Mirror’s Edge in game first ever video launch for media by electronic arts

This is Mirror’s Edge first ever in game demonstration by electronic arts which is entirely in-game footage released at the Sony PlayStation Day in London on May 6, 2008.

This is a video which makes me jump out of my seat.i don’t know why.i still remember i was in london those days.year 2008.i saw this game online on some video game website may be it was gamespot.com if i do remember correctly.i got thrilled by this game coz the screenshots were amazing.also it was titled as one of the best game ever or a game which will change the first person shooters.so all this was good enough to make me excited.i cud’nt wait for this game.and i started gathering information.on you tube i saw this video and believe me it did swept me out of my feet.it is indeed an amazing video.its very simple a girl who is jumping from one part of the building to another.since its a first person game u see the world as her pov (point of view).but the short footage is an iconic footage in itself.i dont knw how to describe it to you.watch it yourself.also the sound is amazing,the title track is so cool that i can go on listening to it all day long.


dheeraj gautam