Money more for Law



Just came across the news that Supreme Court of India has sent a proposal few days ago to Indian Govt for salary hikes , seriously ?

I mean what kind of horse shit is this ?

More and high paid salary for already rich Indian judges , why ?

Indian judges are amongst the best paid law enforcement workers and in my city when I go through the high court I only see luxury cars parked outside the court . funny part is that the Govt has even nodded the pay hike and it will be on route from tomorrow. why pay money to those who already have more money in their pocket ?

These guys make tons of money from court hearings , the cases they fight and not to forget the middle man who works to get the job done of ever so worried and concern person who goes to the court for help.

Why not increase salary of those who need it the most ? why not fill their pockets and make their life meaningful  ?

Why pay those more who already have money in their pockets from all other means ?

This is utter nonsense.

Currently judges get 50,000 rupees per month no matter what level he/she belongs to . Chief Justice of India is the highest paid law worker in judicial system with the salary of 90,000 rupees per month  and not to forget the cars and Govt homes they get as perks and incentives . now what Govt has said yes to is 2,25,000 rupees per month for every judge per month and chief justice of India even more than this .

This is utter nonsense and I do not buy this shit.


My friend Cayla : Or is she ?


Remember chucky from Child’s Play movie . I have seen this movie in my childhood and liked it but I am not really a fan of child’s play series but its an okay time pass. it was a great idea though , to introduce an evil doll which goes around doing its best , doing evil things and scaring people on screen and those who watching it . when I was little it did get into me and scared me a bit but those were childhood days . not any more .

But recently I came across the news which was doing rounds . about the doll name Cayla . In Germany this doll is banned due to number of reasons. yes, certainly not that doll is possessed by n evil spirt but experts says it posed threat bigger than an evil .

This doll comes with blue tooth devices pre installed for communication and can access internet and google to answer questions or lets say in simple terms can interact with its user in number of ways, yes of course everything these days comes with internet enabled devices to make our lives easy and more interactive but of course it also paves the way for hackers to hack the device .

Vulnerable children playing with Cayla unaware of the hack can leak significant information which is private and a person on far end can make use of this information in number of ways . needless to say what one can do once h/she has an access to confidential information .

So our friend Cayla is really our friend ? it’s a matter of debate . obviously the company says it’s indeed a friend and there is no need to worry about . but experts says its a threat and I echo the same . privacy is the biggest luxury one can buy these days . and our lives are not private any more . we are trapped in a world where we have to keep up the pace with the rest , if we don’t then the fear of staying behind in the rat race sinks in. technology has made our lives easy but we have paid a huge cost of this luxury .

Let not our children childhood get destroy by these innovations. innovation is good but our children are not strong to fight this threat . they are innocent and vulnerable .

We have lived our lives without all this before also . and we can live again.


Executive Order


Ever since Mr Trump took office he is in the news for his actions. But he has also made One term famous along with him . ”Executive Order” . he has passed number of executive orders from day one which invited number of protest across the globe . it angered people and it also got its supporters. but what exactly is Executive Order ?

Basically, an executive order is an official statement from the president about how the federal agencies he oversees are to use their resources.

It falls under the broader umbrella of “executive actions,” which derive their power from Article II of the Constitution, and it is the most formal executive action. Executive actions also include presidential memorandums (which are a step below executive orders and basically outline the administration’s position on a policy issue), proclamations and directives .

An executive order is not the president creating new law or appropriating new money from the U.S. Treasury — both things that are the domain of Congress; it is the president instructing the government how it is to work within the parameters that are already set by Congress and the Constitution.

Trump’s executive order on building a border wall, for example, basically establishes building the wall as a federal priority and directs the Department of Homeland Security to use already-available funding to get the ball rolling on its construction.

The president’s executive orders are recorded in the Federal Register and are considered binding, but they are subject to legal review .

Busy week Mr Trump


Mr Trump been busy ever since he took office. he launched flurry of executive orders from day one sending shock waves around the globe . he lived his campaign pledges by doing what he said to his people . either you support him or not but man has guts to deliver what he says . it appears to me that his words are his bonds which is a sign of strong man with strong personality .

I am not his fan neither I support his ideology. I am a huge fan of Obamas and they inspire people. both barrack Obama and Michele Obama . I have listened to them number of times. never met them personally but yes they are all over the place. end number of you tube videos. and boy they speak so well . you beautiful or not , handsome or not but if you can speak well and get people to listen to you ,you will always have an edge above the rest.

Donald Trump is a speaker as well , a man who knows what he is saying and says it with utmost conviction. a leader who can lead from the front . if you keep aside political stint you will find that he has been successful in his life. but there is a difference between him and Obama . when Obama speaks he gives hopes be it Michele or barrack . but when Donald speaks he incites fear. there is a signature of control in his leadership but in Obamas its let get together feel.

We knew when Trump will take oval office , its going to be different and its not going to get easy for him . well he is surrounded by his like minded people who feeds him with what he believes in . so office is easy but the outcomes which follow with every decision he takes , is not going to get down with people so peacefully . there will be controversy , there will be protest , there will be outrage , there will be hue cry.

He took the world by storm with his statements to which some people agree and disagree . he has no political background , he is a real estate tycoon . he is a business man . he is a billionaire who once sued a magazine to refer him as millionaire. he is a successful businessman indeed but he is also going to be a successful politician. he showed in his election campaign and people supported him . Hillary Clinton won the votes yet trump won major states to become the US President . now he is at the top seat with nuclear codes and people say we can not trust a man like him with codes access. I don’t blame him , he is aggressive and he speaks his mind , and if wants a deal he will get the deal or repeal the deal and will go for the next one. I saw one of his video where in he is negotiating with another tycoon to close the deal and he speaks authoritatively that do we have a deal ? and the man said yes we do have a deal , call closed. this shows an insight of mans mind how he thinks , how he behaves and how he will functions.

He has brought down his personality to oval office for good or bad , its for him to decide and people to judge. but the man of his stature will not be moved by emotions or protests. he will do what he wants to do . he has taken number of actions which none of the presidents before him took. and by large people condemned his moves. at the writing of this article the latest is that he sacked Sally Yates , acting US attorney general who was appointed under Barack Obama , coz she questioned the legality of his immigration ban. he sends a signal , either get on with the program or you can go .

Man is tough , he has the potential to get the job done. this is what leader is all about , who lead from the front . but he carry fear along with him , he controls people by telling them that I am above you all . he gives you hope but at the cost of others . he is not a man who will say lets work together , lets walk together , lets get together . rather he say lets go together and build the wall.

This world is playing wait and watch game with him , I am too waiting for his next decision , his next step , he took many in such a short time and it appears to me he is on the mission , a man on the job , he will get the job done but it comes at cost .

Communicating lights


Few nights ago , late at night I woke up all of a sudden , without any alarm and without any cause my eyes were open and I was thinking “what the hell “.

I drank a glass of water and I went to my window to look outside. to check on this world how it sleeps . This world was dreaming and sleeping without any knowledge of what’s happening outside.

What I saw was communication between two entities , between two lights , one artificial and another natural , it was some kind of display , really it was.

It was like they were looking at each other and were trying convey some kind of message to each other and it grabbed my attention . and this is what I saw .