In the kitchen

In the kitchen ,yeah in the kitchen.its quite visible that this pic has been taken in the kitchen.some serious discussion between camila and douglas ,two of  my good friends.

Location – london .

Ok what else ? think i am gona tell u the address ? no way,this is enough info regarding this pic.

I took this pic with my canon d90 dslr camera.

Got the camera ?? use it

Camila’s middle Finger

If you are wondering that this girl is showing her middle finger to me ,then your guess is correct.she is indeed showing  her middle finger to me.this is one of my best friend Camila from Brazil.she was with me in london and we had good time together.she is very funny and love to go out.

This is kitchen when she was talking to another friend of our and i had this cannon d80 dslr camera in my hand.i was just playing with it and as i saw her in the kitchen i clicked it but she was even more faster then the camera’s shutter and she quick enough to show me her middle finger.

This is one of my fav pic and i just love it.i even gave her the print out of this pic.i took this to my college to show it my mates and lecturers they all liked it ,my photographic lecturer Mr Rod Morris liked it so much that he even allowed me to showcase this pic in an exhibition.

camila is indeed one hell of a model and she gave my one of my best pics i have ever taken


dheeraj gautam

Fat man in london

This is one of my fav pic which i took in london.i was at trafalgar square with my cannon d90 dslr was a very good day to go out and take some i reached trafalgar was evening when i took this pic.after clicking more then 100 pics that day i found this man who was kind of lost looking at something.i saw him and you can see he does look like lost was nice subject to click so i could not wait to click i clicked him and i think he remained in this posture  for about a minute even after when i clicked him.

yeah it was nice to have him in my collection.i guess he had to be there for me to get clicked through my camera.i say thanks to this guy.


dheeraj gautam

Under construction passage

I took this pic in london ,i used cannon dslr d90 camera to take this.i think this canary warf though i am not quite sure about was one of my photography i was walking around capturing the best of the space with my camera i saw this passage which was under my mind works the best when it comes to thrill and horror i took no time in framing this scene through my camera and clicked it.later this pic of mine was also featured in an exhibition in london.i got my share of recognition with camera.i guess this place was waiting for me to click it and i did just that.


dheeraj gautam


London Girl Poster

This pic looks good indeed

right ?

yes indeed.i took this pic in london under my photographic projects.this is canary warf.i dont remember the actual spot now but its indeed somewhere inside canary warf.

this was the poster which had this staircase which goes down and we had this poster of a model right in front.i used canon dlsr d90 camera to take this pic.and this pic of mine was also showcased in an exhibition in london.

i hope u will also like this pic of mine.


dheeraj gautam