to you because of your short height , you said you love her ,you show you love her , don’t just say that you love her . there are million others who find it easy to say I love you but tough to do , a man who can show what he say is the man who is a man in real. a real man always stays with his woman and stays by her side, in hard times and in good times, he never leaves hope. she is a woman , she still loves you but don’t want to be with you because you are short in height ? don’t loose heart , you are strong enough to fight all this , you have fought all this long , you have gone through all the pain and told her nothing about it only to make her feel important and valued. yes you are short its real but its only a matter of few inches , you both love each other , height should not be a parameter to judge someone in person. value what a person has sacrificed for you , he/she has given you his / her time. part of his/ her life which can not be return. value it ,don’t make each other regret that it was a time wasted , take it as an investment, it always have fruitful results provided both feel comfortable with each other heights.

jfa2203l          Insecurities are the biggest enemies you can have. every one has insecurities and we try to hide those in our own ways , you love your woman who is taller to you and she has insecurities ? support her , instead of walking away from her , you stick to her and stay with her to give your shoulder. this is the time when she needs you the most , this the time she needs your shoulder when she cry, she needs you to comfort her and want that emotional touch which you have always been providing all this time. inspire her , motivate her , you are her stronghold , protect her , so what you are shorter to her , you are her man ,its your duty to protect your woman and above all love her. she wants love , you are near or far ,won’t matter , you love her since she loves you too . no matter how cold she becomes in her attitude and how much she blames you for your short height you stay with your woman. you loved her right ? so you standby her . don’t be cold her since she is cold to you. understand how she is thinking and how she is feeling. once you will understand her psyche you will know how to deal with it. don’t blame her for what she is doing ? she is been practical but you too become practical to her and show her that you still love her in real life as the way you loved her then. its important for a woman to feel loved. either way by any means show it to her.

Step up and stay confident , life is more than just being short in height , there are so many ways a short man can be big , there are so many ways to show that you are something and you have traits and qualities which can easily over shadow your height. you do anything , stay confident . you love your woman , stay confident , positive and hopeful that someday things will be alright. if you are destined to be together, you will still be together no matter what happens.

You stay strong and give what is the best emotions in this world and its love , love your woman like never before , she is short or tall ,its only bones and few inches difference.

Are you strong enough to do it ? do it today and do it now . you will have love all your life.

You are not a DoorMat


You reach your office every morning like any other day , you have prepared for the presentation the other night and want to give your best shot. you are excited and nervous at the same time. now you want to prove yourself that you are exceptional and second to none. today is your day ,you believe. its your time , you feel from the bottom of your heart. you know you will win , you know you will smile and will have the last laugh. you enter the drawing room ,you see tons of people at the round table. you reach the front and stands right next to the screen ,introduced yourself and starts your presentation. you give half an hour of presentation and feels you have done good enough. you look at people around the round table in admiration and hoping that you will get nice and warm feedback for what you have presented. instead what you get is negative response and not so encouraging feedback. you feel bad and of course not so motivated. but you accept that may be you were not good enough and you were not up to the mark and what others are saying is right about you . you accept your failure and think that you are inadequate and not competent enough . you feel like putting down by others and leaving you in suspense. you feel like doing what others have to say about you . you feel like following them. you feel weak from inside and misunderstood by others and thinks that there is nothing right you ever do .

Have you just succumb to pressure ?

Do you think you have some sort of psychological problem ?

Do you think you are not invited and not acceptable in the society ?

Do you think you are not strong enough to fight with the society you live in ?

If this is how you think , then let me tell you that you are strong beyond measures, your strength is unlimited and you can fight with anyone if you are willing to.

Take pride in yourself . why do you let others to make choices for you. why do you let them decide what you want and how your life should be. be honest with yourself and cherish your accomplishments ,no matter how small they are , it belongs to you.

Get into shape. yes this is important for you , get back to the gym which you had left long ago. it will give you huge confidence , a huge supplement to life. its important that your body and mind feels good so that you in person feels good about yourself.

