Need for speed 3:Hot Pursuit



Well what i can say about Need for speed 3 hot pursuit.its one of the first game i bought from the market those days when personal computer was still new to the homes.when i got addicted to computer gaming after playing Lara croft’s Tombraider 4 The last revelation i was looking for something new.Tombraider 4 is an adventure game with action since i had played some action games till i bought need for speed 3.

i was looking for some speed racing game and need to speed was recommended to me by my class mate ,he said need for speed is one of the best speed racing i thought yeah i heard about this title so i went to the market and bought this game for about 150 rs.i installed this game and started playing i found it really cool ,graphics were amazing and action was i started playing this game on regular basis every evening.

my first quest was to unlock a secret city which was not tough i just had to make sure that i should complete all the levels without getting caught ( mean without getting a ticket for over speeding ) it was not tough but it was time consuming.

but i completed it few weeks times and i unlocked the city ,it was fun playing in an alien infested city.the most pleasing part about this game is the car chases ,when cops chase u down or they don’t chase you down it fun either way.

so this game is one of my first game i played on personal computer.i bought it when i was in school and i still have the cd with me in my games collection.well i enjoyed playing this game ,going by the review of the people who have played this game i can conclude by saying that this game is indeed one of the best out there in the market.

a must have in your collection.

watch the intro of this game below


dheeraj gautam


Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation hands on review

hey guys wats cooking ? well i know you all are game freaks and i guess most of you have played games like need for speed,gta,sims,sim city,tycoons and all of you i have also been an avid gamer since my childhood.well as far as i remember my first game ever which i played on my pc was Tombraider 4 the last revelation.

watch the video below

i remember i had this pc back home when i was still in school.this pc had this very light configration which was like 8 gb hard disk drive 256 mb ram .which for today’s standards is nothing.but those days when it was 1997 and personal computers were very new to father bought it for about 45000 rupees.and it worked for 5 years very fine.i used to come down from school and used to play prince of persia before i got my hands on tombraider 4.

when i got this game i was so happy to see the lady who was lara croft on the front cover.i had already heard about lara croft but i had not seen it till i purchased this when i got this game i cudnt stop myself to play this game.i installed it and played it.and it worked just was an amazing experience for me to play this game since i was new to the computers and to the computer gaming world.

i didnt take much of hard drive space,i took only 500 mb of space.i played it and i played it for long time.i was so much into this game that i lost sense of the world and about what is happenning around me.every afternoon after school i used to play this game ,spending hours and hours with out food and much was the magic of tombraider the last revelation.

alright so the about the gameplay.its very simple.just like any other game controller.arrow keys for movement,space for jump and enter key to are not amazing comparing to todays games.but its still good enough.the only thing about this game which some what i don’t like is the length of this game.its very very long ,not long but very very long.there are so many levels which u will face to solve puzzles.different enemies,monsters,puzzles which keeps you in the game.

but again its a good game ,i love this game,its one of the best i have ever played.since its one of the first pc game i ever played and i still have it in my i will say one should play this game with all their hearts since its  a game which will keep you in the system.

play this game and you will fun.


dheeraj gautam