I don’t know dictionary , now !


I remember . yes I still remember . I think It was during high school when my father taught me how to use dictionary for the first time . I had seen him using this thick book during 1990’s often . I had seen him using it during conversation , lectures , debates or something similar . I remember I used to wonder what this thick book holds . what ever it is , it must be magical.

I was curious like any other kid during my teens and was eager to know what it was . I had not heard of word dictionary till then. then one day I asked my father . my father introduced me to this thick heavy book which he called dictionary . for the first time I held it in my hands , oh boy ! it was heavy . one big thick and heavy thing . he taught me how to use it and he taught what it holds. and I was fascinated . it was amazing . not only it was interesting to use it and but it was learning with fun .

I started using it often and I realized I had learnt a lot from it and it was magical . simply magical .now I was better in my class and in vocabulary and my English teacher was very happy with me . my father had kept that dictionary since his childhood and he asked me to keep it for my children. dictionary never expires , knowledge in it stays forever. I promised my father that yes I will keep this knowledge for future generations.

But today ! and this is 2018 , 23rd august 2018 , 3am to be precise . today its a different story all together. I am sorry father I did not keep my promise . not because I failed to use it but because this generation and future generation will not have any interest in this book . its so disheartening to see and makes me feel so bad about it that this book has lost it charm to nothing but one simple smartphone.

Today every one has a smartphone . no one wants to carry dictionary in their bags coz its heavy and its hassle to carry coz of its weight and size. now people have downloaded dictionaries in their phone which cost only few mega bytes. that’s it . carry everything in your smartphone . I too have started using it in my smartphone and I do not even look at this gift from my father which he got from his father . I have lost the skill of using it. I or we have lost so many skills in time to technology and we did not even realize it .

Technology has helped us a lot but it has come for cost . it has made us insensitive to small things which holds big importance . we have become less emotional and do not regard anything now . consider this , ever since people have started using WhatsApp they do not call , one simple free of cost text . since there is no call there is no connection which one can feel from voice. how WhatsApp has ruined our lives I will cover in next article.

But here our all time fav old friend dictionary which helped us a lot during our school days and can help today and tomorrow has lost its charm to technology. I am not against technology but I am against insensitivities . I wonder now and I am scared what will happen when robots will take over humans . will human loose emotions to each other ?well , we already have . it has already been started . and this is scary .

Its very difficult to keep love alive for someone who do not even loves you anymore. well I am the exception and doing the unthinkable . I am the living live example of how to love some one who do not loves you and funny thing is that she knows it and yet no answer. I am like dictionary . sitting in the corner but once I had importance to someone and now I am obsolete to same person.

— dolce