Being Materialistic

When modern human originated in Africa about 200,000 years ago ,their first triumph was to develop fire.which also became the strongest weapon for modern humans in hunting and also in cooking.that’s how cooking originated with time ,they got the taste of cooking meat in fire which gave them something new and it became a practice for modern human race.

We can safely say that fire was the first modern Technological Development for other words fire was like today’s modern advancement.

Was human then too dependent on fire for their growth or they were too matrialistic in their approach? We can put this scenario in today’s time and we can see what’s happening around easily.lets take an example.we all use cell phones for communication.there was the time when cell phones were big in size and were not easily available.also cell phones were quite expensive then because of there scarcity.very few people around the globe had cell phones and those who had, it was the matter of status to them.after all it was all about keeping something which was not with everyone.with time cell phones became small and now they were easily available with number of brands available in the the time is like, where the customer is so confused on what to choose since there are so many of them available in the market.there are so many choices to pick can go for so many brands with all different types of features ,operating systems,games,keypad and you can even do professional photography and filmography on smart considering all this we can safely say that we have become too dependent on cell phones for communication.also we can’t even think of our life without cell phones.there was a survey recently which was conducted in United States about what being the biggest fear for modern came out to be the fear of loosing a mobile phone.yes it may sound little weird but it’s the truth.loosing a cell phone has become a biggest fear man has can apply this on yourself also.think of loosing a cell phone and it does give you a chill.we keep cell phones in our pockets ,bags all the time.they are with us at home ,at work ,at gymnasim,in the bar or in the cinema.they are with us all the time like our own loosing your kid does scare you so as loosing your cell phone.but should we call it as modern society being too materialistic ? Should we criticized modern society for being too dependent on modern technology ?

I would say yes and no. I have my own point of view for clarifying the take I have in this regard.i will not call it an issue because its never been an issue.its an advancement which got evolved with time.we are using all these for our own good and for our own advancement.

We live in the world today where human have evolved beyond imagination.not far back in time ,only about 200 years ago flying in the sky was only a wild imagination.humans don’t fly in the sky,birds can a human would fly in the air without wings ? Who thinks like this ? Well its funny that those who questioned this were also the one to asnwer was human offcourse.humans first developed an airplane now famously known as wright brothers who are the inventor of an airplanes which we see today in the sky.later we came with telephones,electricity,television,cars,automobiles, we have almost conquered everything on this about land,water and sky we rule it.

Should we critisize humans or say modern society for all this? Or lets take an excuse for being matrialistic and criticize them ?

I would say no.we should not criticize modern society for being did not happen today or overnight , it has evolved with time and has come to the point where we as society can’t think of our life without being materialistic.its a need of an hour.take any festival,occasion or events,things don’t work without being materialitic.people make more money than ever.products are available in the market easily and in too many variants to choose from.import and export are at its peak and per capita income has become avenues of business have come alive and there are ample amount of oppertunites available to choose from.when you have so many things available in the world today ,why not use it ? Why not use it for your own good and for your own upliftment.competition is high as ever and everyone is doing it ,using it for their own purpose,so why not take its help and use it ? There is nothing wrong in it.

We can put of tag of materialism on the society today because nothing works without it.we can buy everything with money today ,even love and happyness.gone are the days when people used to say that you can’t buy love and happyness with money.i would say ,in today’s world yes you can.each and every person is matrialistic since we are depenedent on it.if you love some one you think of buying gift to that special person and if you don’t ,you can’t give an excuse of not being buy a car you don’t drive it , it stays there in your yard and you see people talking about it since its very expensive and not everyone can afford it,it gives you pleasure just by being like host a party in private yatch and spend about million dollars in hospitality ,later you also give expensive gifts to your guests,the kind of warm welcome you get from people around you gives you immense pleasure.its a common practice now to spend money on yourself and on others to make them and yourself happy.even if you as an individual don’t want to do it ,you live in a society which makes you do it.we have this fear which we call as community fear.we live with people who are too busy talking about you ,they keep an eye on you and watch your every step.they don’t shy away in comparing you with others and with those who are too busy in spending money and buying things to give pleasure to others than to themselves.

At the end of the day everything comes down to your will.each and every human is blessed with free want to do it or don’t want to do it.its your want to spend million dollars or do you want to simply be happy in being modest ,its your you want to use the advancement which human has evolved with or do you want to leave everything materialistic and go to the himalayas and find peace,its your choice.human was meant for all this.that’s why we came on to this planet at the first place.things have gone beyond measures now and it can’t be undone even if you want being materialistic is the safest way.