Max Payne Story Run – Intro

This is story run intro of one of my all time fav game Max payne.its indeed phenomenon give you the feel of a movie.its one of the best selling game of all time.


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127 hours review

when i saw this movie trailer on youtube i had absolutely no idea about Aaron ralston.i never heard about him ,i had not known him at all and had no idea of what had happen to him.

i saw the trailer where a guy goes on an adventure to Utah desert on his bike and his right hand  gets stuck under a this much what i got from the trailer.but since the movie was directed by one of my fav danny boyle i wanted to deep into this film.i also downloaded this film from the net and saw it.

after watching this film i searched Aaron Ralston on google and gained knowladge about him.

its indeed one if the best film i have seen so far ,indeed a story of human spirit ,triumph over the odds.this film inspires you in many ways but it also tells you that may b your are dieing but world moves on.

danny has done a great job in direction as he is been successful in portraying the story of aaron ralston on screen.james franco as aaron has again defines realism in acting.both danny and james had gone through the real aaron tapes when he was trapped under the rock.before displaying those to danny and james aaron had only shown those video’s to close friends and family.but i think it was a great move by james and danny by watching those video’s hand on.i guess its very important for a director and an actor to really feel from the heart and visualising in mind the real events as it took place.its very important for an actor ,director and writer to put themselves in the shoes of the subject to make it visible on screen.

after watching this film i must say that the writer,director and an actor 95% successed in what they were doing.i should not say 100% coz there were some visible mistakes indeed but we can over look those mistakes as every one is a human after all.

AR Rehman’s music again as always amazing and really gives u the feel of the scenes in the will still not give u the complete feel of rehman’s compostion in the film but if u download the music online or buy an album you will realise how good the compositions are.

Rehman has been nominated for an oscar so as danny and james for there work in 127 hours.over all this film has been nominated for 6 oascars and i am not sure if its gona win in all 6 categories but it will surely win an oscar.

its a moving film ,which will keep you on the edge of your seat.its an inspiration ,a story of a man with no hope but who decided to make his own luck but making an effort.

one thing which i did nt like in this film is an arm amputation scene.

watch an arm amputation scene below

when i saw this scene on youtube i didnt like it.believe me i was expecting a lot from danny into this scene.its not up to my expectation though still good.some people fainted in the cinema halls as they saw this scene.but accourding to me there as little more margin of  some more gore,blood and realism in the scene.but anyways its still a disturbing scene.

over all a great film ,simple but strong subject ,a true story,well executed,well directed,outstanding music and yes an inspiration

my rating 4 out of 5.

click on the link below for danny boyle’s interview

click on the link for 127 hour’s trailer


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This is a mix which i made in london on mac with soundtrack pro.Sunlight the name i got only after i made this mix.when i started it i didnt have any motivation or some theme in my mind.i just sat on my desk and i wanted to make a mix not even a good mix but just a mix so i opened soundtrack pro and started mixing.i guess i completed this track in about 8 every hour passed i continue adding new sounds and experimented with sounds.i have no idea what was happenning around me as i went about doing my business with my headsets on.the end result was quite impressive and i was happy with my mix since its one of my finest creation.

you can listen to sunlight by clicking on the link below



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Need for speed 3:Hot Pursuit



Well what i can say about Need for speed 3 hot pursuit.its one of the first game i bought from the market those days when personal computer was still new to the homes.when i got addicted to computer gaming after playing Lara croft’s Tombraider 4 The last revelation i was looking for something new.Tombraider 4 is an adventure game with action since i had played some action games till i bought need for speed 3.

i was looking for some speed racing game and need to speed was recommended to me by my class mate ,he said need for speed is one of the best speed racing i thought yeah i heard about this title so i went to the market and bought this game for about 150 rs.i installed this game and started playing i found it really cool ,graphics were amazing and action was i started playing this game on regular basis every evening.

my first quest was to unlock a secret city which was not tough i just had to make sure that i should complete all the levels without getting caught ( mean without getting a ticket for over speeding ) it was not tough but it was time consuming.

but i completed it few weeks times and i unlocked the city ,it was fun playing in an alien infested city.the most pleasing part about this game is the car chases ,when cops chase u down or they don’t chase you down it fun either way.

so this game is one of my first game i played on personal computer.i bought it when i was in school and i still have the cd with me in my games collection.well i enjoyed playing this game ,going by the review of the people who have played this game i can conclude by saying that this game is indeed one of the best out there in the market.

a must have in your collection.

watch the intro of this game below


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Blood in Rainbow

Blood in Rainbow is my most recent electronic dance  music.i made this track with acid studio 7 which is the only software i am using these days to my electronic music mixes.there is no inspiration behind making this track but yes the title does sound kind of wired.Blood in rainbow.yeah there is no blood in rainbow but i kind of associated red color with blood so i came with this title which i think is one think about blood in rainbow,well i never heard about it.

have you ever seen blood in rainbow well i hav’nt.every time when you see rainbow it looks beautiful and its give smile to your face is’nt it ?

it gives smile to me.everytime when i see a rainbow i take pictures coz it looks so who wana see blood in rainbow well if your are not then i would like to see blood in rainbow.

so here is the track which i thought should depicts what i wana reflect a blood in rainbow.kind of wired yeah ?? it is indeed

click on the link below to listen to my track

Blood in Rainbow

Below is the graph of my track Blood in Rainbow which i made using acid studio 7.


dheeraj gautam