One Shot


This one is crazy indeed. i don’t know what i was thinking . but it is still good. i guess i wanted my listeners to simply go crazy and enjoy the music and forget who watching and who is not. i have always been an advocate of dance like no one is watching. and this one exactly that.

I created this title in new delhi , India.


Ready set Go


Ready set go was created in London on Magix music maker. again like all other mixes i used my laptop to create this title . when i created this i had only one thing in mind that it should feel like that you ready to go and i think i achieved what i wanted.

I hope you will enjoy this one. this one has lot of energy in it.


The Core


This one is explosive . i created The Core almost a year ago and this one is the most noisy and most loud title i have ever created . i don’t know what i was thinking but it turned out to be the most bad ass mixes i have ever created.

Its very loud and very heart thumping title . i recommend that you listen to this with headsets with lot of base, it will give you sense of thump and it was the whole idea.


Beat 2000


Beat 2000 is amongst the first 5 music mixes i created in London when i was still student. trust me on this i had great time in London . there is so much to do in terms of music and videos. i was still learning the ABC of music and music mixing. this came to me naturally and there was not any official training in music mixing . it was simply sound design.

This again is close to my heart and one of the earliest titles i created.


BOOM BOOM POW (dheeraj gautam mix)


BOOM BOOM POW is originally from an American band “Black eyed peas” also happens to be one of my fav band. i love its music . this band created some great titles. this mix is the only mix i have done so far on a song but not created by loop based music. also the application i used on this was also different . i guess it was acoustic sound editor . it was pretty handy tool which gave my creativity wings and i created this.