Write a blog.  pen down your emotions. write your thoughts not for others but for you to read, its ok to share it with the world and its alright to get feedbacks on what you write . its your word and you know how to write and what to write , others can only read and respond to it but they can’t change the meaning of it since you know what’s behind those words.

Get busy with little pleasures. do what pleasures you. listen to music, watch movies, draw something ,write and read. do gardening . small things like these can give you true pleasure and you will feel good.

Love yourself first and then others. you are most important to yourself . people see you and make notions as what and how you present yourself to them . always be good to yourself and never feel like you are inadequate , incompetent or incapable.

You are strong beyond measures and you stay strong forever like this and believe me people will love you for that.

you are not happy

I love her so much but i have been very selfish.i love her from the bottom of my heart but i have been very irresponsible,i love her so much that i keep on thinking about her but even then  i don’t take actions.

She know that how much i love her. she know i don’t even think of any other woman but her. she know that i am going to be with her only,i am one woman man, which makes her happy but even then why she is unhappy ?

The problem is with me or with all those men who are like this.any woman is man’s biggest strength then why do man fail to realize its importance.

Universe decided our fate already that we are destined to be together.but are we really ? if things go like this probably we will never be together.i am in love with her but she is so far ,even then our love is still alive.still has a spark which can ignite it to the new happy to have you with me happy to be a part of my life.but why i make u upset all the time ? may be i am not worthy for you ,may be i am not good enough for your love,may be i am not strong enough to fight against all odds to get you.but this is not true.a true lover is the one who fights for his love.who kicks this world to be with his only love ,a woman he loves all this time to be with her to enjoy this moment.

I am your true lover honey. i just wana be with you, i can’t even think of any other woman but you.ever since i met you its only you in my mind and in my heart.i have always said that you brought love in my life again.there was a time when i was alone and lonely after my break up with my then girl friend who i thought will marry.but i guess universe had something else to offer.its no coincidence or luck that we got each was here since the beginning.every step i took in my life was slowly and slowly taking me to you.every thing i did ,every step i took was it to lead towards you.its still ongoing and it will never end.its a journey which not only me and but you too will have to complete.we will go together on this journey.

Men does take actions which makes their women can’t live with women can’t live without them either.i can’t do without you either honey.i just can’t.i know what’s killing you from the inside and i also know its the same which is also killing me from within.i wish if i could tell you what i wanted to tell you but this is not the time , this is the time to let you know,when the time is right you will know.

Every men when takes some action ,he takes it for a reason.he takes with a purpose.some of the actions he takes may get failed some he wins.some of his actions makes his woman happy some depends what”s the ratio of his actions which makes her happy or unhappy.if the actions he takes which makes his woman happy is more than those which makes her unhappy ,its still alright ,a woman can live with it.what about when a man takes actions which makes his woman mostly unhappy.there is a problem.there is a problem indeed.either with  a man or with his actions.

I don’t want to tell my woman that what i am or what i can do since at the end of the day it all comes down the actions you take.have i took any actions which had made my lady happy. i guess no.god is watching and he will punish me when the time is right.i am already getting punished by god.but i will not let my girl getting punished by me. i will not let any pain,sorrow come near her.i will fight really hard to make her happy to give her what she deserve,The best.

Baby you are mine and i am your’s.i wana give you the best in life.i want to give you the most out of life.but i am also human.i guess i should think that i am a super human so that i come down on to the level of humans.

I am not your dream man honey .perfect human don’t exist on this planet , they just don’t.but may be i will be strong enough to be with you as someone who loves you perfectly.i am only your’s and you are mine.i love you the way i loved you ages ago.i will love you forever the way i loved you this far. we have been together for so long now ,there is no room for error or doubt that how deep is our love for each other.but we both are humans ,the day one of us patience run out ,its going to end of our love story.both of us will suffer deeply.both of us will cry together both of us will go deep into the darkness.

Your man is strong baby , your man is with you always.but you are not happy.