One Shot


This one is crazy indeed. i don’t know what i was thinking . but it is still good. i guess i wanted my listeners to simply go crazy and enjoy the music and forget who watching and who is not. i have always been an advocate of dance like no one is watching. and this one exactly that.

I created this title in new delhi , India.


Ready set Go


Ready set go was created in London on Magix music maker. again like all other mixes i used my laptop to create this title . when i created this i had only one thing in mind that it should feel like that you ready to go and i think i achieved what i wanted.

I hope you will enjoy this one. this one has lot of energy in it.


The Core


This one is explosive . i created The Core almost a year ago and this one is the most noisy and most loud title i have ever created . i don’t know what i was thinking but it turned out to be the most bad ass mixes i have ever created.

Its very loud and very heart thumping title . i recommend that you listen to this with headsets with lot of base, it will give you sense of thump and it was the whole idea.